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McDonald's Supply Chain

An Overview
A unique sense of dedication and commitment characterizes McDonald's India - a
commitment to be driven by the leadership of local owners. Commitment to provide quality
products and fast friendly service at a real value to support other Indian businesses throuh
local sourcin and impartin new s!ills and to enerate local employment by bein a part of
the local culture. "his commitment has translated into endurin benefits to the businesses at
the rass root level# in the areas of introduction of new crops# new aricultural practices and
food processin methods and procedures.
McDonald's unique 'cold chain'# on which the $%& ma'or has spent more than si( years
settin up in India# has brouht about a veritable revolution# immensely benefitin the farmers
at one end and enablin customers at retail counters to et the hihest quality food products#
absolutely fresh and at reat value.
McDonald's# throuh its unique cold chain# has been able to# both cut down on its operational
wastae# as well as maintain the freshness and nutritional value of raw and processed food
products. "his has involved procurement# warehousin# transportation and retailin of
perishable food products# all under controlled temperatures.
Supply Chain Process
A McDonald's burer is not 'ust a burer but an outcome of dedicated efforts by farmers# its
suppliers# distribution centre and a firm promise by McDonald's. McDonald's contributes a
reat bac! end process which enables you to en'oy your favorite burer fresh ) hot# and for
that# the supply chain truly acts as a bac!bone of the business.
"he supply chain beins at the rass root level# with the suppliers recevin the crop from the
farmers. "he crop is then processed and dispatched to the Distribution centres in special
temperature controlled truc!s# which ensures that the quality of the items is not compromised.
"hese items are stored in rooms with different temperature zones and are finally dispatched
to the McDonald's restaurants on the basis of their requirements. McDonald's e(pectation of
'Cold# Clean# and *n-"ime Delivery' plays a very vital role in maintainin the interity of the
products throuhout the entire 'cold chain'.