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Define Synapse
2. What are the selection criteria for transducer?
3. What is Resting potential and give its relevant equation?
4. What are the safety measures for biomedical equipment?
5. What are the basic components of biomedical system?
6. Name the method used to measure ECG waveform.
7. Give the functional organization of nervous system.
8. What are the classification of transducer?
9. Define Cardiovascular System.

1. Explain briefly about the Cardio vascular system. (8)
2. Describe the functional organization of nervous system elaborately. (8)
3. Explain about any three types of transducer with neat diagram. (16)
4. Explain the types of Amplifiers which are used in biomedical system. (16)
5. With neat Sketch, Explain the measurement of EEG ,their electrode placement and their typical
waveforms. (16)