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Access Mental Health Serv Advocacy Agencies Adult Schools Info. Board & Care Homes Casa Willow Check the License churches Clinical Social Workers Conservatorship Counseling Services Dental Service Options EKG Lab Locations ESL/Citizenship Health plan questions Housing Options Job Seeker Resources Licensed Edu Psychologist Links to Other Resources LEGAL SERVICES Public Libraries Local Colleges M. & Family Therapists Mental Health Professionals Need Help with Utility For more information about Fathers Resource Center please contact The mission of the Fathers Resource Center is to promote positive parental involvement in order to allow children positive and equal access to both parents. Also, to provide resources and services to fathers and educate the community about the importance of fatherhood involvement. Fathers Resource Center, Inc. has developed a solid network of resources with private, community and faith based organizations across this great nation to provide a comprehensive service for fathers. The ultimate goal of Fathers Resource Center is to provide a full service, onestop-shop for fathers, which offers…

Fathers Resource Center
3443 Ramona Ave, Ste 25 Sacramento, CA 95826 916-739-0894 Fax 0895
dasfall@fatherscenter.org www.fatherscenter.org

David C. Asfall, CEO
3443 Ramona Ave, Ste 25 Sacramento, CA 95826 916-739-0894 fax 0895 dasfall@fatherscenter.org www.fatherscenter.org

•Anger Management •Case Management Services •DNA / Paternity Testing •Family Counseling •Family Law Legal Clinics •Family Reunification •Fathers Support Group •Individual Counseling •Parent Education •Substance Abuse Evaluation /Counseling •Supervised Visitation •Referrals & Other Support Services

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If you, or someone you know, experiencing disrupting symptoms of mental health, please call Adult Access Team: at (916) 875-1055 or Children's Access Team @ (916) 875-9980. For a psychiatric emergency, please call 911 as soon as possible or go to nearest hospital emergency room.

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