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The Weekend

The Weekend

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Published by Drive Letter
Evan, a seventeen year old student is in love with his best friend, Jane since they met each other in elementary school but the problem is, Jane loves someone else. Read the book to know what happens with poor Evan.
Evan, a seventeen year old student is in love with his best friend, Jane since they met each other in elementary school but the problem is, Jane loves someone else. Read the book to know what happens with poor Evan.

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Published by: Drive Letter on Dec 24, 2009
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The Weekend

By Drive Letter

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The Weekend
"I'm really sorry Evan but I'm going out with Jake tonight so I can't come. Hope you understand" Jane's soft voice whispered through my cell phone's speaker. "Okay" I said as quickly as possible with my voice barely audible to myself. I ended the call and threw the phone away angrily. This was the third time she had refused to hang out with the gang. Jake had changed her a lot. He's been dating her for a month now though he had just joined the school two months ago. Jane has been hanging out with him since then. We didn't mind it or at least the gang didn't mind her dating Jake until she started ignoring us. It was like she had turned into someone else under the order of Jake Hoffman. Jane. She had once been the prettiest girl ever. And yes I do have a crush on her but who can resist not falling in love with that sweet and beautiful face carved by angels, her soft and smooth skin with the light complexion and her dark brunette hair which crossed her forehead from one side to another and fell towards the neck with wild copper curls that scattered across her back. Who could resist not having his heart melt for the cutest smile that her cherry red lips always displayed and those sparkling blue eyes which twinkled every time you looked into them. I wasn't a nasty minded teenage boy but I had to admit she had one hell of a figure. But what I liked

most about her was that she had the kindest of hearts and innocence was deeply engraved on her soul. She had me hypnotized but my trance faded away when Jake stepped into the picture. All Jane ever talked about was how cool Jake was and before we knew it, they started going out. Jane didn't change much at first but gradually that smile across her face faded. Her cherry lips got hidden under the layer of lipstick she put on and her perfect nails, which she sometimes used to paint black, got covered in different shades of nail polish. Her Converse sneakers and bags slowly changed to high-heel *sandals* and glittery purses. Her hairstyles changed everyday and she started ignoring all of us like we were invisible. It all happened right before our eyes and there was nothing we could do about it. I called up Drew, Stacy and David and told them that Jane had once again chosen Jake Hoffman over us. The gang was really upset, especially Stacy as for her, Jane was like a sister. And So a perfect day for some 17 year olds to have some fun was completely ruined.

"Evan, you're supposed to eat that" Dad said pointing at the spaghetti in my plate. My family and I were seated at the dining table and I truly didn't feel like eating right now. Like who would think of eating when the one he loves is out with someone else? Well I would because I love eating but the reason I wasn't eating was because I hated Jake. I hated him

for dating Jane but mostly I hated him for changing her into the average girl he wanted. "For God's sake Evan, Eat!" Mom shouted when she looked up at my plate. I grabbed a fork and pretended to eat so she would stop looking at me and so she did but I could sense another pair of eyes looking at me. I turned my head left to see my sister 14 year old Sister Ashley, staring at me with a wicked smile on her face. "What?" I asked her. "Nothing" She said still smiling mischievously. I expected her to look away but she kept staring at me. I shrugged and looked back at my plate still aware of the fact that she was looking at me. Now she may get on my nerves and is annoying at times but Ashley was very close to me. We both shared many of our secrets with each other and used spent a lot of time with each other. We were so close that she even knew that I had a big crush on Jane. She didn't stop looking at me. It had become really annoying now. I couldn't take it anymore. I was already angry with Jane and now this. "WHAT?" I let all my anger out on her. She just shrugged. "Why are you staring at me?" I shouted at her and she shrugged again. I then realized Mom and Dad were looking up at me. I didn't want to give an explanation so I stood up and headed for the stairs.

