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First Aid

Courses Available
Emergency First Aid
Learn basic life-saving skills. This course is designed to help you recognize life-threatening
emergencies and provide first aid until medical help arrives.

Emergency Child Care
This course is designed for professional child care workers, but great for parents,
grandparents and all caregivers.

Standard First Aid
This course includes the same basic life-saving skills as Emergency First Aid plus a whole lot
more. It is designed to help you recognize and manage a wide range of emergencies until
medical help arrives.

Standard First Aid/HCP
Intended for Health Care Providers, this course includes all the skills in Standard First Aid as
well as CPR Level HCP.
Emergency First Aid and Emergency
Child Care
This is a one day course (6.5-8 hours) that
anyone at any age can take, for a price.

The contents of this course include:
preparing to respond to emergency, dealing
with airway emergencies, dealing with
breathing and circulation emergencies, first
aid for respiratory and cardiac arrest.. Etc

In the completion of this course you will
receive a 3 year certification in Emergency
First Aid, CPR Level A, C, or HCP, and AED.

To complete this course you must receive a
passing grade of 75% or above on the
written exam.
These courses can be taken in St.Johns, NL.
$60.00 for Emergency First Aid and $118.00 for
Emergency Child Care.
Standard First Aid
This 2 day course (16 hours) is also designed
for anyone wanting to take it.

The contents of this course include all the
basic skills from emergency first aid but in
much more detail and other emergencies
including: head and spine injuries, bone,
muscle, and joint injuries, sudden medical
emergencies, environmental emergencies.

Completing this course will also give you
standard first aid certification for 3 years.

This course can be taken in St.Johns, NL for $162.00.
Standard First Aid/ HCP
This is a one day (9 hours) course that
includes the information from standard first
aid but at a HCP (health care provider)

The contents of this course include
cardiovascular and respiratory emergencies,
adult, child and infant CPR skills, two-
rescuer CPR, automated external
defibrillation (AED), use of the bag valve
mask, rescue breathing and jaw thrust,
anatomy and physiology and infection

When the course is completed you receive
Health Care Provider and AED Certification.
It is recommended to redo the course every
This course can be taken in St.Johns, NL for $195.00.