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Instructional Strategies

Sequence and Clustering of Objectives

1 Prepare workstation
1.1 Disinfect workstation
1.2 Assemble salon products and supplies
1.3 Adjust chair
10:00 min
2 Demonstrate pre-wash activity
2.1 Disinfect hands
2.2 Remove jewelry
2.3 Position towel and cape
2.4 Examine scalp for parasites and abrasions
2.5 Brush out tangles
10:00 min
3 Demonstrate the wash activity
3.1 Disinfect sink
3.2 Test water temperature
3.3 Apply shampoo
3.4 Perform scalp manipulations
3.5 Rinse client hair
20:00 min

Pre-instructional, Assessment, and Follow-Through Activities

Motivation: A brief video demonstration of shampooing hair will be played for students. The
instructor will discuss the how shampoo removes debris from hair. Learners will be informed
that once they master this skill they will be allowed to perform shampoos on paying walk-in
beauty customers and be paid a specified fee for each service perform plus receive tips from
clients. By styling clients, these students will have the opportunity to begin building a client list.
Students will have a heighten enthusiasm about acquiring a skill that will enhance and improve
their chances in the job market. The first year students are always very motivated to learn how to
work on hair.
Objectives: Operating a computer graphics workstation students will be able to demonstrate with
confidence to the instructor how to navigate the work area in Adobe Illustrator, using all the
working tools, viewing options, palettes and editing options presented in the software program.
Students will understand from the beginning what is expected of them and the important need of
building confidence and relevance of navigation threw the lesson.
Pretest: The students will not have a pretest but will have to demonstrate entry-level computer
competence skills to the instructor at the beginning of the lesson.
Posttest: The posttest will be a checklist style assessment that will be given directly following
instruction it will evaluate learner attainment of objectives. The instructor will administer the
assessment individually.
Memory Aids: Memory aids planned include using the checklists of components listed in the
cluster objectives. Using the help menu will sure as remembering key.
Transfer: Students will have access to the lab to practice skills working with the mannequins
and workstations used in the class.