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html <---talks about different kind of motors <--talks about motors and some stuff
about microsteppin!"#$%eference&anual.pdf <----ccs compiler manual
http://www.pcbhea'!es/(ow_)tepper_&otors_*ork/ <---mentions microsteppin! and
!i'es brief description!-the-ccs-compiler/ <---pwm with pic
+here are also e,amples of how to use pwm on ccs in the e,amples folder. -n m. computer this is in :
#omputer-)/#:0"ro!ram 1iles/,230"4##5,amples
-ne e,ample 4 think will be particularl. useful will be e,_motor_pwm.c but im not sure how to
incorporate this or the microsteppin! into our desi!n.