Violence or Civil disobedience is the choices

Which one would you prefer Mr. President?
Michael Cuba Ryan, LLM-JD The word lynching came from the name Willy Lunch. Willy lynch was a man who was brought to the Caribbean to teach the slave owners his method of controlling their slaves who were out of control. I feel free to add the name (lynch) to President Jagdeo name because he has a way of keeping the Guyanese citizens in line by offering the military a bonus while the regular man in the street must Rob, kill or con to survive. I would really like to know what it is that President Bharrot (LYNCH) Jagdeo expect from the Joint services after he dispenses their bonus. To whom much is given, much is expected, I president (lynch) case he will be giving a little and expecting much. The much will go to his band of thieves aka Ministers of the Government. In the days of slavery, the slave taker/body snatcher, took the body into slavery, and then controlled the mind by constant whipping and some form of imposed hunger. The slave understood his master was his God; he bowed down to him and granted his wishes. When the slave taker saw he had the slave under his control and the slave knew he was dependent on the slave master for food, his will to fight was broken. Today the master is jagdeo and his whip is the joint services. He fattens and bribes the joint services, whilst the sugar workers beg for their rightful pay and have to threaten strike in order to get some attention. I will venture to say this: {the government of Guyana has divided this country into the have and the have-nots. It is no longer an Indian vs. black thing. The PPP Government has looked down upon the hard working Indian man who works in the cane fields, as a peasant. The PPP have shifted their despise, hate, disrespect and brutal punishment from the displaced black people unto their own, the Indian man]

The PPP is now a party of class; they have found a way to use the cane cutters as a means to make money by having them work in the fields as modern day slaves. The PPP export their labor, for which the elite Indians, meaning the PPP government gets rich from the US Dollars they earn from the cane exports. This money received by the Government is spent on buying things like five SUV’s for the chief of staff of the GDF, as payment in advance for his services. His services include the beating of the Indiaman and the killing of his brother from another mother, the Blackman. The simple fact is that, the ordinary Indian man and all black men and women are in the same boat together. The PPP have no need for them, but their services as workers. If the Indian man and his brother the black man were to wake up and see the light, they will come together and stop this slave taker Government in their tracks. Here is the truth if you can handle it; the black man and his brother the Indian man have become slaves again in this Republic of Guyana. This time the slave taker is the PPP top executives who have organized the downfall of the Negro and the Indian man, his wife and children. My question to all working class Guyanese living in Guyana is this, When last have you been able to spend money on your family like you wanted to do and don’t have to be worried about paying your rent? When last have you been able to send your wife shopping like she wants to. The PPP executives have had no shortage of money for SUV’s as gifts to people who help them to oppress you the small man. The entire PPP executives are all holders of credit cards, do you the ordinary man own on? The PPP government need to do right now or face the consequences From the look of things, violence or civil disobedience seem to be the choices that will be presented to their Government in a little while from now, which one do you prefer Mr. President? Chose now because it is coming.

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