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Geoderma Regional: The global journal for regional soil studies

The soil science discipline is rapidly evolving and there has been
growing awareness on the importance of soils throughout the world.
It is nowwidely recognized that soil knowledge and information are es-
sential for understanding and managing global environmental issues
like food production, climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity loss
and bio-energy production. For the global soil science community,
there are challenges ahead to address these issues and there is a range
of new techniques and methodologies available. In the past decade,
we have seen an upsurge in global and national soil research projects
accompanied by a considerable increase in soil science publications.
In 2013 we developed the plans for a new global journal. In
Geoderma, we had noticed a steady growth in research papers that
had a regional or national focus. The idea was hatched to bring these
papers together in a separate journal: Geoderma Regional. Although
the soil is a critical component in the understanding global issues,
most of these require research that leads to understanding and
solutions at national and regional levels. Elsevier realized that this
new journal would complement their existing soil science stable; they
promptly founded the journal and helped to raise an editorial board
that meets the aspirations of a world class scientic journal.
Geoderma Regional focuses on soil studies that increase our scientic
knowledge at the national or regional scale. The journal embraces fun-
damental and applied studies of every subdiscipline in soil science.
We welcome primary soil researchstudies as well as reviews of regional
progress. We look forward receiving your paper on a regional soil study.
Alfred E. Hartemink
University of WI-Madison, FD Hole Soils lab, USA
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