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Maslow Inventory Test Results

Physiological Needs |||| 14%

Safety Needs |||||||||| 34%
ove Needs |||||||||||| 4!%
"stee# Needs |||||||||| 4$%
Self%&ctuali'ation |||||||||||| 4(%
&)raha# Maslow authored the *ierarchy of Needs theory+ stating that
hu#an )eings are #otivated )y unsatis,ed needs+ and that certain
lower needs have to )e satis,ed )efore higher needs can )e attended
to- It is de)ata)le that needs ful,ll#ent occurs in as linear a fashion as
Maslow .resents /or that Maslows needs structure is entirely accurate0+
)ut you can decide that for yourself- &lso+ higher needs tend to )e
#ore co#.le1 and vague in what 2uali,es as need satisfaction- The
following results are listed in the order Maslow de,ned-
Physiological Needs 3 you a..ear to have everything you need to
survive .hysically- Maslow s.eculates that without satisfying )asic
needs /food+ shelter+ health0 one cannot achieve higher levels of
develo.#ent- This generally #a4es sense+ )ut the history of starving
artists and successful artists who tan4ed after they )eca#e wealthy is
i#.ortant to note-
Safety Needs3 you a..ear to have a very safe environ#ent- Maslow
s.eculates that without enviro#ental sta)ility /security+ safety+
consistency0+ you can5t .rogress to higher levels of develo.#ent-
Neuroscience research would a..ear to su..ort this+ as higher stress
contri)utes to higher cortisol levels+ which i#.air #e#ory and thin4ing
functions- *owever+ low stress can also lead to o)esity and cardiac
degeneration- The la'ier and wea4er you )eco#e+ the #ore stressful
the #ost #ini#al tas4s and sti#uli )eco#e-
ove Needs3 you a..ear to )e so#ewhat content with the 2uality of
your social connections- Maslow s.eculates that discontent#ent in
your connections with others stalls develo.#ent- 6hether the
resolution of love needs co#es with good relationshi.s and7or learning
to )e #ore internally ful,lled is a 2uestion Maslow does not answer-
8ut history would suggest #any advanced #inds had few relationshi.s
so this stage would see# to )e #ore a)out resolving internal
.erce.tions than as a call for #easuring7achieving ha..iness )y
2uality of e1ternal relationshi.s-
"stee# Needs3 you a..ear to have a #ediu# level of s4ill
co#.etence- Maslow s.eculates that until you develo. a good s4ill set
/talent+ trade+ e1.ertise that you e1cel at0 you will )e una)le to
develo. further as an individual /#uch less relia)ly su..ort yourself
,nancially0- This could #ean )eing a good #usician+ .ainter+ doctor+
car.enter+ etc-- 9n so#e level this stage also re2uires getting over the
need to )e a..reciated for that s4ill+ internally and7or e1ternally- "ven
if you develo. a s4ill+ you still #ight )e hung u. on the need to have
other .eo.le validate you or you #ight internally dou)t yourself- Then
again+ you #ight not )e a..reciated+ or a..reciate yourself )ecause
your s4ills are still too undevelo.ed-
Self%&ctuali'ation3 you a..ear to have an average level of individual
develo.#ent- Maslow s.eculates that individual develo.#ent is the
.innacle of e1istence+ this #eans .ursuing a career7life that really ,ts
who you are and want to )e internally /not )ased on e1ternal and
societal e1.ectations0- The self actuali'ed .erson is free fro#,cial concerns and is internally honest-