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Entrepreneur: Inspired Help For The Creative Mind

Entrepreneur: Inspired Help For The Creative Mind

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Are you a songwriter struggling in the indie music scene? You can have more control of your outcome. This book will help songwriters and artists understand how to take control of their destiny and purpose,plus give them tools to help organize a plan and strategy. We all need strategy. Do nothing and you will get nothing. Do the right things and something good will happen.
Are you a songwriter struggling in the indie music scene? You can have more control of your outcome. This book will help songwriters and artists understand how to take control of their destiny and purpose,plus give them tools to help organize a plan and strategy. We all need strategy. Do nothing and you will get nothing. Do the right things and something good will happen.

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Published by: inspiredlife4u on Dec 28, 2009
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The New Artist Culture

Inspired Help for The Creative

B y : M e l i s s a S a u l n i e r

A Strategy For Artist/Songwriters In Music Ministry and Business


You will find these very same words at the end of this book. I want to make sure all our readers get this point: “I want to begin/end this short book by speaking from my heart. Truly, none of this matters if you aren’t seeking God’s plan for your life. If you just want to have a hit or become famous there is really no point at all. There is an entire world out there seeking that kind of emptiness. “ “If you desire to impact the world through your songs and lyrics, you need to have some guidance from above. The most impacting words that ever rang true are from the word of God. Allow God’s word to mould and shape your lyrics if you want to make an impact. Remember when it wasn’t cool to be a Christian, and then it was cool, well, we are going back into an age where being a Christian will not be cool. There is a great separation coming to the Kingdom of God vs the World. If you want to have impact as a Christian, you’ll have to be a true believer and follower of Christ. Please don’t settle for less!” - Melissa Saulnier Founding President of Oikeo Music, Inc, Entrepreneur, Owner of Inspired Blue Prints and Crazy DIY Press. *********** A special thanks to my husband Willie for all the finances he has given to help me start my dream, and also for the time he allows me to have in order to develop this dream. You are a special man.

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For my comrades who have worked so long and hard to become who they are, for every songwriter who wants to find their voice, and for every creative person who wants to reach deep down and become more than what they are. We can go there together. For help with creating income stream on your website contact: info@inspiredlifeblueprints.com


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Get Inspired Music Strategy Development Songwriting Publishing Creativity Marketing Process

Contact: Oikeo Music, Inc - Inspired Life Blue Prints, P.O. Box 90500, Anchorage, Alaska, 99509 Crazy DIY Press, Northern Gate Publishing ASCAP

we have a plan that can help them in variable levels of participation. Chapter One .Attention So for a songwriter or artist who would like more coverage in their local city or nationally.

or Nashville and make music!” Though I am a songwriter/keyboard player and have been on a church worship team since I was 14 years old. “You are so talented you need to go to L. We got involved in the music ministry and business because there was nothing going on in Alaska and we needed help and support. My secret desire was to be an investigator.Loving The Creative Life Get Inspired My name is Melissa Saulnier. crazy musicians and songwriters acquire a better reputation! God has a great sense of humor. Inc. I was probably known for being a little wacky and unorganized as a kid. There were lot’s of other people thinking that is what I should do. and Crazy DIY Press based out of Anchorage. I was actually busy formulating beliefs and ideas in my head the entire time and most of these ideas are being played out now as the middle aged creative personality. Inspired Life Blue Prints. Just like God drastically changed some people in the Bible in order to get them . I am the Founding President of Oikeo Music. They had always thought of me as “the piano player” in the family. Inc into what it is today. Northern Gate Publishing ASCAP. There weren’t any avenues in my life to express the side of me that desired to help those flakey. Alaska. Most people get involved in the Christian music business by hearing the voice of God saying. but I didn’t have that kind of dream. My family and friends thought I was a little bonkers when I registered for paralegal classes. I went to paralegal school and learned some research and organizational skills that have helped me in forming Oikeo Music.A. I really never desired to go out of state to get the job done.

It requires expertise in the areas of educating and writing for our online school and conferences we do. For 23 years I played on a worship team and sometimes led from the keyboard. That is the textbook version of what and who we are. Inc is a Guild. Talk about new territory. overwhelming chasm between them and their perception of success. I had to find out what his real intention was for me. I began to invest in songwriter’s encouraging them to do something with all those dusty notebooks stored in closets. my marriage was on the rocks and I lost everything I had been planning for all that time. It requires expertise in the areas of managing the magazine and radio program. something similar happened to me. Magazine. Though it sounds simple it is actually pretty complex and requires a lot of time and effort on everyone’s part. God began to connect the dots for our little group about two years in. I really took advantage of the information I had gleaned from watching worship leaders for so long. but also from the time I spent in paralegal school. I began to ask God daily what he wanted for me in that day and in my life. We encourage worship leaders to listen to their songwriter’s and we encourage the songwriter to write about what God is doing in their church. Radio Program and Online Education. Bob Kilpatrick wrote an article for our little magazine that catapulted us into becoming something much bigger. We encourage songwriter’s to step out of their comfort zone. Educating them about what true success looks like to God. I began to see things from God’s perspective instead of my own base desires. Oikeo Music. For the first time in my life I had to rediscover God from an angle other than music. I realized there was a large. and how they can become better lyricists was the beginning of my heart for songwriter’s. There is a lot to learn in all of that and it gives us plenty to write about. We encourage them to talk to their worship leaders about what they are doing. But. Running all of this requires a fair amount of .on the path he intended for them. As I was getting to know these songwriter’s and seeing their desire to do more with the music they were writing. We went to a 2006 conference where we met a friend who opened many doors for us. I began to see life completely different. I began asking him about everything! Through a series of events ordained by God I started a songwriter’s guild and that led to a small newsletter which is now a PDF magazine that goes all over the world. Sunday morning is what I lived for during those years. Nothing was clear cut anymore.

