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Michael Cuba Ryan LLM-JD

Michael Cuba Ryan LLM-JD

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A news paper article about the lack of investigative journalism in Guyana.
A news paper article about the lack of investigative journalism in Guyana.

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Published by: michael_ryan_44 on Dec 25, 2009
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A Corrupt Government

Would Fear one investigative journalist
More than one million people at the ballot box
Michael Cuba Ryan, LLM-JD

My first day in journalism school twenty-four years ago is a day I would never forget. My lecturer who was ex British SAS said this: Quote “an investigative journalist would among other things bring content quality to the table but most of all, he investigates what is deliberately hidden, like corruption” End of quote. I say without hesitation that investigative journalism in Guyana is nonexistent. No active journalist knows the first thing about investigation. In fact, I would say they are scared to ask questions of people who they think are hiding the truth, they fear for their jobs. I remember when stabroeknews was the papers to read. They told it like it was back in the day. Today, the stabroeknews live under a cloud of fear instilled in them by the PPP regime. They fear that they may lose an ad or two from the Government. This fear allows the PPP crooks in office to get away with defrauding the public committing racist and discriminatory actions against a large cross section of the Guyanese public.

Had the Guyanese journalist not been asleep at the wheel, they would have discovered that city hall was robbing the city blind and that employees of city hall was mugging the treasury like stick up kids. They would have uncovered that assistant commissioner Steve Mari had a checkered history since he was on the streets as a beat duty cop in tiger bay, thus he would not have reached the level he is at on the force right now. Millions of US dollars in grants from the Chinese would not have been channeled to freedom house in amounts totaling over 5.9 Billion over the Years, without the Guyanese public knowing. If we had true investigative journalist in Guyana, the top cop checkered past going back some twenty years would have been found out and made public, he would not have been top cop today or even a lawyer, in fact he might have been in jail along with Laurie Lewis. One well-trained investigative journalist would have found out that the Guyana bar association have admitted know offenders, to the bar and are defending criminals or imprisoning them, when they themselves are criminals. The public have that right to know, but the journalist has failed us.

Had our journalist in Guyana, had the heart, one from KN would have investigated the possible link between a TV station owner in Guyana and a few dead girls in south Ruimveldt area a few years back. However, the most troubling thing is that a female reporter from stabroeknews would have been able to expose a phantom squad killer and possible found him with a gun in his taxi, before he was killed on the EBD in a car accident. I think she did not follow up because his family name in the police force rings very loud. An investigative journalist would have exposed why kwamee MC Coy is still in the employ of the state and his personal connection with the president. Had I been in the position of a Guyanese journalist, I would have wanted answers as to why the president of Guyana spends more time out side of Guyana than in his office. If the president is travelling so much, what is the minister of foreign affairs doing for a living? Is the president the new foreign affaire minister? Why is he doing the work of the foreign minister? A journalist must ask why the constitution was changed to protect one drug dealer recently and why all the nation banks are run by people of East Indian origin.

In an investigation, the police can go but so far, but the powers of an investigative journalist in a democratic state are frightening if he or she knows how to use it. A police officer may ask question (A) and get into treble for violating the civil rights of a citizen. On the other hand, a well-trained journalist can ask that same question, and demand an answer, In the interest of reporting the news fair and balanced, TV station owners must stop trying to oust shine, fight against the other stations, and focus more on the intelligent aspect in reporting the news, like accruing spy cameras for your unknown reporter’s aka undercover reporters. In summation, WE the people would like to know why no TV station owner has offered Mark Benschop a spot on his or her channel since his return from prison? Is he or she that scared of telling the truth? Are they scared of Bharrot [the dictator] Jagdeo? Guyana does not need the lie detector, they need a few good investigative journalists, and today we have none.

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