"Where are you going Evan?" Mom asked as I walked away from the table. "My room" I said in a low tone. "But you haven't finished your food yet" She said softly. I didn't reply and stomped my way upstairs. I dragged myself into my room and slammed the door hard behind me. I was so angry at Jane. I know love is blind but it can't be this blind that you don't even want to see your friends anymore. I kicked my bed hard and punched the walls. When I was finally exhausted, I slumped into bed. It was after fifteen minutes when I heard a knock on the door and sat up straight in bed. It was followed by Ashley's squeaky voice. "Can I come in?" She asked "No" I replied hastily. "Please. I just wanna talk" She said softly. "No. I don't feel like talking" I replied. "This is ridiculous" She swung the door open, stepped in and closed the door behind her. "I don't need your permission to come in" "Yes you do! Get out!" I yelled at her.

"C'mon Evan, Mom's worried sick about you. What's wrong?" She asked as she walked up and sat beside me on the bed. "There is nothing wrong and even if there was something wrong, you don't need to know about it!" I pushed her off the bed so she would leave. "You haven't eaten much for a while so there's got to be something wrong. Please tell me!" "Go away" I shouted. "Something wrong with Jane?" She asked. She was a really good guesser. She knew me too well. I didn't know what to say so I kept quiet. "So there is something wrong with Jane. What?" She asked with great concern. "It's none of your business" I turned to the other side so I wouldn't have to see her face but she jumped on to bed right beside me. "C'mon Evan. Tell me" She put a hand on my shoulder. "We tell each other everything. I promise I won’t tell anyone and you'll even feel better after you share your troubles with me." I looked at her and decided to tell her as it was only Ashley. "She's dating Jake Hoffman." I explained "And Jake has changed her. Now she's ignoring us and doesn't want to meet us either." She laughed a little.

"Why the hell are you laughing? It's not funny. My friend is ignoring me!" I said staring at her. She laughed some more. "Evan. You're Jealous of Jake!” She laughed at me. "No, I am not!" I said. But I knew I was really jealous of Jake on the inside. "You're jealous. It's natural Evan. After all you do love Jane" She explained. "I don't know. I just feel so angry at Jane for ditching us tonight. I feel so frustrated, I just want to punch-" I was interrupted by Ashley. "Relax Evan. You just need to calm down and think about it" She said looking into my eyes. "Everything will turn out fine. Maybe she doesn't like this new guy and is waiting for you to tell her that you love her." "That will never happen" I said looking away from her. "Think positive. You've got brown copper hair, handsome face cuts, red lips and most of all, amber eyes. Believe me, anyone can fall for you and if it doesn't happen then you can always have me as your girlfriend!" She nudged me as I hit a pillow on her head. "If I was your boyfriend, then where would poor Josh go?" I teased her.

"Good question. I guess your single then. I can't leave Josh!" She stuck her tongue out at me and tried to run away but I chased her off the bed, caught her and hugged her. "I love you Ashley" She smiled after I ended the hug. "And I love you as a sister so don't you dare break up with Josh, he's a nice guy." "Yeah" She smiled at me weakly. "Later Evan. gotta study" "On a Friday?" I asked shocked. "Yeah, I kinda have a big assignment to do so-" "You can call Josh. You don't have to make up stupid excuses!" I stuck my tongue out at her and she smiled back. "We know each other too well!" She exclaimed and ran out of the room leaving me alone. She's the best sister I could have. I grabbed my iPod and started playing games on it. Ashley is right. I should start thinking positive. Maybe I'll ask Jane to drop by tomorrow. I kept thinking about her until a fell asleep.

"So can you come here today?" I called Jane on a Saturday morning hoping she wouldn't refuse to come today.

"Sorry Evan. I have to go out with Jake" She said over the line. "What? Again?" "Yeah, I guess we like each other a lot" She said laughing a little. "C'mon Jane, Can't you just hang out with me today? We haven't talked for a while now" I said slowly. "Sorry Evan. I can't say no to Jake" "Please Jane. You just met Jake last night. You haven't met me in a month. You don't even meet me at school" I tried to talk her into coming here. "You're not my boyfriend that I must meet you everyday" She said irritated. "I used to be your best friend before Jake came! You should at least talk to me in school!" I shouted angry at her. "Yeah I know and I'm sorry but I have to stay close to Jake for a while too" She replied. "You have changed a lot since Jake came into your life." "I haven't changed!" She said as if she was offended by what I said.

