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10 points checklist of problem areas on TOEFL section 2 :

Structure and Written Expression

By adhe
1. Check for subject and verb
Example Error : The elephant population it has declined rapidly because many of
the animals are killed each year.

2. Check verb agreement
Example Error : at the Hermitage, Andrew Jacksons home in Tennesse, even his
glasses have been left exactly where he lay them.

3. Check for full subordination
Example Error : Because wanted to learn fast, the girl studied all the time

4. Check the verbal
Example Error : the data on the winter migration patterns of the Monarch butterfly is
very interested.

5. Check pronoun form, argument, and tense
Example Error : because they usually receive the same score on standardized
examinations, there is often disagreement as to whom is the better student, Bob or

6. Check the word form
Example error : the New York City subway system is the most longest underground
railroad operating in the world

7. Check the word order
Example error : the policeman asked the man what was he doing

8. Check for a parallel structure
Example Error : Most of the Cajun French who live in Lousiana can neither read nor
writing the French variety that they speak fluently

9. Check for unnecessary repetition
Example Error : A good sentence in English is one that is brief, short, and easy to

10. Check for a correct usage
Example Error : With the develop of a cheap process for desalination, 97 percent of
the earths water will become available for the fresh - water purpose

Word endings in English

1. Noun ( person )

2. Noun ( things)
- Nce
- Ism
- Ness
- Logy
- Ion
- Ty

3. Verb
- Ate
- Ize
- Fy

4. Adjective
- Ful
- Nt
- Al
- Ble
- Ous

5. Adverb
- Ly
Example :
Identify, identical, identity, identically, identification
Practice more will make you better in English not only passive but also active
Good Luck