we have an online radio station that plays our programs 24/7. Inc. The music world is a little crazy now with digital technology and online marketing. has a couple of unique advantages from what other magazines and guilds are doing. That meant in the traditional industry world there was not room for the indie artist. What we would like to do is work with artists who have finished a project or have a project in the works. Rarely do we promote mainstream artists. Indie artists and songwriter’s are beginning to understand they are individually unique. We understand that. We don’t invest in recording at this point or any of the packaging and manufacturing that goes with a release. But. Many traditional models of promotion for indie artists and songwriter’s have changed dramatically. but in our world everyone has a chance and an opportunity to share and minister through their music. . The problem is that most indie artists and songwriter’s just don’t have the funds to promote themselves or they don’t know where to go to find out how to self-promote. we have a plan that can help them in variable levels of participation. We want to support and connect with those talented songwriters and artists who are doing everything on their own. In that world artists and songwriter’s have to create overnight hits. we feel that the future focus of Christian music will be independent. So for a songwriter or artist who would like more coverage than their local city or nationally. Because there are scriptures in the Bible telling us to sing and make songs to the Lord. There are established indie artists and who are out there singing gigs and touring in a local venue. We try to connect spiritually as well as professionally. instead we focus our efforts and resources into marketing. There are established songwriter’s who are writing for their church or other venues and have found a place for their music.money too. The Christian music industry has been set up like mainstream secular music. the thing that really sets us apart is that we are very interested in indie artists. Oikeo Music. We administrate to CCLI for those who are regularly using their music in church. While this can be a great thing for everyone. In our world indie artists are worth the time and energy when they truly understand the calling God has for them and how unique it can be for each person. there is a very big gap in the understanding of how all that works so we try to fill the gap with our consultation and promotion for indie artists and songwriter’s. For those who are writing songs that are more geared for radio.

as we publish and send each magazine out. We really have no way of knowing anymore who is seeing the magazine. As a marketing connection we have to be careful that there are no misconceptions about how we promote. and SOUND EXCHANGE. A top level membership would offer coverage in our magazine. rock. hip hop. Israel. Indie Community. worship or even folk. A second level membership might cover one of the two venues depending on the individual needs of the artist or songwriter. Competition for space in our magazine has begun to get pretty intense. Mexico and Peru. What is really interesting is that some of the best material we have received through articles and featured artists sometimes comes from the indie individual who has been learning and growing. however we have a pretty wide variety that come though our company by way of Christian Radio Weekly. Australia.This is a licensed radio station through LIVE365 who reports to ASCAP. They have a hunger for God and a hunger for change. Indieheaven. touring etc. . Inc focuses only on Christian music whether it is gospel. Canada. We simply want to give an opportunity for new artists and songwriter’s to be seen and heard through our own magazine and radio. Jamaica. We try very hard to match what is happening in the world as far as time of year. and airplay on the radio. holidays. country. Nashville Publicity Group and a few from Integrity Music. These are principles that may change in a few years. Ireland. BMI. This broadens our focus considerably outside of our local guild and market here in Alaska. Italy. We are careful about who and what we are placing in our magazine. Oikeo Music. It goes out to our main data base. We have subscribers in over 25 states. but we are encouraging our subscribers to share it. We are a young company only in our 6th year of operation. We like that. I know one mainstream writer who has sent the magazine out to 2000 worship leaders on his list. SESAC. England. At this point we don’t really keep count of how many people are seeing the magazine. We enjoy a very large variety of styles and genre. We charge for these spaces. We generally receive artists nationally who are already in the system with other radio stations or have been involved in large conferences for a while. The mainstream artists and songwriters we feature also reflect those desires. Right now we have mainstream songwriter’s and worship leaders writing regularly for us leaving only a couple of indie artist feature spaces. These indie artists are at a maturity level that we can support. but this is the trend in our marketing world at this time.

