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6 Weeks Vocabulary SS 6
Grade 2014 North America

1. absolute location - a unique or exact position on the Earth's surface.
2. anarchy - the condition of a country where there is no government - no one is in charge.
3. cardinal directions-used for geographic orientation on Earth commonly denoted by their initials-
N, S, E, W usually on a compass rose.
4. checks and balances - a system that prevents any one branch of government from having too
much power.
5. constitution- the basic beliefs and laws of a nation, that establish the powers and duties of the
government and guarantee certain rights to the people.
6. content - subject matter or topics.
7. continent - a large contiguous landmass that is at least partially surrounded by water.
8. culture - the characteristic features of everyday life shared by people in a particular place or time. - facts and statistics collected for reference and analysis .
10. democracy - government by the people.
11. demographics - statistical data used to study human populations.
12. dictatorship - rule, control, or leadership by one person with total power.
13. economy - the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. $ or
14. factors of production - something that contributes to the production, Primary, Secondary,
Tertiary, Quaternary.
15. goods - manufactured articles or products.
16. government - the body with the power to make and/or enforce laws for a country, land area,
people, or organization.
17. Gross Domestic Product (GDP per capita) the average amount of money an individual uses
for purchases in one year.
18. human geography - anything that is built by humans.
19. individual rights - things that every person has a claim or privilege to have for themselves
20. landforms a feature of the earth's surface, such as plains, plateaus, mountains, hills, valleys,
21. latitude - distance north or south from the equator measured in degrees.
22. life expectancy - the number of years that an individual or group of a certain age can expect to
live on the average based on experience in the past for individuals or groups of the same kind.
23. longitude - distance measured by degrees or time east or west from the prime meridian.
24. map - a drawing or picture showing selected features of the surface of the earth.
25. monarchy - a form of government having a leader who inherits the position, rules for life, and
has limited or total power - rule by a king or queen because of the parents were rulers before.
26. natural rights - rights that come with birth - life, liberty, and property (pursuit of happiness).
27. needs - a lack of something necessary, desirable, or useful.
28. ocean - a large body of water.
29. oligarchy - a government in which a small group has control.
30. physical geography/physical features - natural features of the earth's surface.
31. relative location - a position described solely with reference to another location.
32. representative government - a person or thing that represents another or others in a
33. resources - a usable stock or supply (as of money, products, or energy).
34. skills - ability that comes from training or practice.
35. theocracy - rule by god or higher power - government of a country by officials believed to have
divine guidance.
36. wants - the desire, wish, or long for something.