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Teaching Practice Lesson Plan

Date 5-11-2014 Student
Mouza Salem saeed
Time 10:25 to 11:15 School RAK Academy British
SST Mr. Vince bailey Class Grade 6
Lesson Why reading is important No of
Context of the lesson
This lesson about why reading is important .
Teaching goal
The major goals is for students to know what is reading , why do we read and why is reading so important .
Learning objectives Students will be able to:
Know what is reading mean .
Know why do we read .
Know why is reading so important .
Develop their thinking and knowledge .

Assumptions about prior learning
May students have some some information about how why reading is important .
Anticipated problems and possible solutions
Ss may not understand how to answer the work sheet , so I will act and give them explanation .
Personal focus for this lesson
Eyes contact , move around the students to see if they understand the lesson.
Target language
Drawing , important , reading
Teacher language
What is reading mean ?
Why do we read?
Why is reading so important ?
Main tasks or activities
What will you need to be successful this year.
KWL chart .
What is reading mean .
Why do we read .
Why is reading so important.
Snake game.
Resources and teaching aids
A4 paper
Snake game

Consider these grouping strategies:
Whole class

Consider where the children are working:
At their desk

Time & stage Intera
Teacher activity
(T will )
Student activity
(eg. In groups ss will )


Teacher will give students card to
write what we need to be successful
in this year then sharing with
students .

Teacher will give the students a
worksheet to write what they know
about this topic , what I want to
know , what I learned.
Students will write the
answer in the card .

Students will write the
answer in the worksheet and
we will sharing the answer
with whole students .
Teacher will give the students a
small bored to write a sentence or
word about what is reading mean .
Students will write in small
board some words or
sentences about what is
reading about .
Transformation S-S (
Teacher will give the students
A4 paper to write why do we
read .

The students will write a
sentences and drawing why
do we read .


Teacher will ask students why
reading is so important ?
Students will give the
teacher a key words about
why reading is so important.

Reflection Individ
ual (S)

Teacher will snake game which
have a review questions about
the lesson .
The students will play and
answer the questions to
move next step .