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Excel based ACT Score Calculator

For Tutors and Students

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• ACT Test and ACT Test scoring overview

• How to use excel based ACT score calculator
• Where and how to get ACT score calculator
• Additional information

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ACT Test

• American College Testing (ACT) is for high school achievement and college
admission in US. Get details about the test at

• ACT test consists of 5 sections

– English – 45 min
– Math – 60 min
– Reading – 35 min
– Science – 35 min
– Writing Test – 30 min (optional)

• In Official ACT Prep Book from ACT Org, for each practice test, the scoring
and scaling calculations is scattered across 13 pages.

• The grading, scoring, and scaling of ACT practice tests from book requires
reasonable manual effort. The process is time consuming, prone to error,
and is time away from real work (study or tutoring).

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Excel Based – ACT Score Calculator

• The ACT Score Calculator aims to minimize the complexity

of ACT grading, scoring, and scaling. It consolidates all
data on one excel sheet.

• ACT Test Score Calculator can consolidate and analyze

– Correct, incorrect, and omitted question count for ACT practice test
– ACT full scaled score
– ACT composite score
– ACT percentile rank
– ACT subscore scaled score
– PointCost at section level
– PointCost at question level

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How to Use ACT Score Calculator

• Pre Requisite
– Must have Microsoft Excel on your computer.

• Download and save the ACT Score Calculator from

– See the next 2 page of this document to see how the file looks like.

• Open the file and go to - “Help-And-Instructions” tab OR follow the

instruction givens below.
– Populate “Basic-Information” tab.
– Go to “ACT-Score-Entry-Sheet”.
• Follow steps from your Test Practice Guide and Enter the Information in the corresponding "Yellow" colored
cells only
– If the counts of questions (sum of correct, wrong, omitted) is not correct the "Total counted"
column will remain red.
• Enter the scaled scores
• The total composite will be calculated automatically
• For Essay Scoring
– Enter the combined score (on 12 point scale) directly into points area

– The “Sample-Populated-Sheet” shows you how the populated data looks like.

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Populate - Basic Information

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Populate - Raw Scores and Scaled Scores

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Want More Detailed Test Analysis?

• Using Socrato’s Test Diagnostic and Learning Analytics Service you can get
detailed insight into ACT exam preparation. The service provides:
– Test practice history tracking
– Skills analysis
– Subject area analysis
– Test taking tendencies and strategies analysis

– Individual student and group learning analytics

• You can convert your book based test practice bubble sheets into detailed
analysis with few clicks.

Input: Output:
Any Test Individual &
Groups learning

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Sample Student Diagnostic Analysis using Socrato
Practice/Learning History & Trends Current Session & Skills Analysis

Subject Area Analysis Test Taking Tendencies Analysis

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Prepare to Score Higher

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