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• Wikipedia article on Twitter

Twitter Tweaks
Change your Twitter account settings: • Profile and Settings: Settings, time zone, etc. • Notices: Settings, Notices, notification options • Mobile: Settings, Devices, mobile phone number • Picture: Settings, Picture, upload photo

Setup Account
• • Create account • Remember Twitter name

• Design: Settings, Design, select theme

Twitter Desktop Clients
Use these to manage your Twitter account • PeopleBrowsr like TweetDeck but web app – no install • seesmic Desktop Twitter and Facebook, multiple accounts • TweetDeck lets you tweet, retweet, DM, shorten URLS, display all followers, DMs etc. • Twhirl tweet, RT, DM, shorten URLS, multiple accounts

Email Signature
• Add this or similar text to your email signature
Follow me at reply on the web at

where username is your Twitter user name

Genealogy-Related Links
• Genealogists Who Twitter witter • Genealogy Companies and People on Twitter tle=Twitter#Genealogy_Companies_and_People_on_T witter

• Tweep or Twit: a Twitter user • Tweet: using Twitter to send text message • Follower: a tweep who tracks your tweets • Shorten URL: use a URL trimming site • Re-Tweet or RT: resending another twit’s tweet • DM: direct message in private to a specific twit • @ reply: sent to a specific tweep but visible to all

Widgets & Apps
• Filetwt free file sharing • Tweetake backup your tweets, followers and direct messages • tweetbeep free Twitter alerts by email • tweetboard conversation widget for your website • TweetLater schedule tweets • TweetMyPC reboots your PC remotely • Twiddeo share videos • Twilert email alerts on tweets • twinslator translates tweets • Twitdom database of Twitter apps • TwitPic share photos • Twittercal connect your Twitter account to your Google Calendar • twitterfeed tweet blog posts • TwitterFon iPhone app • TwitterGroups groups • Twitter Mail update Twitter from your email • TwitterSnooze hit the “snooze button” for overly verbose tweeps • Twuffer schedule tweets

• #: hash mark designating topic as in #genealogy • Avatar: your Twitter profile photo
Learn more Twitter terminology at Twittonary

Be a Good Twitizen
• Don’t spam, don’t oversell or over-promote • Be welcoming, friendly, listen • Get rid of the ego – engage others • Limit tweets and pause between tweets • Humor and snark in moderation • Same tweet time – regularity builds followers • Educate, inform – don’t lecture • Retweet others especially new twits

• Be human, be you

Who to Follow, Tweet Topics, Companies
• Mr. Tweet find the people your followers are following • My Tweeple easy to use dashboard for who you follow, who follows you etc • Nearby Tweets a geography– centric social tool for networking • Top Twits AllTop list of top Twitter users • TweepSearch search profiles on Twitter by name or keyword • Twellow yellow pages for Twitter • Twibs companies by most followers – remember to add your company! • Twitter use Find People, Twitter, Other Networks, Invite by Email, Suggested Users • Twitter Local top tweets by city and RSS feed • Twitter Karma shows who you follow but doesn’t follow you and vice versa • Twitter Packs wiki of twits by topic • Twitter Search search by keyword or topic • Twubble expand your Twitter bubble • WhoShouldIFollow suggestions based on keyword and network

Analytics and Reputation Tracking
Keep tabs on your standing in the Twitterverse: • Plodt use Twitter to track and rate the things that matter to you • Qwitter see who has stopped following you • Retweetist most retweeted tweeps • Tweeple Rank the best people on Twitter to follow • Tweepler a more intuitive way of processing your Twitter followers • tweetbeep “like Google Alerts for Twitter” • TweetStats graphs your Twitter stats • Tweetworks sorts Twitter users into groups and discussions • Twilert receive alerts via email for any keyword or phrase • Twinfluence measure Twitter influence, top 50 influencers in each category • Twitority authority based on Twitter search • Twitscoop what’s hot on Twitter right now • Twitter Counter display followers; compare two twits in terms of followers • TwitterFriends analyzes conversations and assigns a “conversation quotient” • Twitter Grader • twitt(url)y tracks urls that tweeps are tweeting about – sort of like TechMeme or Google News for Twitter • twopular trends on Twitter

Hash Tags
Leverage the full power of hash tags: • #hashtag track the popularity of a hash tag and see recent tweets using that tag as well as photos and even videos • Omnee dynamic Twitter directory based on your hash tags • Twitter Groups set up group based on hash tag • Twitter Search search by hash tag • we follow view popular tags, the most popular people on Twitter by tag usage. Follow @wefollow to have your own tag usage tracked • what the hashtag?! determine the meaning of a hash tag

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