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SWOT of Wossamatta University

Wossamatta University can focus on its core competencies by

conducting a SWOT analysis of its current status. We need to be able
to show that Wossamatta has students who do learn. The Core
competencies established throughout all curriculums where learning
could be measured allows for the university to prove and show to the
employers, students and the parents that this is what the students
have learned. The SWOT analysis will provide groundwork for
developing guided principles for what is being learned at Wossamatta.
!edicated home grown faculty and sta"
Wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs
#unding sources for scholarships are high by alumni and
!iverse population
$inority student enrollment increasing
%nchor institution in the community
&ocal business women and men take pride in and support
the University
Changing of demographics has the possibility to a"ect
Capital improvements could possibly decrease
%ging population
!octoral program cut
&ow salaries in comparison to comparable universities
'o online programs
(eduction of state and federal funding
)nability to recruit and retain high achieving students
*rovide programs for aging population
!evelop international and o"+campus site programs
)ncrease enrollment by providing online classes
*rovide more partnerships and communications with local
employers to ,nd out what needs are more appealing to
)ncrease programs opportunities for agriculture and
industrial research
Continued decrease in funding if enrollment continues to
(isk of loosing highly educated professionals due to low
Wossamatta Mission and Core Values
%fter providing a SWOT analysis for developing the guided principles
for what is being learned at Wossamatta, a review of how the core
competencies are standard knowledge, skills and -ualities re-uired of
all Wossamatta employees to support the university in achieving its
mission .what it accomplishes/ and vision .what it will attempt to
achieve/. These core competencies were identi,ed through campus+
wide assessments that included input from faculty and sta". These
core competencies will help Wossamatta meet its goals as well as
enhance individual development and performance.
What are core competencies0
Core competencies are the standard knowledge, skills and
-ualities re-uired of all Wossamatta employees to support the
university in achieving its mission and core values.
Wossamatta Mission:
Wossamatta University provides value in education and training
that enable a diverse student population to achieve its
educational goals. !eveloping and maintaining partnerships
with local businesses, industry, and the community enhance
programs. #aculty is highly educated, dedicated to teaching,
advising, and scholarship. 1oth faculty and sta" work to serve
the University and the community.
Core Values
Core curriculum that develops the values and concepts that
allow the student to make a meaningful contribution in the
industry or community.
%cademic and industrial programs designed to ful,ll our
commitment to accommodate students with diverse
backgrounds, using a variety of delivery methods, on and o"
Shared commitment by faculty, sta" and administration to a
mission characteri2ed by student learning, diversity and
community involvement.
Thoughtful re3ection, collaboration, planning, and evaluation as
essential for meeting the changing need of those we serve.
4nowing what Wossamatta does as an institution, how it works and
what it stands for is critical for both our success as employees of
Wossamatta and the success of our students and alumni.
)n support of the Wossamatta initiatives, there are four core
competencies that have been identi,ed as critical to the success of
every Wossamatta undergraduate, graduate and employees. The
competencies were developed in response to re-uests from area
employers, assessment results from the Wossamatta faculty and sta",
and comments from alumni as well as the constituents of the local
The core competencies and the general education goals support one
another. The general education goals establish a broader curriculum
and ob5ectives that are achieved through the courses that comprise
the general education component of program o"erings. Wossamatta
has determined that its progress toward the general education goals
through comprehensive classroom assessments. Speci,ed more
concisely, the core competencies focus on the progress of the
individual student toward these broad educational purposes.
The goal of this initiative is for every graduate of Wossamatta
University is to demonstrate mastery of the core competencies
.communication, personal growth, critical thinking, and responsibility/
in addition to the re-uirements of each individual program.
Communication: the ability to read, write, speak, listen, and use
non+verbal skills e"ectively with di"erent people.
Responsibility and growt:
1eing able to understand how to function professionally, e"ectively
and socially in any environment and make good choices based on the
diversity of the world.
Critical tin!ing s!ills: the ability to think beyond the norm using
analysis, synthesis, evaluation, problem solving, 5udgment and the
creative process.
Tecnology and "uantitative #iteracy:
1eing able to understand, and evaluate data in today6s technological
and data driven society.