"Yes you have. You've started putting on all that lipstick and cosmetic stuff. You've started dressing up so much with all the fancy girly stuff. Where did the old Jane go?" I asked her sharply. "I don't know. Whatever, I gotta go some-" "Stop ignoring us!” I shouted at her. "Hey! It's not my fault that I love someone and want to spend time with him! I'm not ignoring you!” She yelled from the other end of the line. "Yes you are! You know what? I should even have to tell you this! I'm done wasting my time on a stupid piece of shit like you!" I angrily hung up and threw the phone away. I was damn angry at Jane. She sounded so ignorant as if I was some kind of pizza delivery guy. I kicked the wall, tore of the posters of my bed room and jumped around angrily. It was after ten minutes of flawless kicking and punching that I realized that I need to get out the house. I grabbed the keys to my Audi and ran out of the house. I drove recklessly through the town to let my anger out. I just needed sometime to get over it. That was all I needed. I sped through the streets at more than a hundred miles per hour when suddenly a child, from a distance a few yards, ran up right on to the road in front of my car. I twisted the steering wheel and jammed my foot onto the break pedal. The car

squealed as it turned around and missed the child by a distance of a few inches only. That was a close one. I thanked god and rested my head against the steering wheel. Blood still gushed through my body as my heart pumped blood at an unusually high rate. Perspiration ran down my forehead as I tried to breath. My hands and legs were colder than ever and it took me a while to recover from the dizziness. I was confronted by the child's mother a few seconds later who had seen the incident and angrily shouted at me. I couldn't understand what she was saying with all that blood rushing to my head but I was sure it included some swear words. I apologized to her and continued down the road to the lake before she could even start calling up the police. The lake was pleasant and fresh. It was a place where I could just relax and it was most certainly the place where I used to spend a lot of time with Jane. I sat next to the huge water which softly rippled due to the warm breeze. It all reminded me of Jane and all I kept doing there was keep thinking of her. So you see, I was deeply in love with Jane no matter how unreasonable she could get. I missed her sitting here by my side, missed that smile that made me fall into another world and shrunk all my worries. I closed my eyes for a while and felt the warm air against my cool body and let it seep within myself. I pictured Jane in my thoughts and tried sinking into the trance she used to put me in but it just wasn't the same. I tried again but it wasn't the same without

her in front of me, her blue eyes staring at me and making me feel special. It got worse when I opened my eyes and spotted Stacy and Drew sitting under the oak tree, holding hands. It might have been the happiest moment of there life but it was like some kind of mental torture for me. Why was I the only person who did not end up holding hands with my love? I was just thinking about it when the two closed in on each other and joined there lips. I couldn't bear to watch it anymore. It was just too much for me so I got up and hurried back home as fast as I could in a safe driving speed so that I don't kill someone. I got out of the car and walked back into the house and slammed the door behind me. "Evan, is that you?" Mom called out from the kitchen. She must've heard me slamming the door. I pretended not to hear her voice and ran upstairs to my room. I closed the door behind me, slowly this time, and jumped into bed trying not to think about love and everything related to it. It took me a while to realize that I couldn't go on with my life since I fought with Jane and what I had done was very wrong. I shouldn't have called her a piece of shit no matter what she had done. I quickly opened my phone and frantically called Jane to apologize to her but her cell phone was off. I tried calling her several more times until I was tired of keeping the phone over my ear. I closed the phone and a feeling of sadness and guilt swept over me. I shouldn't have yelled at Jane like that, I shouldn't have fought with her.

"Wake up idiot!" Ashley screamed over my left ear. "Huh? What happened?" I asked sitting up in bed. "You fell asleep listening to your iPod" She said pulling the earphones out of my ear. "It's dinner time. Mom been waiting for you to come down" "Yeah. I'll be right there" I told her got out of bed to move my stiff joints. I must have been sleeping for a long time as my body was numb all over. "Eat Evan!" Mom cried as she looked at my plate. It was twenty minutes later when I had taken a shower to get rid of the drowsy feeling and we were all in front the dinning table "You haven't eaten anything for a while. I'm really worried about you. Should I stay at home with you instead of going out with Steve?" "I'm totally fine Mom. You should go to the movies with Dad. Just don't worry about me. I just have some problems, I have to deal with. You people go on" I explained trying not to ruin there night out because I loved it when Mom and Dad still used to go out after eighteen years of marriage. "So you're fine with Ashley?" Dad asked making a skeptical face.

