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Singular and plural nouns that don't end in 's' take -'s. For example:Lynne's web site.

 Exercises with Genitive (-‘s)
A) Mark with an “X” the correct answer.                 1. the coats of the ladies the ladies’s coats the ladies' coats no genitive possible 2. the countries of Blair and Chirac John's house and Susan's John and Susan’s house John and Susans house 3. the hobbies of the women the womens hobbies the woman's hobbies the women's hobbies the womens' hobbies 4. the shoes of the players the players' shoes the players's shoes the player's shoes 5. the future of our boys our boy's future our boys' future our boys's future 6. the bathtub of Archimedes Joel's bathtub Joel's bathtub Joels' bathtub 7. the business of Anne and Francis Mary and Francis' business Mary's and Francis' business Mary and Francis's business Mary's business and Francis's 8. the diary of my boss my boss's diary my boss' diary 9. the clothes of men mens clothes men's clothes mens' clothes 10. the girlfriend of my brother-in-law my brother-in-law's girlfriend my brother's-in-law girlfriend my brother's-in-law's girlfriend

Plural nouns that end in " s " take an apostrophe ( ' ). For example:The girls' dresses.

Indicates a relation of ownership or association with a person a group of people or animals For example:Lynne's web site kept growing larger and larger. The member's forum. The dog's tail.

People's names that end in "s" you can write (') or ('s). For example:- Charles' job was on the line, or Charles’s job was on the line.

              

B) Rewrite the sentences correctly: 1. Billy blue car is in the garage. _______________________________________ 2. Mr. John secretary is here. _______________________________________ 3. They sell ladies clothes in this store. _______________________________________ 4. The doctor kids are very nice. _______________________________________ 5. The women boyfriends are late. _______________________________________ C) Complete the exercise with 's or '. 1. The woman __ dogs. 2. My grandmother__ car. 3. The student__ books. 4. The girl__ mother. 5. The basket __ handles. 6. My friends cousins are beautiful. _______________________________________ 7. We love Grandma cookies. _______________________________________ 8. The police officer sunglasses are broken. _______________________________________ 9. I don’t like boys sneakers. _______________________________________ 10. Bring the baby toys. _______________________________________

6. My brothers__ children. 7. My parents__ furniture. 8. My family__ car. 9. The cow__ milk. 10. The farmer__ truck.

D) Write apostrophe’s correctly. Example: I met _______ sister yesterday. (Mandy) Answer: I met Mandy's sister yesterday. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. This is __________________ book. (Peter) Let's go to the __________________. (Smiths) The ______________ room is upstairs. (children) ____________ sister is twelve years old. (John) ________ and_________ bags have blue stickers. (Susan - Steve) 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. __________ shoes are on the second floor. (men) My _________ car was not expensive. (parents) ________________ CD player is new. (Charles) This is the __________________ bike. (boy) These are the _______________ pencils. (boys)

E) Rewrite each phrase below using a possessive form. Example: the engine of the boat 1. the dish of the puppies the boat’s engine ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________

2. the pages of the encyclopedia 3. the red saddle of the horse 4. the fishing tackle of the men 5. the spells of the witches

6. the homework for the class


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