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Killian Gordon

NSC Student Teaching Seminar

Diversity Lesson Plan
Puritan New England
Middle Colonies
Agricultural South
Commercial North
French and Indian North
Students will be assigned to groups through a
designated playing card method to eliminate any
confusion about the number of members and who is
pair with who.
Once groups come together they will be assigned a
specific topic and be required to create a poster on the
importance and why they found it to be needed placed
on their poster.
Students will use symbolism to represent their ideas
and are limited to 5 words maximum on their
completed poster.
All students are required to talk while presenting to
their peers.
While other students are presenting, students will be
taking notes on what they are learning for their
At the end of presentations, the class will discuss what
they learned from this experience and how to take it
further in what we are learning in class at that time.