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QUOTE TECHNIQUE: ANALYSIS Bright colours and soothing sounds, such as running waterfalls, are used during the



Bright colours and soothing sounds, such as running waterfalls, are used during the scenes in the Pandora forest. This colour palate is juxtaposed with the dull, grey-scale man-made military stations and scientific laboratories

VISUAL TECHNIQUES: used to clearly express the beauty of nature and it positive, calming effects in contrast to the lack of freedom, individuality and choice in the man-made world

High fences of “10 meters high” made of steel with

VISUAL TECHNIQUE: used as a metaphor for the

barbed-wire toppings

existing barriers and, thus, separation between nature and the man-made world

Salient advanced technological weapons of man are contrasted against the, seemingly, fragile Neolithic weapons

VISUAL TECHNIQUE: this close up is used to show the way in which man-made and nature are jarring and the chaos and disharmony which has occurred as a result of the materialistic values of the humans. This invasion by man has created a

barrier to belonging for the Na’vi people,

highlighting the need to restore the natural order

I don’t need you. I need your brother


GRACE (to Jake)

UNEMOTIONAL VOICE: evidences a clear barrier

to Jake’s belonging in beginning of the film.

However, the idea that belonging changes over time is certainly evident as Jake soon becomes an

accepted part of the team due to his positive

experiences with Grace and the Na’vi people

The dozer blade crushes everything in its path, reducing trees to kindling

METAPHOR: to mark the beginning of the disruption of the natural order, illustrates the idea that if you disrupt the natural order, it results in chaos and disharmony

You should not be here NEYTIRI

TRUNCATED SENTENCES AND DISSONANT LANGUAGE: highlights the idea that Jake does

not belong in Pandora due to a lack of understand of their beliefs, values and attitudes, thus, forming a cultural barrier to belonging. This idea is compounded through the harsh tone: “This alien will learn nothing. A rock sees more” TSU’TEY

I can barely remember my old life. I’m not sure who I am

PERSONAL PRONOUNS: to connect with the

when he states: “I am not that guy anymore”


audience and evidence his lack of identity as a


result of confusion as to where he belongs.

Howver, this idea is contrasted later in the film,

which clearly shows the harmonizing qualities of the forest which has changed Jake and his view of life

It starts to rain. Selfridge calmly pulls an umbrella from his golf bag and snaps it open

WEATHER SYMBOLISM: as nature reflects the mood of the film as nature crying due to the disruption of the natural order

Fly now with me brothers and sisters. Fly. And we will show the sky people that this is our land

REPETITION OF “FLY”: evidences the hope for freedom of the aboriginal, Na’vi, people, whilst


the INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE is used to show the sense of community and connection between the

Na’vi people and Jake