We want them to make sure their songs can be sampled and heard otherwise there’s no point in sending anyone to their site! In the area of digital social networking like ning. there are online stores that an indie artist can put his or her products in and they are measured by sound scan. etc.. It seems like most of the royalty issues have finally been settled to some extent. We charge flat fees for membership and flat fees for the different levels of marketing participation. We let the artist take care of that through their own site sales.99 cent sales on itunes or rhapsody. We have noticed that there used to be a great amount of support for new artists .Since we have begun. We don’t invade each artist or songwriter’s personal online presence as far as myspace. Our magazine and radio is a great bridge for the young artist and songwriter to launch into the music world. We want them to get their feet firmly on spiritual ground before they are thrown out to the masses. I receive digital news almost daily. or shoutlife. That makes things very easy for everyone. We don’t want to get into the sales of online songs.com because it is a great site for creating revenue stream. We realize each individual needs the freedom to capture online sales to support their ministry.com or any other site that they might receive revenue from. Because of this we don’t really have to go back and catch up. What a great way for indie artists and songwriters to see if this is the time and season for them to step out and do something on a larger scale. We want to recommend iPower. it is probably about half of that that really ends up in the artists pocket. Once they hit a certain level of popularity they should look into finding help from a larger marketing company like Infinity Music Distribution. When a song is bought through the . we just have to stay on top of the present changes in our digital and marketing communities. We encourage artists to keep their websites current and looking clean. Our only goal at this time is to market our writers and artists through the magazine and radio station. It is much easier to track how a band or artist is doing before any financial commitments are made. We do not take any percentage of merchant sales that are directly connected to our marketing program. It can be a tough and unforgiving world out there at times and we feel the need to nurture and bring great life principles to these artists who are still trying to discover who they are. circle. we have always had an online presence and digital component in mind for our company.

However.and songwriters. This kind of organization is difficult to digest. Inc. Digital technology just gave the industry a big shove at the same time. We think artists and songwriters need to better understand the process of taking a project from finish to end and all that it entails. We want to nurture them during this time. you can’t completely blame the industry because individual artists usually cannot generate enough sales to make it worth their while anyway. We are building a system that will help our artists and songwriters learn how to do these things on their own in a small realm first before moving on to greater things. marketing directors. and give away publishing rights etc. There were publicists. That is where Inspired Life Blue Prints comes in to play. tour directors. and solicitation. promoters. These are the things we will be working on behind the scenes. Inspired Life Blue Prints is a separate profit affiliate business that is an educational branch that will help raise the skill and maturity level of those we represent to prepare them for bigger and better things ahead. If an artist or songwriter wants to participate in this educational portion of In- . They need to learn how to book interviews with radio station at appropriate times. In my humble opinion. They need great information and education so that they can be successful in what God has called them to do. We also see the need to better connect with our local stores and radio stations. radio support. Someone has to look at time frames and take all the resource data and help it make sense for the artist and songwriter. After working with our guild of artists and writers from across the country we really see the need for this information to get into the hands of young indie’s. Usually you have to give up ownership of your master. We want Inspired Life Blue Prints to be successful in the new Christian artist world and we want to provide resources for the artist and songwriter taking their first steps into that world. Most of those jobs have evaporated in the last five years. Our songwriters and artists need to learn how to book themselves or pitch their music at appropriate times and at appropriate conferences. I believe this is partially the reason the music industry finally caved in. they should be selling our artists CD’s in the local stores as well. There has been a great need for someone to step into this indie world and provide some kind of machine for a Christian artist to get that kind of support without having to sign away their firstborn. We have been working very hard since 2006 to create an online presence for educating our members and subscribers through Oikeo Music. If these stations are playing our music.

speaking or lecturing. marriage etc. understanding CCLI. . Deciding to take your music to a new level can be a difficult decision with so many facets. Find spiritually more mature people and ask them these questions.. If the question is whether God is calling you full time into the music ministry. There is wisdom in the council of many so go to your pastor and worship leader or youth leader and ask some specific questions. Since we aren’t really working with artists who are ready to be a label or even want to be a label. While this process is not really meant to replace a top notch label. Appropriate funds for one year provide a conference out of state. but if it is the wrong moment. Once a week our local guild meets and interacts with each other as they write songs and talk about what is happening locally and world wide. Am I anointed? Do I have the talent and gifts? Are all the pieces in place that I will need to do well? Are there support people who will be led to come alongside and help me do this? Do people in general and in your church recognize these things in you? If it is the right season in your life. We want to be something like an umbrella or covering for someone who has nothing.spired Life Blue Prints they will need to secure finances to do so. that is more likely where we can be of help and service even though those are very difficult questions to figure out. booking training. The great thing about our curriculum writers and guidance is that it comes from great people who are worship leaders or in some kind of shepherding role. understanding publishing. it narrows down the focus a bit. The spiritual impact is very important to us. This is a much safer experience when working towards releasing a project. then take your time to develop ideas and strategy for being the best you can be. we site training. the opportunity is lost. songwriter bootcamp. We will follow them throughout the year and hold their hand through the process as they learn all the ins and outs of what it takes to move forward. So many times artists spend so much focus on one moment in time. and performance bootcamp. Inspired Life Blue Prints has stepped into the picture during a time when there is a big hole in this area that needs to be filled.. Many times we have seen people spend so much more and still have nothing to show for it. Most of the time that was because they didn’t know how to communicate with all the necessary components like the publicist and radio station etc. it certainly can bring the indie artist or songwriter up to speed so that they can gain momentum in their ministry. touring. This teaches them to network with each other and find a small group support where they can get fed and affirmed in what they are doing.

