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Dear John Green

Thank you very much for asking for my opinion on your writing. So far the characters do
seem authentic in some ways. For example, with Hazel’s view on life after what she’s been
through and Isaac’s breakdown when Monica broke up with him. Those qualities give the
characters a sense of realism.
The plot, though, does not seem so realistic. While cancer is something that touches all
our lives, the girl-meets-boy-and-starts-to-fall-in-love part is too cliché and unrealistic. It feels
like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. These things just don’t happen in real life. If it were Hazel
meeting Augustus and feeling a connection with him due to their similar situations, then it
would seem realistic.
I do believe that it’s a good idea to write a book about cancer. Cancer is something that
affects all of us in some way. Either we know someone who has cancer, or one of our direct
family members has or has had cancer. A lot of people don’t understand how serious the topic
of Cancer is, so writing a book based on it and showing people how it affects others’ lives is
definitely a good idea.
Based on what has happened so far, I believe that Hazel should have a recurrence of her
Cancer since chapter 6 ended with her having head pain. It seems likes she’s having a distant
recurrence of her cancer in her brain since she’s feeling pain in her head. I may be wrong, and it
may be from lack of oxygen getting to her brain since a recurrence of cancer isn’t all that
common, but it is also a very realistic possibility.
Thank you for sharing your work with me. It was very fun to read. Also, I’m sorry for
ripping up the plot you spent so much time on. I look forward to future chapters.
Akira Yang