Ken Wilberʼs work on Integral Spirituality points out the necessity of experiencing the three faces of Divine Spirit

:  to contemplate Spirit in the 3rd person (Spirit as He/She/It), to commune with Spirit in the 2nd person (Spirit as You), and to confirm Spirit in the 1st person (Spirit as I).  Forms of nature mysticism tend toward promoting an experience of Spirit in the 3rd person. Most formal prayers are written in the 2nd person perspective and relate to the Divine as a Beloved Thou.  And contemplative forms of meditation aim at Divine Union or actualizing Spirit as 1st person. But having an integrally informed spiritual life requires that one celebrate all three faces of the Divine.  In the ancient middle-eastern spiritual tradition it is said that one can pray the entire intention of a prayer just by reverently saying the first word or words, which thereby become a mantra (a phrase capable of creating spiritual transformation when constantly repeated either verbally or mentally).  Some forms of meditation rely on using a mantra as the primary object of meditation.  Taking all this into account, I offer the following Peace mantras for Integral Spiritual Transformation, which are based upon “The Peace Prayer of St. Francis” and which view the Divine Spiritʼs manifestation as peace in 1st, 2nd, & 3rd person perspectives: DEWnadaʼs Mantric Variations on  The Peace Prayer of St. Francis (original 1st line peace mantra in 2nd person)  “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.” (1st person peace mantra)  “Peace I AM; Spirit I AM; Ground & Source of Healing I AM.” (note: in addition to "Healing" one can use "Blessing", "Being", etc.) (2nd person peace mantra)  “Adoni, make me Thine; Thine instrument of peace.” (note: “Adoni” is the Hebrew word for “Lord”) (3rd person peace mantra)  “Here is Peace. It is a song that sounds within me.   Here is Peace. It is a wave that flows out through me.”

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