Chapter Two .Fulfillment Discovering your purpose can be both exciting and intimidating. and questions they may have about that call. We hope this will help a person exploring God’s call sort through the thoughts. feelings.

artist. that isn’t really true. Discovering your purpose can be both exciting and intimidating. and questions they may have about that call. No matter what it is you do in life you need a strategy. it is our prayer that God would continue to open your eyes to the unique path He has laid out specifically for you as you carry out the ministry of Jesus Christ. As you walk through the days ahead. Any independent entrepreneurial business has a strategy. If you are planning to be a touring artist/songwriter you will need a strategy. feelings. musician or worship leader: • • • Discover and develop his or her life plan Find meaningful ministry suited to your gifts Stimulate creativity for developing tools to implement that plan There are three things we believe are very true for discovering your ministry. But. We hope this will help a person exploring God’s call sort through the thoughts. The purpose of this is to help each creative songwriter. It may seem impossible to apply certain principles if you aren’t making a lot of money at this point.Loving The Creative Life Musician Strategy You need a strategy for everything. .

you can’t just shut the door to your thoughts to remove them from view. your dreams of organizational bliss will never become reality.You must experience ministry because most of us learn not only from reading but through hands on experience. you must organize your mind. If you are experiencing fruit in your experience and you see growth and results it is an indication you have found direction. 2. Of course we hope that you will allow Inspired Blue Prints to help you in this process. you can’t exactly open the door to your brain and shuffle all of your thoughts around. and an overall comfortable significance. What can you do? Write it down! 1. Let It All Out Time to start freeing yourself of all of those overwhelming thoughts! Write down every “idea/project” that pops into your head. Choose Your Weapons Start with pen and paper before you move to electronic documents. On the same note. At the conclusion of this process you should be able to: • Define where you uniquely fit and be able to commit to developing and using your purpose to serve God and others. joy. Some people prefer to have everything in a notebook that they can carry around and always have available. How you create your list is up to you. If you find fulfillment as you are experiencing ministry you will have feelings of satisfaction. Some things may seem totally insignificant. but leaving all . Reflecting on those experiences is necessary to determine how well things went. With a head jumbled full creative and artistic ideas. • Define how you will select and serve in a way that expresses your purpose • Define and identify your primary purpose and secondary purpose Organizing Your Mind Before you can organize your direction. Others can’t live without the editing abilities of a computer document or a smart phone task list. The best way to clear your head is to get it all out of there! Unlike that unruly desk drawer. Whether it’s something you have to do or want to do put it on your list.

3. This will keep you focused and avoid being overwhelmed by all of the other tasks. service. Mission and Vision A mission statement is a brief description of your fundamental purpose. Few things in life are more rewarding than seeing what you have accomplished. and support.of these thoughts in your head will only slow you down. Continue to categorize and prioritize as you complete ideas and add new ones. As you see mission statements will “broadly describe an individual’ present capabilities. . You never know when or where a new task will pop into your head and if you don’t write it down it will consume you or worse. Maintain A list is only as good as its content. Inc continuously strives to meet the needs of creative Christians for total value by offering a unique package of ministry. Highlight the tasks that you want to complete today. A mission statement answers the question. Music our hands and feet” Oikeo Music. Stay focused on one idea rather than attempting to tackle many at the same time. Splitting your focus between two or more ideas will dramatically reduce your productiveness. For instance. 5. When you complete the task mark it off your list. 4. the mission statement of Oikeo Music. If seeing the “master list” is too overwhelming. create a daily list that only has your focused set of tasks. Categorize and Prioritize Now that you can see all of your ideas you can start making some sense out of them. Develop a system to categorize and prioritize your list so that you don’t waste time on insignificant activities. Always have available at least one method of writing down tasks. you will forget about it. Think about your current daily activities and choose a list-making method that will fit in easily. Inc reads (in part): “Community our heart. Get Busy and Stay Focused Choose an idea and work toward completing it. Add and remove ideas or projects from your list as necessary. “Why do I exist?” The mission statement articulates the company’s purpose both for those in the organization and for the public.

