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The Global Implications of Personal Awareness

The Global Implications of Personal Awareness

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Published by Nauroz Khan
Be Aware Any Time.........
Be Aware Any Time.........

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Published by: Nauroz Khan on Dec 25, 2009
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Disillusionment - recognition that current approaches (level 5) are insufficient to deal
with the individualʼs longings
Assessment - identification of what is no longer sufficient:
With the elimination of the sources of pain from level 4 an individual at level 5
awareness has achieved liberation from her body, desires, membership, and
conditioning. She has gained an awareness of how conditioning has previously
colored her every thought and behavior. There is now only one source of pain
remaining; separation itself, the experience of being an observer of reality rather
than an integrated phenomenon in and of it. With every increase in her degree of
freedom has come a corresponding increase in the degree of psychological
separation from her environment. It is this separation that is the source of pain
now. The individual now experiences a longing for an ending to this separation; a
need to be liberated from the perspective of an observer separated from the
observed, a desire to be whole, a need for unity, where observer and observed
are one.
Experimentation - trying various alternative approaches to solving the individualʼs
level 5 related problems
• examining items uncovered in the Assessment phase
• reframing problems as existing in wholeness
Reconstruction - entering a different way of being
•experiencing existence as continuous; an indivisible whole

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•acknowledgement of the primacy of brain processes in creating the experience of


With the transmutation of the last form of ignorance into wisdom no further unconscious
drives remain. The transition from level 5 awareness to level 6 awareness is the final

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