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Boat Building

Boat Building

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Published by Yusuf Adams
write what you know & dont know...
write what you know & dont know...

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Published by: Yusuf Adams on Dec 24, 2009
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I built a ship from steel and wood with Sails sewn from canvas, knotted and tarred. I launched my craft upon the seas but With salty tears did not sail it far. The ocean breathed me in and in pure Mercy breathed out - I tasted only Surf and sand and sat in the shade Laughing at ornate plans I’d made. The sweet sense of sailing threw me, Forgetting where the compass leads us, Seeing sea and sky as mirrored Bowls - this heart turns at their core. I bathed in the moon’s reflection, No ship or raft for protection. I grow strong in the sun and speak Of what little boat building I know.


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