A vision statement is sometimes called a picture of your life or your company in the future but it’s so much more than that. Your vision statement is your inspiration. While a vision statement doesn’t tell you how you’re going to get there. “Where do I want to go?” What you are doing when creating a vision statement is articulating your dreams and hopes for your life. Here are the 10 slides: 1. 1. and makeup” The difference between a mission statement and a vision statement is that a mission statement focuses on a company’s present state while a vision statement focuses on a company’s future. Business Plan A great business plan is a road map for your ministry. To create a business plan that is accessible and useful. 2. it has to make enough money to survive. you should do away with all the negative ideas you have of what a business plan is. Whether for your life or just a part of your life.) What you are passionate about. Think of it as a power point slide show. It shouldn’t be complicated and energy draining. In this case a vision statement will apply to a creative individual in a discovery process. Remember that though you love something and are passionate about it.) What you do better than anyone else. 3. Business model description ( look up some examples on the internet) . the vision statement answers the question. it does set the direction for your planning. Determine three things. The existing problem 2. The solution 3. That’s why it’s important when crafting a vision statement to let your imagination go and dare to dream – and why it’s important that a vision statement captures your passion. the framework for all your strategic planning. It reminds you of what you are trying to build. A business plan can be ever changing and evolving with you in anticipation of your trajectory and ministry. Unlike the mission statement. You will need to arrive at a few essential elements.ministry focus. There are more detailed business plans available but I think this is a great start for the creative person. a vision statement is for you. activities.) What generates income for you. Now you must artfully tell the story of your business.

Rule number one is this. Your strategy needs to reflect that kind of thinking. Projections and milestones 9. When you are on tour there are no Monday morning meetings where you can gripe and complain to the boss who will in turn make your life wonderful again. However. You cannot play blame games when you are touring. Status and timeline 10. etc. “How can something be beneath you when you are on the bottom. You have to pay the price and there is no way around it. When we were in Roma. volunteers. . customers. You will never achieve anything unless you do. So work on your goals but remember that when you are touring be humble and do the work it takes to become and evolve into what God wants you to be. Summary and call to action From these ten points you will begin to get feedback from those you are approaching as partners. A Bit About Touring When you are on the road everything is on the line. I heard a funny comment that goes.” It’s always good to remember where you’ve come from and who it is that has brought you this far. everything is your responsibility. Your team 8. How you will solve your problem/Your competitive advantage 5. Well. You have to come up with a tour plan and then implement it one step at a time. Competition 7. It doesn’t work like that. It is great to have a goal. the real practical answer is that they were built one brick at a time. Marketing and sales 6.4. humility is the attitude that takes you to the high road. Italy last year I remember thinking how amazing it is that these enormous. Being an artist/songwriter and touring is extremely difficult. intricately carved buildings were designed and built in a time when there was no modern machinery.

Once you make that decision you can only bring your best to the table. friends. No one wants to hear your second best. Step # 2 – Stop Studying and Start Performing You would think that people who can play really well would have gigs all the time. You may have to sing songs that you normally wouldn’t do. Your music ministry will make sense when you expand that network adding people who can help you grow that ministry. Your reputation and your ministry are on the line once you are in this full time. perfecting their skills. performances. find a speaker who needs a singer to tour with them. So if you have been working yourself into the ground playing your chops or practicing vocally every night.Step # 1 – Always bring your best It is a very big commitment to step out and say that you are going into full time music ministry of any sort. Make a list of people you would like to add to your list and then set a goal of adding so many to your network a month. You have to develop connections with people in order to build a music ministry. If you ignore this principle you are setting a condemning goal that will keep your ministry from ever sailing. but the truth is there are many great artist/songwriter/musicians who are happy just studying music. get out and meet some people who are in the music ministry. By going along on their ministry tour or event you will help them out and learn a lot in the meantime. You have to find like minded people and then start booking yourself where you see you would be received. Even if you aren’t full time you shouldn’t be half hearted. You have to take that attitude into every interaction that impacts your music. Step # 3 – Your Network Is Precious You may have family. For example. In a way you are making a statement that you are going professional. Why be half hearted about it in the first place. Step # 4 – Get a Ministry Gig Partnering with another ministry to help them reach their goals is a great way to expand your horizons and network in a greater way. but you never know when that moment of opportunity will . churches and professionals on your network list. networking and ministry.

After a while though. Every year we have an opportunity to go to Christian Musician Summit in Redmond Washington. This is not to diminish your musical talent or anointing in any way. seminars and learning opportunities all the time. sometimes humility turns into something less attractive called pride which comes before a fall. everyone in music ministry would benefit from a mentor. A Bit About Performance Here is a performance list that will help you make the most of your music ministry. Even highly paid professionals have coaches. or sings better than you do. It takes a lot of courage to get out there and do it. Step # 7 – Your Sense of Humor What a crazy way to make a living in the music ministry. On the other hand being self aware is a wonderful skill for anyone to have. You could be on a spiritual high one moment because you saw God use your music and ministry to do amazing things. • Make sure you are well rehearsed • Make sure you are tuned before you go on stage . The way you talk and sing to an audience conveys a ministry message and a confidence that tells others you now where you belong in the purpose God has for you. Yet Self Aware There is always someone who plays. Step # 5 – Educate Yourself Invest in your future and your ministry success by learning new things. It is essential that you don’t forget who is in charge and keep your sense of humor because things can get rough out there.strike. The next moment you can be wondering if you are going to get a call from someone you want to work with. There are literally hundreds of conferences. When you are self aware you can meet with anyone and be prepared. These guys have everything under the sun you can imagine to help artist/songwriter/ musicians grow. Step # 6 – Be Humble. Also. Don’t let pride keep you from learning. writes. but especially those in music ministry. but it is a reminder that God is using other people too. You’ll be ready when it does and you’ll be staying active in the meantime.

