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Viewing Guide Project

This project needs to connect to your field experience. It may connect specifically to what is being taught in the classroom
during your field experience, or material that is taught at that grade level during other times in the school year. Your teacher
and the materials in the classroom should be a good resource for you.

Your job is to locate a short video or multiple video clips that support the content students are being taught. For example, if
you are teaching irony, you might locate 4-5 video clips that show irony. Or, if students are learning about the Trail of Tears,
you might find a longer video that supports the topic. How ever it falls out for you, you should have 10-30 minutes of video to
share with students.

Once you have located your video or video clips you will need to figure out what you expect students to learn from the
material and how you will engage them in the material. One way you will do this is to create a viewing guide. Your viewing
guide will be based on the three-level guide noted in the Vacca text on pages 228-234. You will need to refer back to Blooms
Revised Taxonomy to help you develop the questions you want students to answer.

In your project be sure to include:
The video or the specific URL to locate the video
Background information
o What is the topic?
o What do students already know before watching the video?
o What other materials have the students already been exposed to?

An objective
o What the students will learn from the video, viewing guide and discussion?
o How you will know that they have learned it?

o Common Core ELA Standards
o Content Area Standards

Purpose for Viewing
o What do they need to find?
o What do they need to figure out?

Viewing Guide
At least three questions for each level
o Literal (Remembering)
o Inferential and Application (Understanding and Applying)
o Analysis and Interpretation (Analyzing and Evaluating)

How students will be engaged in discussion after they finish the video and the questions?

Viewing Guide Websites to Consider

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