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The Global Implications of Personal Awareness

The Global Implications of Personal Awareness

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Published by Nauroz Khan
Be Aware Any Time.........
Be Aware Any Time.........

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Published by: Nauroz Khan on Dec 25, 2009
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In our analysis of where we are on the Levels of Awareness continuum we found that
many of us are at Level 3 or Level 4. However, to solve the issues related to the serious
global concerns we now face we cannot count on Level 4 awareness to be sufficient.
Too many problems are commensurate with Level 4 mentality. To move beyond our
widespread global problems a Level 5 awareness will be needed. It would therefore be
encouraging if we could discover some sort of shortcut from level 3 awareness directly
to level 5 awareness and thereby enable individuals to skip level 4 altogether.

Unfortunately, such shortcuts are not possible in the evolution of awareness. Evolution
does not work this way. One evolutionary stage must follow another in a step by step
progression. There can be no butterflies without there first being caterpillars and a the
all important transitional phase from caterpillar to the butterfly. Letʼs review what a
transition from one level of awareness to another entails. Movement to a higher level
involves the transcending of an unconscious drive that is the essence of the self at the
lower level. You must become the driving essence at each level before you can
transcend it
. You cannot transcend the Level 3 drive to connect unless you first become
that drive. Once that self, whose essence is the drive to connect, has come into being
the possibility of its transcendence exists, but not before.

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