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Familiar Characters in Peter and the


Kenneth Wirth has 40 plus years of experience as the Chief Executive
Officer of the financial services company First Financial Resources, Ltd., a
business headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut. Outside of his work in
the financial arena Kenneth Wirth supports a number of theater projects,
including as a Producer of the 5 Tony award winning Broadway rendition of
Peter and the Starcatcher.

Serving as an original story of how Peter became Peter Pan, David Barry
and Ridley Pearsons Peter and the Starcatcher, a novel and Broadway
performance of the same name, features versions of several notable
characters from the Peter Pan universe. While the infamous Captain Hook
is absent from the story, the antagonistic pirate Captain Black Stache is
served in his villainous efforts by Mr. Smee. Smee, who later provides
assistance to Hook, acts as first mate on Black Staches Sea Devil, which
is eventually renamed Jolly Roger. Peters fairy sidekick Tinkerbell also
makes an appearance as a bird who is transformed when exposed to a
magical substance known as starstuff.

The protagonist of the Peter Pan prequel is, of course, Peter himself. In
Barry and Pearsons book, Peter is an orphan who comes across
Neverland while lost at sea with Molly, the daughter of an advisor to the
king of England. After learning to fly, Peter quickly becomes the leader of
the islands Lost Boys and begins to challenge Black Stache and the
After a successful Broadway run Peter and The Star Catcher had a year
long run on national tour. Its life continues in the internaional theatres and
regional world.