individual backgrounds and accomplishments of all the members. Tone. Bio A bio isn’t a place to be cute or humorous. Explain what you are looking for as concisely as possible. sometimes simple really is better. and grammar should all be checked. quick to the point. You will want this letter to be warm and relatively formal. content. spelling. .• Make sure you have another guitar tuned and ready to go in case a string breaks • Make sure you adhere to the time constraints of the event you are playing at • Bring the appropriate gear for the size of the event or stage • Don’t bring huge amps for a small stage • Don’t have a prima donna attitude with the sound guy • Mention your name or the band name at the beginning. • Too much information • Poor Grammar • Not enough Information • Poor Research • Bad Tone With that in mind. what makes a good promo kit? Well. Cover Letter Your cover letter should be addressed to the right recipient and attached to the outside of your kit with a paper clip. middle and end of your concert • Have a mailing list present for people to sign • Send a thank you card to the person who booked you Promo Kit We’ll start with what makes a bad promo kit. Present the facts and history of the band or your career.

If the music isn’t excellent it will not matter what your press kit looks like. Press Clippings If you have press clippings make sure you have cut them out and cleared them form the rest of the articles. it is impossible to fully appreciate and make use of our spiritual gifts until they have been opened. The song order is important and you should lead off with the most exciting song you have. Keep these things in mind while you are building your strategy for a music ministry. which are to be used for the purpose of unifying the body of Christ and for the growth of God’s Kingdom. It needs to cause an immediate response so make sure the song begins with fire. These abilities are called spiritual gifts and they are received through our baptism. and thus forgiveness of sin. It should reflect who you are honestly as a band or an individual. Make sure your contact info is all over the demo CD and kit. If you have a really great tour schedule you might want to include this itinerary of your upcoming shows. Too much creativity might not capture who you really are and whoever listens to your music will know that. This tool will help you begin to open your spiritual gifts by guiding you through the following three activities: . his work of redemption. You can scan them into a computer and arrange them on an 8 x 11 piece of paper. Discovering Your Purpose Finding Your Spiritual Gifts God has given each Christian two vitally important gifts. I dislike listening to long intros and so do other people who have to listen to music all day long so get into the song quickly. Prepare a three or four song demo. Demo or Finished Product This is the most important part of your kit. Photo Make sure this is a professional photo. The second is the gift of one or more special abilities. Like other presents.highlights so far. and a few key press quotes. The first is the gift of faith in Jesus Christ.

Peter also verifies their existence in I Peter 4:10. Biblical References: I Corinthians 12:28. Since the objectives of spiritual gift deployment are to unify and produce growth through service. healing and miracles. We do not choose which gifts we will receive. Exploration of Use: suggestions for the various types of ministry you might be most effective in because of your spiritual gifts. Through these sections of scripture. Scripture References: The Apostle Paul addresses the presence of spiritual gifts in three main sections of scripture: Romans 12. Artistry: the gift that gives the believer the skill of creating artistic expressions that produce a spiritual response of strength and inspiration. they are not commonly utilized in the mainstream of parish life. Administration: the gift that enables a believer to formulate. Acts 14:23. we learn that all Christians have been given at least one spiritual gift. in today’s church climate. Self Assessment: a list of 60 questions which will help you identify which gifts you have received in greatest measure. prophecy. direct. Not all of the gifts identified in scripture are used in this inventory.Scripture Review: Highlighting scripture references that both support the existence of spiritual gifts and identify those which are commonly found in service today. The purpose of spiritual gifts is twofold: (1) to unify Christians in their faith and (2) to produce growth within the church. and Ephesians 4. God bestows them upon us through the work of the Holy Spirit. Psalm 149:3a. Although these gifts exist. I Corinthians 12. These three activities will begin to help you discover and employ your spiritual gifts. and carry out plans necessary to fulfill a purpose. The spectacular gifts (speaking in tongues. both numerical and spiritual. bold proclamation of God) and some of the non-spectacular gifts (martyrdom. only the service related gifts have been included. . These gifts should also be affirmed by the body and utilized by the one who is gifted. celibacy) have not been included. May the special abilities God has given you be deployed in areas of ministry where they will be most effective for the good of the entire church body. Biblical References: Exodus 31:111. and in service to one another. These gifts are to be used out of love for one another.

