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Lesson: 3 Year: 8 Students (mixed gender)

Lesson Topic: Line and Bush Dance

Personal Teaching Goals
-Create an outlet for students to express

-Create a comfortable environment for
students to dance and express themselves.

-Ensure students understand what is required
for the assessment.

Lesson Objectives
After completing the lesson the student will be able to:

- Identify different animal walks.
- Perform the heel - toe polka dance.
- Understand the assessment requirements.


-Students need to demonstrate proficiency in
the execution of complex movements and
manipulative skills.

-Students measure their own fitness and
physical activity levels and identify factors
that influence motivation to be physically

- -Students maintain regular participation in
moderate to vigorous physical activity and
analyse and evaluate their level of
involvement in physical activity.

- -Students combine motor skills, strategic
thinking and tactical knowledge to improve
individual and team performance.

-Students engage in physical activity that
Safety Requirements

- Students need to be aware of personal space.

- Students need to avoid bumping into each other during

- Students must stop moving and talking when the teacher
blows their whistle.

- Students must be respectful of others.

- The sports hall must be checked of any hazardous
obstacles. These must be removed before any physical
activity takes place.

contributes to a sense of community and
social connectedness. These are vital
components of improved wellbeing.

Resource: AusVels 2014, Level 8, viewed 20
May 2014,

References, resources, lesson materials
- iPod - iPod player
- Whistle - Watch

Introduction, building interest and linking to prior knowledge Teacher facilitation (group/class
organisation, questions, cues, challenges,
monitoring )

Class discussion
-Students are given an assignment outline and form
groups of four to five people.

-The aim of the assignment is for students to develop a
group dance routine to a song of choice and present it to
the class in the last class of the dance unit (next week).

-The song can go longer than four minutes with a
minimum of three minutes.

-Students need to incorporate the different elements of
dance, dance forms and styles.

-The song must be appropriate (no swearing or

-Students should look at the assessment criteria
to guide their dance.
-Teacher to touch on the different elements of
dance, dance forms and styles as a reminder for

Time: 10 minutes
Learning Activities designed to meet lesson objectives Teacher facilitation (class/group Time
organisation, questions, cues, monitoring)

Warm up: Animal Walk Relays

The teacher performs a demonstration of each of the animal

Students line up in five groups of approximately five people
(one behind another). Students perform each nominated walk
moving from the start to the selected end point and back when
the teacher says go. It is a race between the five groups and the
next person in line cannot move until they are high fived. The
first group to have all students complete the race and are all
sitting down wins.

Bear Walk - Walk bent over on all fours. Move right hand and
right foot, then left hand and left foot.

Crab Walk - Get into a position where you are on your hands
and feet with your stomach facing the ceiling. Walk sideways

Kangaroo Hop -In a squatting position, jump forward fully
extending your body in the air. Land in a squatting position.

Monkey - Walking on your feet and one hand, alternating hands
from time to time.

Centipede Walk On your hands and knees (similar to the bear
walk) but you need to walk your feet to your hands before you
can walk your hands forward (and repeat).

The animal walks need to be explained and
demonstrated. Perhaps ask the students what
they think the animal walks look like and ask the
student with the correct technique to
demonstrate it to the rest of the class.


ReoCities 2009, Minor Games Resource Page
Animal Walks, viewed 1 May 2014,

Time: 15 minutes
Activity 1: Heel Toe Polka Bush Dance Cues:

Walk through each step then put section 1 steps together
(without music)

Section 1

1. Find a partner (ladies on the right hand side). Stand in a

2. Face your partner (side facing the middle of the circle).

3. Join your hands with your partner and elongate arms
out to the side.

4. Start with the inside foot (facing the middle of the
Heel and toe, heel and toe
Slide to the middle (4 slides)

5. Now use your other leg (facing the outside)
Heel and toe, heel and toe
Slide to the middle (4 slides)

Section 2
Walk through each step then put section 2 steps together
(without music)

5. Partners face each other and clap their right hands
together three times.

6. Partners clap their left hands together three times.

7. Everyone claps both their hands on their knees three

The Heel Toe Polka Bush Dance will be taught
using the add on method. The dance is broken up
into three sections. The teacher explains and
demonstrates the dance in the circle, then
students replicate. Once the stage is mastered,
the next section of the dance is added. Once each
section of the dance is mastered it is added to the
previous sections and practiced together.

Resources: YouTube 2014, Bush Dance Heel Toe
Polka, viewed 20 May 2014,


8. Each person claps his or her hands together three
When section two is mastered, add section one and two

Section 3
Walk through each step then put section 3 steps together
(without music)

9. Partners lock right elbows together and swing each
other around 360 degrees (4 beats).

10. Beats 5,6,7,8 pass right shoulders and walk forward to
the next partner.

Go back to original partner. Practice each section together
without music. Once students have pieced it all together, add
music and keep the dance moving until the song has concluded.

Activity 2: Group Dance Assessment Work

-Students are given 35 minutes to start working on their dance
that will be due in class next week.

Time: 30 minutes


-Students are encouraged to use props in their

Time: 35 minutes
Closure Time
Class discussion and recap:
-Any questions about the assignment?
-Did you enjoy the bush dance? Time: 10 minutes