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In a traffic survey, the speeds of vehicles are measured by

laser guns for the purpose of determining the mean vehicle
speed on a particular city street. Its known that the standard
deviations of vehicle speeds on city streets with the same
posted speed limit is 3.58 kph. If we want determine the mean
vehicle speed to within plus or minus 1 kph with a 99% confidence,
what should be the sample size of our observations?
Recorded data of 30 storms and associated precipitation with sample
means of 2.16 inches and sample std dev. of 1.24 inches.

Calculate a 95% confidence interval for the mean precipitation.

A sample of 25 rebars tested for yield strengths gives the following
information: sample mean= 37.5 psi sample std dev = 3.5 psi.

Calculate a 95% confidence interval for the mean yield strengths.