Biblical References: Romans 12:13. Faith: the gift that gives a believer the eyes to see the Spirit at work and the ability to trust the Spirit’s leading without indication of where it all might lead. analyze and uncover new insights with regard to the Bible and faith. Romans 12:2. Biblical References: John 16:6-15. II Timothy 4:1-5. I Corinthians 2:9-16. III John 5-8. Luke 11:1-10. . Acts 2:36-40. Biblical References: II Corinthians 9:6-15. Evangelism: the gift that moves believers to reach nonbelievers in such a way that they are baptized and become active members of the Christian community.Discernment: the gift that motivates a believer to seek God’s will and purpose and apply that understanding to individual and congregational situations. Psalm 100:1-2. Romans 9:1. I Thessalonians 1:8-10. Knowledge: the gift that drives a person to learn. and treasure). Biblical References: Matthew 6:6-15. Luke 10:30-37.16. Psalm 149:1-2. II Timothy 1:16-18. Luke 10:38. Biblical References: Romans 12:8. Music--Vocal: the gift that gives a believer the capability and opportunity to present personal witness and inspiration to others through singing. Mark 5:25-34. Mercy: the gift that motivates a believer to feel deeply for those in physical. Leadership: the gift that gives a believer the confidence to step forward. Luke 21:1-4. answers will come. give direction and provide motivation to fulfill a dream or complete a task. Hospitality: the gift that causes a believer to joyfully welcome and receive guests and those in need of food and lodging. I Corinthians 14:6. Giving: the gift that enables a believer to recognize God’s blessings and to respond to those blessings by generously and sacrificially giving of one’s resources (time. Matthew 25:34-36. Biblical References: Luke 7:12-15. spiritual. Biblical References: Matthew 28:16-20. Biblical References: Genesis 12:1-4a. Intercession: the gift that enables a believer to pray with the certainty that prayer is heard and when requests are made. Romans 16:23a. Ephesians 6:18. Biblical References: Psalm 96:1-9. Biblical References: John 14:1. Exhortation: the gift that moves the believer to reach out with Christian love and presence to people in personal conflict of facing a spiritual void. Biblical References: I Corinthians 12:8. or emotional need and then act to meet that need. Ephesians 4:11. talent. John 21:15-17.

consistently true 3. Teaching: the gift that enables a believer to communicate a personal understanding of the Bible and faith in such a way that it becomes clear and understood by others. Jude 3. II Chronicles 1:7-11. • • • 4. Ezekiel 27:411. capability and compassion to provide spiritual leadership and direction for individuals or groups of believers. Biblical References: Psalm 33:1-5. occasionally true . Biblical References: I Corinthians 12:28. Biblical References: Luke 23:50-54. Biblical References: Exodus 30:1-6. I Samuel 16:14-23. facts and thoughts in order to determine what solution would be best for the individual believer or the community of believers. across the top of the inventory. Self-Assessment Inventory Instructions: For each of the 60 questions which follow. a form that can edify. Psalm 150. Biblical References: I Timothy 4:12-16. I Timothy 3:1-13. II Timothy 4:1-2. Biblical References: I Corinthians 2:6-13. Writing: the gift that gives a believer the ability to express truth in a written form. Acts 18:24-48. frequently true 2. Exodus 31:3-5. build. instruct and strengthen the community of believers. Matthew 5:1-12.Music--Instrumental: the gift that inspires a believer to express personal faith and provide inspiration and comfort through the playing of a musical instrument. maintain or repair items used within the church. circle the number that corresponds with the response that most closely matches how you perceive yourself. James 3:13-18. 12-14. Categories are presented diagonally. Philippians 2:19-23. Pastoring (Shepherding): the gift that gives a believer the confidence. Service (Helps): the gift that enables a believer to work gladly behind the scenes in order that God’s work is fulfilled. Romans 16:1-16. Wisdom: the gift that allows the believer to sort through opinions. Biblical References: I John 2:1-6. I Timothy 3:14-15. Skilled Craft: the gift that enables a believer to create.

