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5062 Donnington Road Clarence, NY 14031-2418

Date: August 16, 1999 Number of pages including cover sheet: 1
TO: Maria Hordinsky, M!
!epartment of !ermatology
"niversity of Minnesota
#linical $esearch !ivision
Phone: 61%&6%'&(6%'
Fax: 61%&6%)&66*(
FROM: !avid + Altman, M!, ,h!
#linical $esearch&!ermatology
Phone: *16&*'9&-)** after (./1.99
*16&((*&/*'( until (./1.99
Note: above ne0 follo0 up address& site is closing (./1.99 and ne0 office not identified
Remarks: Maria,
1hank you for the information on the Hair 2oss !isorders 3orum at the %--- AA!
and inviting me to present our data on eflornithine
1he title 0ill be 41opical eflornithine in the treatment of female hirsutism and male
pseudofolliculitis barbae5 Note, eflornithine is the "6AN chemical name and not a
tradename 70e are still applying for one8 per AA! re9uirements
1he learning ob:ective 0ill be to become familiar 0ith the activity and
pharmacokinetics of topical eflornithine; the design of clinical trials in hirsutism
7phase <<<8 and pseudofolliculitis barbae 7phase <<8; the success of eflornithine in these
studies, in hair gro0th and 9uality of life, and its clinical uses in the management of
these hair disorders
!escription: 1opical eflornithine inhibits ornithine decarbo=ylase, is poorly absorbed
and non&sensiti>ing <n t0o large multicenter phase <<< double&blind vehicle&
controlled studies of female facial hirsutism, topical eflornithine significantly
improved both sub:ects? appearance and 9uality of life @flornithine 1'A cream is a
successful treatment for female facial hirsutism and sho0s promise in
pseudofolliculitis barbae
1hanks, !avid