"Yeah sure." I put my around Ashley's shoulder and kissed her on her cheek to show Mom and Dad that we won't cause any trouble while they are gone. They left about an hour later leaving me and Ashley on the couch in front of the television. Ashley had the remote control and kept on changing channels. I sipped my cup of coffee watching the channels go by until Ashley stopped on one. Of course it was MTV, our favorite. It took me a while to realize what was going on in the music video by Green day. The boy and girl had there lips locked as the music went on and so once again, I ended up thinking of Jane. "Aww. So sweet!" Ashley said looking at the couple. "Change it" I said loudly. "Why? I wanna watch it" "Just change it! I'm not in the mood!" I shouted but she just kept watching it so I leapt at her for the remote control and so we engaged in a furious fight. "Evan, Get off of me! What's your problem idiot?" Ashley's screamed as she fell of the couch. I finally snatched the remote control from her and changed the channel. The television now displayed a movie which was at the climax where the macho guy was kissing the girl. I quickly tried to turn it off but the remote slipped from my hand and landed into Ashley’s lap.

"Haha, Serves you right!" Ashley shouted. "Would you care to tell me what happened with Jane now?" I ignored her at first but then she looked into my eyes and the next thing you know, I told her everything as I how I got into a fight with her, How I got really angry and almost killed a child and how I tried to call her back to apologize but her phone was off. "Evan, Stop thinking about Jane" Ashley said after hearing my story. "The more you think, the guiltier you'll feel" "I try to but I can't get her face out of my mind." I stated my reason. "Okay. You're really weird" She said making a stupid face. "Call her tomorrow morning and ask for an apology. It so simple" She said sticking her tongue out at me. I nodded, kissed her on the cheek and headed upstairs for my room. I surfed around the internet for a while and even talked to some friends but nothing seemed to get my mind off of her. I tried playing the piano and it somehow provoked me to think more and more about her. I had come up with a logical explanation for all of this. I had simply gone crazy and that's why I couldn't stop thinking about her.

It was at midnight when I lay in my bed thinking about her when suddenly my cell phone rung. I

picked it up from the bedside table and was surprised to see Jane's picture flashing on the screen. I jumped up into a sitting position and frantically pressed the Answer button. "Hey Jane! What's up? Sorry about the fight in the mornin-" I was trying to sound casual as I talked but suddenly stopped talking as I sensed her crying silently from the other end of the line. "Everything alright Jane? Why are you crying?" I waited for an answer but no reply. "Jane? What's wrong Jane?" I asked her softly. I still got no reply. "Say something. You alright?" I was damn worried about her as I waited for her reply. "Evann," She finally uttered out my name. "He ddumped me" "What?" I said trying to make sure I heard it right. "Jake dumped me on the middle of the street" She said it helplessly. "He abandoned me on some deserted road far away" "Jane, where are you?" I asked her as I quickly got out of bed. "I don't know" She sobbed from the other side of the line.

"Send me your GPS co-ordinates, I'm coming for you" I jumped for my car keys and quickly ran out of my room. I raced down the stairs and got out of the house right into the car. It was raining heavily. It took me less than a second to turn on the ignition and set the GPS co-ordinates and then I was off, down the rainy road to help Jane. It was twenty minutes later when I came close to the co-ordinates she had sent me. I looked out the window, which was continuously bombarded by rain, to find old buildings and broken street lamps glistening in the rain but I couldn’t spot her anywhere. I squinted through the darkness of night but couldn’t find a living thing for miles. Where did she go? I got out of the car and ran around in panic. I got all soaked from top to bottom as I searched for her in the stormy night. All kinds of insane thoughts erupted inside my mind. Did she send me the wrong co-ordinates? Was she kidnapped? Did someone kill her? I was about to loose all hope when I found her far away in the vicinity of the light from the only one street lamp that was working for miles. There she lay curled up helplessly on the floor. I ran towards the angel who had wrapped her arms around herself as if she was trying to protect her vulnerable delicate body. "Jane!" I called her name so she could see me. She got up the moment she saw me. She was dressed in a black cami with white strips overlapped by an open front gray sweatshirt, over black capris. She had changed back to the way I liked her. I ran to her as

