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Material Codes

Material Codes

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Steel Codes Used to Manufacture Pressure Vessels
Steel Codes Used to Manufacture Pressure Vessels

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Published by: asfarjee on Dec 27, 2009
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•Plates •Forgings •Pipes •Tubes

•Carbon Steel •Carbon Steel •Carbon Steel •Carbon Steel
•SA-515 Gr. 55, 60, 65, 70 (Coarse Grain)
•SA-105 (Generally for standard flanges; high-
temp. service)
•SA-106 Gr. A, B, C •SA-179 (Seamless)
•SA-516 Gr. 55, 60, 65, 70 (Fine Grain) •SA-266 Gr. 1, 2, 3, 4 (Non-standard forgings) •SA-210 Gr. A1, C (Seamless)
•SA-283 Gr. A, B, C, D (Structural Steel) •SA-350 Gr. LF1, LF2 (Low-temp. service) •SA-333 Gr. P1, P2 •SA-214 (Welded)
•SA-36 (Structural Steel)
•SA-285 Gr. C (Boiler Quality)
•Stainless Steel •Austenitic Stainless Steel •Stainless Steel •Stainless Steel
•SA-240 Type 304, 304L (18Cr, 8Ni) •SA-182 Gr. F304, F304L (18Cr, 8Ni) •SA-312 Gr. TP304, TP304L (18Cr, 8Ni) •SA-213 (Seamless Tubes)
•SA-240 Type 316, 316L (16Cr, 12Ni, 2Mo) •SA-182 Gr. F316, F316L (16Cr, 12Ni, 2Mo) •SA-312 Gr. TP316, 316L (16Cr, 12Ni, 2Mo) •SA-213 Gr. TP304, TP304L (18Cr, 8Ni)
•SA-240 Type 321 (18Cr, 10Ni, Ti) •SA-182 Gr. F321 (18Cr, 10Ni, Ti) •SA-312 Gr. TP321 (18Cr, 10Ni, Ti) •SA-213 Gr. TP316, TP316L (16Cr, 12Ni, 2Mo)
•SA-240 Type 347 (18Cr, 10Ni, Cb) •SA-182 Gr. F347 (18Cr, 10Ni, Cb) •SA-312 Gr. TP347 (18Cr, 10Ni, Cb) •SA-213 Gr. TP321 (18Cr, 10Ni, Ti)
•SA-240 Type 410, 410S (13Cr) •SA-213 Gr. TP347 (18Cr, 10Ni, Cb)
•SA-249 (Welded Tubes)
•Alloy Steel •Alloy Steel •Alloy Steel •Alloy Steel
•SA-387 Gr. 11 Cl. 1, 2 (1¼Cr, ½Mo, Si) •SA-182/SA-336 Gr. F11 Cl. 1, 2, 3 (1¼Cr, ½Mo, Si) •SA-335 Gr. P1 (C, ½Mo) •SA-213 Gr. T11 (1-1/4Cr, ½Mo, Si)
•SA-387 Gr. 12 Cl. 1, 2 (2¼Cr, 1Mo) •SA-182/SA-336 Gr. F12 (1Cr, ½Mo) •SA-335 Gr. P11 (1¼Cr, ½Mo, Si) •SA-213 Gr. T12 (1Cr, ½Mo)
•SA-387 Gr. 21 Cl. 1, 2 (3Cr, 1Mo) •SA-182/SA-336 Gr. F21 Cl. 1, 3 (3Cr, 1Mo) •SA-335 Gr. P12 (1Cr, ½Mo) •SA-213 Gr. T21 (3Cr, 1Mo)
•SA-387 Gr. 22 Cl. 1, 2 (2¼Cr, 1Mo) •SA-182/SA-336 Gr. F22 Cl. 1, 3 (2¼Cr, 1Mo) •SA-335 Gr. P21 (3Cr, 1Mo) •SA-213 Gr. T2 (2-1/4Cr, 1Mo)
•SA-387 Gr. 5 Cl. 1, 2 (5Cr, ½Mo) •SA-335 Gr. P22 (2¼Cr, 1Mo) •SA-213 Gr. T5 (5Cr, ½Mo)
•SA-387 Gr. 91 Cl. 2 (9Cr, 1Mo, V) •Duplex Steel •SA-335 Gr. P5 (5Cr, ½Mo)
•SA-182 Gr. F51 (22Cr, 5Ni, 3Mo, N) •SA-335 Gr. P9 (9Cr, 1Mo)
•Martensitic Steel •Martensitic
•SA-182 Gr. F6a Cl. 1, 2, 3, 4 (13Cr) •SA-268 Gr. TP 405, TP410 (13 Cr)
•Incoloy 825 •Monel 400
•Plates : SB-424 (42Ni - 21.5Cr - 3Mo - 2.3Cu) •Plates : SB-127 (67Ni - 30Cu)
•Pipes : SB-423 •Pipes : SB-165
•Forgings : SB-425 •Tubes : SB-163
•Fittings : SB-366 •Bar : SB-164
•Incoloy 800 •Hastaloy C-24
•Plates : SB-409 (33Ni - 42Fe - 21Cr) •Plates : SB-575 (55Ni - 21Cr - 13.5Mo)
•Pipes : SB-407 •Pipes : SB-619
•Tubes : SB-407 •Tubes : SB-622
•Bars : SB-408 •Bars : SB-574
•Inconel 600 •Titanium
•Plates : SB-443 (60Ni - 22Cr - 9Mo - 3.5Cb) •Plates : SB-265
•Pipes : SB-444 •Pipes : SB-337
•Forgings : SB-446 •Tubes : SB-338
•Fittings : SB-366 •Forgings : SB-381
•Fittings : SB-363

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