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Soal latihan bahasa inggris kelas VII semester 2 1. Tasya: I don’t have any pen. …, please? Rudy: Sure. Here you are. a. What is this b. Take me the pen c. May I have one d. Give me the pen 2. Hani : do you have a spare ruler, Nita? Nita : Yes, I have got two. Hani : ……. Nita : certainly a. Can I have one of the rulers, please? b. Are you using them? c. Where do you put them? d. Where are your rulers? 3. Tiara : how many classrooms are there in the school? Fika : ……. Twenty fur classrooms a. It is b. They are c. There is d. There are 4. Miss Tiara is a flight attendant. She takes care of … a. Patients b. Passengers c. Fields d. Animals Read the text for number 5 - 8 5. Where does the writer live? a. Semarang b. Jakarta c. Surabaya d. Bandung 6. How is the writer’s house? a. It is large b. It is beautiful c. It is big d. It is small 7. How many bedrooms does the house have? a. Two b. Three c. Four d. Five 8. What is the next to the writer’s room? a. Kitchen b. Living room c. Bathroom d. Garage 9. Fruit seller : can I help you, mom? Mrs. Eny : yes, I need …. Apples from Malang. Fruit seller : all right. a. A little b. Much c. A few d. Any 10.