Vocational Training Course-2008

Linear Bus Ethernet and local talk networks use linear bus topology. In Linear Bus topology, each device is directly connected to the linear cable. Star In the star topology each node such as computers, file server, workstations and peripheral devices are directly connected to the centralized device known as hub or switch. Data in the star topology passes through the hub or switch before it reaches to the destination. Hub or concentrators also act as repeaters for the data flow. Twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, and fiber optic cables can be used. Star wired topology appears to the same as star topology. The Token Ring protocol uses star-wired ring topology. Tree Tree topology is the combination of the linear bus and star topology. Linear Bus consists of the star configured workstations connected to the Linear Bus backbone cable. Token Ring Token Ring was developed by several manufactures and it is used for high traffic network loadings. Ethernet now has taken the popularity of the Token Rings.




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