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The use of Navamsa in Horary Astrology

Acharya V.KUMAR

AIFAS, BANGALORE CHAPTER –II Introduction : The divine science of Astrology helps us in understanding the life in a right perspective by throwing light on ‘what is in store’ for our future .It also guides us in following the right direction for a successful completion of our ‘role play’ in the present incarnation . There are many methods employed for the purpose of divining by the learned ‘Daivagnas’. Out of these, Horary Astrology has been found to be an effective one in the hands of an adept practitioner of the science. Horary Astrology is employed both independently as well as in tandem with Natal Astrology depending upon the situation. In either case , the technique of use remains to be the same . Even a horary chart cast for the time of query is analysed as per the standard principles of natal astrology and inferences are drawn. Some specific questions on tracing a lost or stolen article including as to where the same is presently available, whether the same is retrievable or not, etc, questions on the health such as whether an hospitalized person would recover from the problem and return home or not, etc, success or failure of a venture, Birth of children including its sex and timing, Tracing unknown horoscopes , and so many other important issues like longevity, Marriage, Hidden treasures, return of a person on travel, etc., etc. are effectively answered through Horary Astrology for which some special horary techniques are also employed. In cases where no natal chart is available the prediction is made based on the observations in horary chart itself with a very high percentage of accuracy in prediction. However, if natal chart is available, the natal tendencies are also counter checked and then predictions are made. Many other details such as Dasa/ Bhukthi, disposition of planets, their strengths, indications through divisional charts , etc., are also fruitfully employed in analysis of both Horary and natal charts . There are many standard texts available on Horary Astrology such as Krishneeyam, Shatpanchashika, Prashna Gnaana, Daivagna Vallabha, Prashna Marga, Jinendra Maala, Pragnyaana Deepika, Aarya sapthasathi, Prashna Vidya, etc. This article deals with the application of one of the two most often used divisional charts in Horary Astrology i.e., Navamsha ( the other being Drekkana ) as dealt with in these classics.
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The Navamsa chart: Each zodiacal sign of 30° is divided in to 9 parts of 3° 20’ each. There are three methods of casting the navamsa chart as follows . Method I : For a planet/lagna posited in a fiery sign ( Mesha, Simha, Dhanus) counting starts from Mesha, in earthy sign ( Vrishabha, Kanya, Makara) counting starts from Makara, in Airy sign (Mithuna, Thula, Kumbha) counting starts from Thula and in watery sign ( Kataka, Vrishchika, Meena) counting starts from Kataka. Method II : For a planet/lagna posited in a Movable sign (Mesha, Kataka, Thula, Makara) counting starts from the sign itself, in fixed sign ( Vrishabha, Simha, Vrischika, Kumbha) counting starts from 9th and in dual sign (Mithuna, Kanya, Dhanus, Meena) counting starts from 5th from where the planet is posited. Method III : For the planet/ lagna whose navamsa sign is to be determined, Multiply the no. of completed signs by 9 and add the running Navamsa Division to it. Divide the sum by 12 . The remainder gives the sign where the planet/lagna will be posited in the Navamsa chart. In natal Astrology , Navamsa is the most important divisional chart which is considered to be a supplementary birth chart in itself. Usually, none of the learned astrologers venture in to prediction without consulting the navamsa chart. In natal Astrology , although it is generally said to signify married life, nature of spouse and other marital aspects, it inter alia reveals the strength and weaknesses of planets as well as the periods of stresses or strains in life. In Horary Astrology , Navamsa is extensively used in answering queries related to almost all matters right from finding the very purpose of the querist’s visit in ‘Mooka prasna’ to knowing the lost/ stolen article, nature of rebirth, return of a traveler, etc, A few of these applications are discussed below. a) Finding the nature of a querist’s problem (Chinta) in Mooka Prashna : Even if a querist remains silent and does not openly speak about his problems in the mind at the time of visit, the same can be judged form the lagna Navamsa of the horary chart cast for the time of visit. The indications are as tabulated below. Langa Sign Navamsa Query pertains to Odd 1,4,7 Metals or Minerals (Dhatu) Eg. Metals like Gold, Iron, Copper, etc, Gem stones like Pearl, Ruby, etc., Jewels &Ornaments, Sculpture, Under ground treasure, artificial products made of metals or minerals , etc Odd 2,5,8 Wood, roots, vegetation, etc (Moola) Eg. All things which grow from the earth like Grains, crops, Roots & herbs, clothes, Agriculture/harvest, Food, Medicinal drugs, etc
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Odd Even Even Even

3,6,9 1,4,7 2,5,8 3,6,9

All living beings which are not attached / fixed to the earth (Jeeva) Eg. Cattle , pets & other animals, Servants, Relatives, Friends & Enemies ,etc All living beings which are not attached / fixed to the earth (Jeeva) Eg. Cattle , pets & other animals, Servants, Relatives, Friends & Enemies ,etc Wood, roots, vegetation, etc (Moola) Eg. All things which grow from the earth like Grains, crops, Roots & herbs, clothes, Agriculture/harvest, Food, Medicinal drugs, etc Metals or Minerals (Dhatu) Eg. Metals like Gold, Iron, Copper, etc, Gem stones like Pearl, Ruby, etc., Jewels &Ornaments, Sculpture, Under ground treasure, artificial products made of metals or minerals , etc

