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The light switch, reimagined by Booo.

20 Oct 2014 - Booo announced at a private event during Dutch

Design Week the Smart Booo, which marks the first step of the
company into the smart home market. It's a light switch, but
done the Booo way said Fernando Arias, CEO of Booo at the
Smart Booo premiere last Monday at the Blue Collar Hotel in
Eindhoven. The launching event was presided by the Mayor of
Eindhoven, Rob van Gijzel, who highlighted the innovation in
lighting, technology and design of the
young locally based company.

Smart Booo is a round stone-like device that fits in your palm.
Right out of the box, you can approach Smart Booo to the lamps
you want to control with it. Smart Booo then remembers the
lights you selected. From then on, by placing Smart Booo on any
surface you can tap it to put your lights on or off, and rotate it to
dim the lights up or down. Smart Booo is also magnetic and it
comes in different colors and finishes - matt and glaze.

Another feature of Smart
Booo which has gone less
advertised is its so called "natural dimming" function. Smart
Booo ingeniously makes your lights go warmer when you dim
them down - you're relaxing - and whiter when you dim them
up - you're working. It does this without making you activate
extra buttons or functions.

Intelligent Home or Smart Home is a term that refers to the
application of technology into your home. "This can be
intimidating, because we live already surrounded by technology. So we think that a recent trend
like controlling light bulbs from your smartphone is not a substitute for traditional lighting. First
something more simple - and which has been there for one hundred years - needs to be
rethought: the light switch on your wall. said Fernando Arias to the crowd of different city officials,
retailers, architects and curious minds gathered Monday at the Blue Collar Hotel in Eindhoven.

Smart Booo will sell for 120! when launched in Europe by early
2015, and 130$ in the USA by that same time. It works out of the
box when used with Booo light bulbs and lamps, and can be used
with any existing lamp or ceiling spot with the use of an available
adaptor. Further pricing and availability will be published soon.

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Press contact - Gil Molho +31 404002815
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