2014 marks the 30

anniversary of Bhopal Gas Disaster in India, the 20

anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, and the 10
anniversary of the
South Asian Tsunami.

Reframing Disaster
is a two-day public conference that will think through how these and
other global disasters have been conceptualised and represented in art,
literature, film, and the media.

Registration Open:
www. postcolonialdisaster. com/conference/registration/
 Humanitarianism and global giving
 Disasters, photography, and the media
 Disasters in art, literature, and films
 Disasters, colonialism, and globalisation
 The Bhopal Medical Appeal and the Haiti Support Group
 And an evening event at The Tetley, ‘Reframing Disaster:
Commemoration and Creativity’; free and open to the
public (www.thetetley.org/reframing-disaster/)
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LEEDS, 28—29 NOVEMBER 2014
Featuring discussions and workshops on:
www.postcolonialdisaster.com; email: postcolonialdisaster@gmail.com; twitter: @pocodisaster
And launching the latest special
issue of Moving Worlds,
‘Catastrophe & Environment’