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1 ) There are forty pencils in the drawer. Mike took thirty eight pencils from the drawer.

How many
pencils are now in the drawer ? _____________
2 pencils

2 ) Fred has saved four thousand one hundred cents over two days from selling lemonade. How many
dollars does Fred have?
41 dollars

3 ) There were a total of fifty - four baseball games in the season. _____________ The season is played
for nine months. How many baseball games were played each month, if each month has the same number
of games?
6 games

4 ) Jason earns $12.50 an hour cleaning houses, but doesn't work on Saturday or Sunday.
dollars If he works from 8:00am to 5:00pm, how much money will he make ? _____________

5 ) Sara had 7 baseball cards, and 3 Pokemon cards. Nancy bought 4 of Sara's baseball cards. How many
baseball cards does Sara have now ? _____________
3 Baseball cards

6 ) Nancy picked six limes and Tim picked nine limes from the lime tree. 15 limes How many limes were
picked in all ? _____________
15 Limes

7 ) A restaurant served 37 hot dogs during lunch and 17 during dinner today. How many hot dogs were
served today ? _____________
54 Hotdogs

8 ) Tom has 30 blue balloons. Nancy has 44 times more blue balloons than Tom. How many blue
balloons does Nancy have ? _____________
1320 blue balloons

9 ) Fred had baseball cards and 2 had spots. He gave 6 away. He now has 7 baseball cards left. How many
baseball cards did he start with ? _____________
13 baseball cards
10 ) There are seven oak trees and five dogwood trees currently in the park. Park workers had to cut down
four oak trees that were damaged. How many oak trees will be in the park when the workers are finished?
3 oak trees