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Focused Activity Plan KS1/2

Name & Class:

Year 5 !usic
Su"#ect $ocus/Cross Curricular %in&s
%earnin' a son' to (er$orm as a 'rou( or solo and to create a
"eat/tune to accom(any lyrics)
+esources re,uired:
-ntuned instruments. son' $rom t/e scri(t. metronome
Sa$e'uardin' a0areness:
%earnin' 1"#ective2s3 4eac/in' & %earnin' activities.
includin' introductions. main in(uts
and o0n mana'ement)
I can
8understand /o0 A9 music 0as
perform, listen to, review and
evaluate music
8(lay and (er$orm in solo and
ensem"le conte:ts.
use my voice and play musical
instruments with accuracy,
control and expression.
8(re(are (oems and (lays to read
aloud and to (er$orm. s/o0in'
understandin' t/rou'/ intonation.
tone and volume so t/at t/e
meanin' is clear to an audience
listen with attention to detail
and recall sounds with
increasing aural memory.
8learn to sin' and to use my voice.
to com(ose and ma&e music 0it/
have the opportunity to learn a
musical instrument, and to
progress to a higher level
8sin' and (lay musically 0it/
con;dence and control)
<n 'rou(s discuss 0/at t/ey already &no0
re'ardin' 9ree& music t/en as a class
"rainstorm $eatures o$ Ancient 9ree& music
on a lar'e "oard or (iece o$ (a(er 0/ere all
c/ildren can see) !a&e re$erence to
com(osition. lyrics and structure 25
9ive eac/ (air a co(y o$ t/e $oot"all c/ant
son' and read t/rou'/ accordin' to sta'e
+ead t/rou'/ it as a class in t/e $orm o$ a
(oem "e$ore loo&in' at it $rom t/e
(ers(ective o$ a son' 25 minutes3
=ac/ 'rou( must ta&e a verse
2di7erentiated3 and alter t/e tone. (itc/.
dynamics. tim"re and te:ture to result in
t/e same lyrics "ut a di7erent tune
*ra0 a dia'ram 20it/ a &ey3 s/o0in' /o0
t/e $eatures /ave "een c/an'ed 215
Kit/ara 29uitar3
Aulos 21"oe3
Syrin: 2Pan
2?ater and air
(o0ered (iano3
cou(lets. (itc/.
tem(o. tim"re.
te:ture and
51) ?/at do t/e
sta'e directions
tell us a"out t/e
>o0 do you
t/in& t/at
AA 2"elo0 avera'e3
TA to support this group. *onBt /ave to 0rite do0n 0/at t/ey can remem"er "ut
s/ould "e encoura'ed to recall musical instruments) 4/e 4A 0ill read t/e son' to t/e =A%
c/ildren or lo0est a"ility 'rou( so t/ey donBt /ave to read it t/emselves as t/is could "e a
c/allen'e $or some and time consumin')
4/ey s/ould "e encoura'ed "y t/e 4A to sin' alon' 0it/ t/e rest o$ t/e class and #ust
en#oy t/e son') ?/en ada(tin' t/e dynamics o$ t/e son' t/e c/ildren s/ould /ave 0ord
cards 0it/ eac/ de;nition on so t/ey &no0 0/at eac/ element means and 0/at it
4/eir line dia'ram can "e very sim(le. or t/ey could use countin' as dra0in' may "e a
c/allen'e $or some)
Sim(le o(inions suc/ as Cvery/not very 'oodB s/ould "e encoura'ed $rom t/e 'rou( as
t/ey evaluate ot/er 'rou(s 0or&)
4/e c/ildren may add any instrument t/ey li&e to t/eir (iece /o0ever. t/ey s/ould "e
a"le to e:(lain 0/y t/eyBve c/osen t/at instrument) 4/ey s/ould also "e a"le to evaluate
t/eir o0n (iece o$ 0or& and t/en decide and #usti$y 0/at 0or&s and 0/at doesnBt)
A 2avera'e3
4/ese c/ildren s/ould all "e a"le to recall some $eatures o$ 9ree& music includin' some
(ro(er instrument names) 4/ey s/ould also "e a"le to recall "asic $acts relatin' to t/e
structure o$ 9ree& music)
4/e c/ildren 0ill "e a"le to sin' t/e son' 0it/out music "y usin' t/e sta'e directions) Not
all c/ildren 0ill &no0 a $oot"all c/ant /o0ever i$ one c/ild does t/ey could (er$orm it to t/e
class as an e:am(le)
4/eir line dia'ram s/ould "e clear and concise. dis(lay eac/ $eature se(arately and s/ould
/ave a &ey) 4/ey s/ould "e a"le to evaluate t/eir o0n 0or& and 'ive e:(lanations as to
0/y an alteration does or doesnBt 0or&)
4/eir instrument c/oices s/ould "e #usti;ed and must "e s/o0n on a line dra0in' 0/ic/
includes timin'. instruments. crescendo and diminuendo and t/e "e'innin's o$ "asic
musical sym"ols suc/ as a tre"le cle$. minim. "reve. semi"reve. croc/et and "reat/s
understand musical
composition, organise and
manipulate ideas within musical
structures and reproduce sounds
from memory
8understand musical notations and
/o0 music is constructed. (roduced
and communicated t/rou'/ (itc/.
duration. dynamics. tem(o. tim"re.
te:ture and structure)
use and understand the basics
of staf and other musical
8understand t/e lyrics 0it/in a son'
perform the songs without
8add music to t/e lyrics usin' sel$
c/osen instruments)
Feed"ac& to t/e rest o$ t/e class. as& ot/er
'rou(s to evaluate eac/ (iece usin' 2 stars
and a 0is/ tec/ni,ue 25 minutes3
Add an instrument to t/e lyrics to s/o0
r/yt/m and (ossi"ly tune i$ anyone in t/e
'rou( can (lay a tuned instrument) Create a
c/art/dia'ram to s/o0 timin' and
instruments used 0it/in t/e (iece) 215
Feed"ac& to t/e 'rou( a'ain "ut e:(lain
/o0 and 0/y certain instruments 0ere used
and evaluate usin' 2 stars and a 0is/
tec/ni,ue 25 minutes3
c/an'es t/e
conte:t o$ t/e
Could it "e sun'
usin' di7erent
dynamics. tone.
and (itc/@
?ould it still ;t
t/e (lay@
?/y/?/y not@
AA 2a"ove avera'e3
=very c/ild s/ould "e a"le to contri"ute to t/e 'rou( discussion) C/ildren
s/ould "e recallin' accurate descri(tions o$ musical instrument and t/eir (ro(er
names) 4/e c/ildren s/ould ,uic&ly "e a"le to (ic& u( t/e son' and "e'in to
ada(t it t/emselves) ?/en evaluatin' t/eir o0n and ot/er 'rou(s 0or& t/ey
s/ould "e a"le to 'ive constructive criticism includin' (oint $or im(rovement
and reasons $or 0/y) 4/eir dia'rams must include "asic musical sym"ols suc/
as a tre"le cle$. minim. "reve. semi"reve. croc/et and "reat/s 2(auses3. "ars.
timin's. and s/ould "e (er$ormed 0it/ accuracy)