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To mandate a two day seminar about womens sexual assault to all female freshmen of public
universities in the United States of America prior to freshmen orientation.

1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States
2 of America in Congress assembled.
5 This act may be cited as the Women are Warriors Act of 2014.
8 Congress hereby finds and declares that,
9 1) The amount of sexual assault and abuse crimes committed against women are sky
10 rocketing; over 70% of women victims of such cases.
11 2) Violence and abuse causes more death and disability amongst women aged 15-44
12 than war, cancer and malaria.
13 3)In the United States, 19 million new infections occur every year to women of all
14 Of all different backgrounds due to sexual assault between the ages of 15-24.
15 4) According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics National Criminal Victimization Survey,
16 There were 346,830 reported rapes or sexual assaults of persons aged 12 years and older
17 2012.
18 5) Federal Government defines sexual abuse by force as: When a person knowingly
19 causes another person to engage in a sexual act or attempts to do so by using force
20 against that person, or by threatening or placing that person in fear that that person will
21 be subjected to death, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping.
22 .
24 A) The sexual assault and abuse seminars will be a mandatory implementation in all
25 Public universities of America; the cost to host these seminars shall be covered by
26 The universities funds such as donations or private funds
27 B) There shall be a small team of leaders who shall be responsible for the regulation
28 and setting up of the seminars prior to freshmen orientation.
29 C) The responsibilities of that team shall include coordinating a time and a place to host
30 The seminar on campus, who will be speaking and leading the seminar and creating
31 propaganda to spread the word about the seminar.
32 D) The team leaders shall send in a report to their county council with proof of a
33 Complete seminar for enforcement; that proof shall come in the form of official papers.
34 E) There shall be no make-up seminars. This means that everyone shall attend the
35 Seminar unless they have an emergency and have someone to verify that emergency.
36 F) Regardless of the emergency, students who miss the seminar will have to write a
37 Paper on effects of sexual assault and abuse.
38 G) The Office of Violence Against Women of the United States Department of Justice
39 Will be the officials to enforce the law.