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Achieving Full Potential

Date: Fall 2013- Spring 2014

Artifact Description:
The artifact consists of paperwork showing that for the fall semester I was on the Deans
Scholastic Honors List and that for the spring semester I had achieved the Chancellors Honors.
Also the last piece of the artifact shows that I was a D3 athlete and made Wisconsin
Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Scholastic Honor Roll.
Wisconsin Teacher Standard Alignment:
This artifact best aligns with Standard One: The teacher understands the central concepts, tools
of inquiry, and structures of the discipline he or she teaches, and can create learning
experiences that make these aspects of the subject matter meaningful for the students. As a future
teacher, it is extremely important to be excelling in the areas of content in which I will be
teaching. In the past year in a half, my college courses main focus has been about strategies and
skills I will need for being an effective teacher. Many of my classes required presentations that
displayed my level of knowledge for that content area and how I could make the content
interesting to the students so that they retain the information. By getting honors both semesters, it
shows that I can excel in my classes in learning new techniques to teach students and that I am
knowledgeable in the content area I will be teaching. I have also learned that reflecting on my
work is one of the most important aspects of teaching a great lesson and how to continue student
learning. With getting so many assignments and teaching, I have been able to get feedback from
others. I think one of the most important concepts I have learned in the last year in a half is how
important it is for the teacher to reflect on lessons and really find the best way to make these
learning experiences meaningful for the students. After getting feedback from professors,
classmates, and students, I am able to evaluate the way I teach and reflect on my lesson plans.
After a deep reflection I have the skills to go back and make my lessons better. I also have the
skills now to reflect and change lessons to fit the need of the students. By getting honors all
school year, I am better equipped to teach in my discipline as well as create new methods in
which learning can be meaningful for the students.
UW-Platteville Knowledge, Skills, Disposition Alignment:
KSD1.a Demonstrates Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy: The candidate displays extensive
content knowledge of his/her subject areas and demonstrates a continuing search for new
content knowledge, resources, and best instructional practices, while understanding student
diversity and student misconceptions and misunderstandings as key to the teaching process.
With constantly being in education classes, I am always learning new ideas on how to
teach different concepts and new practices. One of the books that was used in my one of my
classes was, Best Practice: Bringing Standards to Life in Americas Classroom by Daniels
Zemelman. This has taught me what goes into being a great teacher. It is books like these and
other materials that keep me up to date on the best instructional practices. Another thing that
being in class does is provide all my peers and professors a chance to discuss our experiences in
the classroom setting. With hearing so many experiences, it has opened my mind to the
misconceptions of different ideas in the classroom that can occur. Also, we were able to discuss
different teaching resources this was probably the best way to learn about new teaching
techniques. From being in class I am able to explore all these different possibilities of teaching
and hear about how others have tried different ideas.
Secondary Alignments:
KS1.e Designs Coherent Instruction
Personal Reflection:
What I learned about teaching/learning from this experience
I learned how important it is to be knowledgeable in the content areas that I will be
teaching. I also learned how important it is for the teacher to know how to teach different skills
to students. One of the biggest concepts I have learned is how to be an effective reading teacher.
Throughout spring semester I was able to learn different strategies on how to teach reading to
early elementary students. Before entering those classes I didnt know a single thing about how
to teach reading. Now I have a full toolkit of strategies I can use to make words meaningful.
Throughout a year and half, I have grown as a teacher and have expanded my knowledge. I am
very excited to keep learning more and growing as a person.
What have I learned about myself as a prospective educator as a result of this experience
As a future educator, I learned how important time management is. Without great time
management skills, I would never have been able to balance a d3 sport with a full load of classes.
I am happy I was able to excel in both, and it has showed me that if I work hard and find a
balance for all my goals I can achieve great things. As a teacher, that skill is very important to
find enough time for lesson plans and prepping. It also takes time to find quality resources as
well as develop lessons that fit the need of the students. I also have learned how important it is to
network with others educators about teaching. I was able to learn about new websites, different
technology sources, and different approaches to teaching certain content area all by listening to
my peers. My peers have helped guide me into being a better teacher.