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Assignment 1

Antenna and Wave Propagation

Q1. Obtain the equations for Antenna directivity and Antenna gain.
Q2. An antenna has field pattern given by

Find i) HPBW ii) FNBW iii) Beam Area
Q3. An elliptically polarized wave in a medium with constants = 0, r = 2, r = 5 has H field
components (normal to the direction of propagation and normal to each other) of amplitudes
3 and 4 A m-1. Find the average power conveyed through an area of 5 m2 normal to the
direction of propagation.
Q4. With polar coordinates and power pattern explain Beam area of antenna.
Q5. Derive Friis Transmission formula and explain Radio communication Line
Q6. Calculate approximate directivity from HPBW of a unidirectional antenna
if the normalized power pattern is given by :
i) Pn =cos ii) Pn=cos2 iii) Pn = cos3 .
Pn having value only for Zenith angles 0<= <= 90 and Pn = 0 for 90<= <= 180 .
Q7. With the help of polar Co-ordinates obtain the equation for beam solid angle.
Q8. Draw and explain following end-fire antennas.
i) Polyrod antenna ii) Yagi-Uda antenna and iii) Axial mode helical antenna.
Q9. Two spacecraft are separated by 3Mm. Each has an antenna with D=200 operating at 2GHz.
If craft A's receiver requires 20dB over 1pW, what transmitter power is required on craft B
to achieve this signal level?
Q10. Draw & explain following opened out antennas:
i) Twinline ii) Waveguide iii) Co-axialline.