fast as I could and she ran up to me just as I reached her, she wrapped her arms over my shoulders and enclosed me in hug. She felt cold, colder that ice. I did hesitate a little but wrapped my arms around her thin waist to keep her warm. Rain showered over us as I hugged her tightly. "Oh-h Evan, Thank-k God you c-came." She said squeezing me tightly. I could feel her shivering. "Jane, you’re freezing! What happened?" I asked as she kept on hugging me. "Jake d-dumped me out here when I refused to k-kiss him" She didn't let go of me as her whole body vibrated from the cold. "How long have you been out here?” I said running my hands down her cold back as the rain pelted down on us. "I don't knoww. Mayb-be an hour" She barely spoke out loud. Her lips trembled as the water trickled over it. "Whoa! You better get in the car" I said guiding her towards the car. It took me a while to get her fragile wet, and quivering body to the car as her feet had gone numb from the cold weather. I seated her into the front passenger seat then seated myself on to the driver's seat. I turned on the heater so that Jane's body returns to normal temperature.

"Feeling better?" I asked her softly after a while. She nodded though her nose was still red from the cold. "Let's get you home. You'll get better treatment there" "No! I don't want to go home." She cried. "Don't you remember I'm adopted and hate who the couple I live with? They don't even care if I'm alive or not" "Okay. So no home for now?" I asked just to confirm. "No. Not now. Please take me some place else" She pleaded as her eyes twinkled at me. How could I say no to that? "Hmm...Okay. Just relax" I told her and drove off. "Hmm this feels weird" Jane said as she looked around the romantic place. We were now at the restaurant named 'Teenagers' a couple of minutes later. The ran had stopped and we our clothes had dried up. I drove us here so that we could enjoy but the scenario here was different. "Yeah, Sorry about the location. Actually I never came here before but my friend recommended it to me so I brought you here. I didn't know that 90% of the people here would be err... couples" I tried to explain the bare truth "This is totally different compared to what I had in mind" Jane looked around at a couple engaged in a kiss, sitting on the table adjacent to us. She kept twirling and playing with the straw to her midnight smoothie as she watched the couple glue there lips together.

"No need to explain Evan. I didn't say that I didn't like it" She smiled at me and I smiled back. "I'm really sorry for calling you in the middle of the night. I just didn't know anybody else whom I could trust" "No problem Jane. I was seriously trying to reach you as I wanted to apologize for the fight we had today." I said apologetically. "Yeah, you should be sorry for calling me stupid!" She said sarcastically. "Actually I was thinking on apologizing for the 'shit' part, not the stupid part!" I said trying to make a joke and she did laugh! "Well, you shouldn't be feeling sorry at all. It was my fault. I had changed a lot" She said in a low tone placing her hand near mine. "I realized that later on and changed back to my old self. Maybe that's what got Jake angry" "Oh. Sorry for that" I said placing my hand over hers. "Don't be. I realized that if he doesn't like me for who I am, then to hell with him!" "Hmm, I'm glad you broke up with him. I didn't like him" I told her as I sipped from my midnight smoothie. She made that cute smile across her smooth lips that made my heart melt and I had to stop myself from going close to her. She must've

have felt my hand getting hotter as we were holding hands because here smile grew wider. “Your parents must be really angry at me for calling you out here at the middle of the night. Right?” She asked as looking away from me. “No. They don’t even know I’m here. They are out watching a movie” I told her. “Oh, I really like your parents.” She said softly. “I mean they love each other so much after years of marriage” “Yeah, It’s a little surprising after the fact that they fight so much” I said softly. “I know.” She looked down at the table as if thinking of something. “They make me wish I had a partner like that. Someone who would Love me forever” I just smiled as I didn’t she was making me more and more nervous by the minute. We kept talking for a while. We blabbered up nonsense but we were really looking into each other’s eyes and creating some kind of bond. She was just so pretty with those blue eyes looking at me. It took me a while to break away from the trance and realize that we had just passed half an hour looking into each others eyes. “Umm…..It’s getting really late. I should drive you home” I suggested.