In actual prediction, the nature of planets influencing these navamsas are also taken in to account . The influence of natural benefics like Guru, sukra indicates the involvement of high cost, wide or expensive areas of concern, etc while that of natural malefics indicate cheaper ,smaller or less expensive ones. b) Query related to lost/stolen articles: The above chart itself is very useful in knowing the nature of any lost or stolen article . As regards the thief, the lagna and lagna navamsa are to be noted and decided as follows: i) If the lagna or lagna Navamsa is a fixed one or if the lagna Navamsa is vargottama, then the article must have been stolen by a close relative of the querist or it may be misplaced by the querist himself. ii) If it is a movable sign , the thief is an outsider and iii) If it is a dual sign , the thief cannot be identified. The stolen article has been taken as many yojanas as the navamsa lagna is distant from the first navamsa of in the first half and from the central navamsa in the second half of the lagna. c) Knowing the nature of rebirth : The nature of rebirth of a deceased person is to be deduced from the nature of Lagna, Lagna Navamsa and the planets occupying them in the Horary chart. If the Planet occupying the lagna or lagna navamsa happens to be – i) In own house/ Exalted , then the rebirth is in Devaloka (Heaven). ii) Debilitated /weak , then the rebirth is as a’Chandala’ (an outcast or a lowest & most despised person, born of low birth) & iii) Posited in enemy’s house, then the rebirth is in hell.
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d)Query related to the time of return of a traveler : Find the strongest planet in the horary chart and count the number of signs in which it is placed away from the lagna. The traveler will return in so many months indicated by this number. If the strongest planet is posited in a chara Navamsa ( Mesha, Kataka, Thula, Makara) , the time period is taken as indicated by the number. If it be placed in a sthira navamsa, the time period is to be doubled and if it is posited in a Dwiswabhava Navamsa , the time period is to be trebled. e)Query related to Marriage: As regards Vivaha Prashna, the following indications are seen from a horary chart: i) If strong Moon and Venus occupy even signs and Navamsas and aspect lagna, a person will be able to marry the girl in view early. ii) If the lagna falls in a female drekkana and an even navamsa aspected by Venus and Moon, then the marriage will take place soon. iii) If the lagna and Moon are located in Navamsa of a natural benefic, happy and favourable marriage is indicated . If they occupy the Navamsa of a natural benefic it leads to death. iv) If Venus is in an even sign and Moon occupies a female navamsa both being strong and aspecting the prashna lagna fully, early marriage is indicated. v) Marriage takes place when Moon transits the navamsa sign occupied by the lord of the 7th house from lagna . vi) If Venus is posited in Mars’ Rasi or Navamsa and connected with Mars, the person would get a cruel wife. If this yoga occurs in Saturn’s signs or Navamsas or if Venus is in neecha Rasi or Navamsa, he would get married to a mean or low-class girl. f)Queries related to Birth of children: The following points based on Navamsha of horary chart may be used with advantage in dealing with Santhana Prashna .
1. The time of conception: If sexual union takes place when Jupiter is in the Rasi

or Navamsa occupied by 5th lord, the Sun is in the rasi or navamsa occupied by the lord of navamsa lagna and Moon is in the Rasi and Navamsa occupied by the lagna lord, then the woman will conceive and give birth to a child. 2. Detection of pregnancy: a)If the lord of 5th house be in an odd sign or Navamsa and in Kendra to Mandi , pregnancy is indicated. b)If Moon or Rahu occupy or aspect the Navamsa sign tenanted by 5 th lord , there is no symptom of pregnancy so far.
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c)If the navamsa occupied by 5th lord is a fixed sign and a downward-looking one, and be occupied or aspected by Saturn, there is no sign of preganancy. d) Position of Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus in Swanavamsa indicates pregnancy. 3) Sex of the child : Odd sign rising , aspected by benefics and strongly influenced by male planets in prashna chart as well as its shadvargas (hora, drekkana, Navamsa, Dwadashamsa and Trimsamsa) signifies male child while even sign in Prashna lagna and its shadvargas ,influenced by strong female planets signifies female child. 4) Number of Children : a)Find the number of Navamshas gained by 5th lord and as many children can be expected. (In the present times with family planning norms being adopted by almost all people , this principle may not work.). b)Moon, Venus or Mars posited in dual sign or Navamsa and aspected by Mercury gives the birth of twins. 5)Time of Delivery : The time of delivery is calculated from the prasna lagna by calculating the number of navamsas elapsed in lagna. The pregnancy is as many months old as the number of navamsas elapsed in prashna lagna. Delivery can be expected in as many months as the number of navamsas remaining in lagna . Conclusion : As could be seen from the above discussion , Navamsa is entensively used in Horary Astrology. There are many more applications in Nashta Jataka, Ayur and Roga Prashna, Badha Prashna , Bhojana Prashna, etc.,which are not dealt with for want of space. Readers may refer to Prashna marga, Krishneeyam and other classics for further details on the subject. Shubhamasthu ! ♦♦♦ Compiled and written by : Acharya V.KUMAR HONORARY FACULTY , AIFAS, BANGALORE CHAPTER –II

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