“Yeah sure” She stood up from her chair but didn’t take her eyes off of me. I guided her out of the restaurant holding her hand and still sensed her watching me. I kept ignoring looking into her eyes. It wasn’t irritating like with Ashley but I felt really nervous. We reached the parking lot and her still didn’t wander off of me. I opened the door to my car for her then seated my self but she didn’t stop looking at me. I turned up the ignition and shifted the car into reverse. I was just about to press the pedal when I looked up in the rear view mirror and saw another car blocking my vehicle. “We’re stuck” Jane made it clear. Her eyes were still glue onto me. “Yeah, but there’s someone inside that car. I’ll tell him to back away.” I said. I got out of the car and I rushed up to the other car that blocked mine. I peered into the car through the driver’s seat window to find a young couple deeply immersed in a kiss. They had their eyes closed and continued the kiss with passion. I didn’t know what to do so I turned around and headed back to my car. “What happened?” Jane asked. “Nothing” I said weakly but I had this smile on my face that I couldn’t wipe.

“What do you mean? Why is it that we are still blocked? Why are you smiling like that?” She demanded. “There’s a couple in there” I said in the lowest possible voice. “So?” She asked making a confused expression. “And they were …” I tried to explain but couldn’t. “They were?” She asked still confused. “They were k…” I tried motioning with my hand but that just made her more confused. “They were kkissing” She laughed like crazy at me. “What it’s not funny!” I insisted but she kept on laughing. “Evan, you’re so cute when you do stuff like this!” She exclaimed still laughing with tears in her eyes. “I really forgot how sweet you used to be!” She kept looking at me through those blue gems and I suddenly fell back into the trance. “So we’re stuck in this car?” She asked to confirm and I nodded. “I never noticed how handsome you are” She said in a low tone but it still caught me by surprise. “I mean

look at you. Brown Chocolate hair with a lil’ copper curls, devilish but sweet face cuts, Cherry lips and those amber eyes which so pull me towards you!” “And you’re telling me this because?” I asked totally puzzled with what she said. “I don’t know. It just came out” She said and finally looked away from me. “Hey is that your iPod? Mind if I look at it?” “No. Go ahead” I picked it up off the dash board and handed it to her. She skipped through my music collection. “Wow. You’ve got a big music collection here” She said reading the list. “Weird. These are mostly romantic love songs. I don’t remember you being a romantic guy” “Umm…we can walk if you want. You’re house is only a few blocks away” I tried to change the topic. “Yeah, I like walking anyways” She told me as she got out of the car. We walked down the road and I thought I had successfully dodged the topic of how love songs ended in my iPod but she pulled me back to the topic again. “Yeah so when did you become so romantic?” She asked eyeing me suspiciously. “Did you fall for someone?”

“Well, I’ve always been into love and all but I never got the guts to express it and yes, I have fallen for someone” I told her. I had to tell her someday so why not today. “You fell for someone? WHO?” She demanded in an energetic voice. “Well, with the prettiest girl in the world” I teased her. “That’s what every boy says about there crush” “No, It’s the truth!” I tried to convince her. “Hmm…so who is it?” She asked. I grabbed her hand softly and held it as we walked on. There was no need of naming my love now. Just as she sensed it, she displayed a cute and shy smile on her face. All the colors of her skin sharpened up. “You know, I waited for so long for you, for you to tell me how you felt about me.” She looked into my eyes “I just thought we had something special and I really liked you but then I thought maybe you didn’t feel the same way about me so I started dating Jake but I never kissed him because I really liked you deep inside.” “We have something special Jane. We always will” I told her as we stepped on to her front porch. No words were need for what was going to happen next as the background music started itself. Maybe it was a track from my iPod but all I could concentrate on

right now was Jane as she brought her slender arms around my head and my hands went around her waist. Her Red smooth lips were just a few inches away from mine now. The gap was slowly filled and we kissed thinking of nothing else. It felt overwhelming as by lips caressed hers. It was a passionate minute as we stood there with our lips touching affectionately. It was a beautiful moment we just shared. The kiss ended but bonded our hearts together for life. The night may have been long but it sure paid off. We hung out with our old friends on a fine Sunday the next morning and everyone celebrated on the fact that we finally told each other how we felt about them. The weekend may have started off as an awful one but it ended up pretty darn good and it changed me eternally!

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