I am certain of the spirit’s presence in my life and the lives of others. When presented a goal. 4 3210 16. turn to the scoring grid on page six to analyze your results. I express myself through artistic means. you. I am moved by those who through conflict or sorrow are wavering in faith. 4 3 2 1 0 2. 4 3 2 1 0 15. I am a take charge person. I am moved to assist them. I feel compelled to learn as much as I can about the Bible and faith. 4 3 2 1 0 8. 4 3 2 1 0 10. When others follow my direction. 4 3 2 1 0 5. After responding to each question. infrequently true 0. Their perception of your strengths may be useful in identifying the gifts with which you have been truly blessed. I am blessed by God each day and gladly respond to these blessings by giving liberally of my time and money. I know that God hears and responds to my daily prayers. I like working behind the scenes to ensure projects are successful. When I see a person in need. I enjoy working with my hands in a trade or skill that required considerable experience to perfect. 4 3 2 1 0 12. 4 3 2 1 0 . 4 3 2 1 0 6. 4 3 2 1 0 13. 4 3 2 1 0 11. I love to sing and enjoy inspiring others through song. My faith requires me to seek out God’s will and purpose in all circumstances that arise in my life. 4 3 2 1 0 14. rarely true You might also ask a person who is close to you to score the inventory with.• • 1. 4 3 2 1 0 9. 1. I find joy and express myself by playing a musical instrument. 4 3 2 1 0 17. 4 3 2 1 0 7. I am able to convey the Gospel message to non-believers in ways that they are able to easily understand. and for. the goal or task will be completed. 4 3 2 1 0 4. I am motivated to provide spiritual leadership to those who are on a faith journey. I enjoy meeting new people and becoming acquainted with them. 4 3 2 1 0 3. I immediately think of steps that need to be taken in order to achieve the desired results.

others will often look to me for direction. 4 3 2 1 0 32. I manage my time and money so that I am able to give much of it to the work of the church or other organizations. when I encounter times of personal crisis. I enjoy being with non-believers and like having the opportunity to encourage them to faith and commitment. When a challenge is presented. 4 3 2 1 0 31. I feel compelled to provide support and care. is a source of strength for others. 4 3 2 1 0 25.18. I am usually able to identify an appropriate solution. 4 3 2 1 0 26. My great joy is to communicate biblical truth in such a way that it becomes real and understood by others. I enjoy organizing thoughts. 4 3 2 1 0 24. I have assisted others as they sought to discern whether or not their personal decisions were helpful and in accord with God’s will for their lives. I have sung before groups and felt a real sense of God’s presence. 4 3 2 1 0 34. When I know someone is facing a crisis. 4 3 2 1 0 35. I often become so absorbed in my prayer life that the door bell or phone can ring and I will not hear it. 4 3210 22. 4 3 2 1 0 28. I am able to take a thought or idea and put it into a clear and inspiring written form. I have responsibility for providing spiritual guidance to an individual believer or . comfort for those in distress. ideas. 4 3210 29. When I am in a group. 4 3 2 1 0 27. By my playing a musical instrument. 4 3 2 1 0 23. 4 3 2 1 0 19. 43210 20. My trust in the Spirit’s presence. 4 3 2 1 0 30. Not one day would be complete without biblical study and thought. I feel an urgency to provide housing for the homeless. food for the starving. 43210 21. I can translate into artistic form what I first see in my imagination. 4 3 2 1 0 33. hopes and dreams into a specific plan of action. I am often asked to open my home for small group gatherings or social occasions. inspiration has been provided for both myself and others.

4 3 2 1 0 44. People have said they like to work with me because the task will be successfully completed. 43210 38. 4 3 2 1 0 51. their work would be more difficult. People come to me for help in applying Christian faith and values to personal situations. 4 3 2 1 0 42. My study of the Bible has proven helpful to others in their faith journey. directing and motivating people to achieve a goal. 4 3 2 1 0 41. 4 3 2 1 0 50. Believers have asked me to pray for healing in their lives. 4 3 2 1 0 48.group of believers. 4 3 2 1 0 40. People tell me that without my willingness to do the unnoticed jobs. In the congregation. 4 3 2 1 0 46. I often feel moved to write about my thoughts and feelings so others may benefit from them. 4 3 2 1 0 49. When I receive money unexpectedly. I want to express my faith by assisting others to discover the truths contained in the Bible. 4 3 2 1 0 37. My artistic work has given spiritual strength to both believer and non-believer. 4 3 2 1 0 39. I enjoy welcoming guests and helping them to feel at ease. I am often asked if a direction being discussed is in accord with God’s will and purpose. 4 3 2 1 0 45. 4 3 2 1 0 47. or restoring things and find satisfaction in doing so. repairing. People have been surprised by how at ease I am while working with those who are . 4 3 2 10 43. 4 3 2 1 0 36. Those who are struggling with life questions have come to me for guidance and help. I do not find it difficult to share what Jesus means to me with non-believers. I have been successful in organizing. I can see great things happening in my congregation and am not derailed by the pessimism of others. one of my first thoughts is to share this gift through the church. 4 3 2 1 0 52. and have evidenced God’s healing power. I am good at building.

My knowledge of building. People have come to me for spiritual help and it has developed into a long-term relationship. 4 3 2 1 0 SCORING GRID: For each set of three questions. maintenance or repair has been a special value to the church and others. 4 3 2 1 0 60. Your perceptions will be validated by others and confirmed through prayer and by their use over time. Keep in mind that it is not a scientific instrument. then list the gifts in the gifts cluster. The strongest gift(s) will generally have a total score of “7” or more. 4 3 2 1 0 56. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Administration Questions 1. 4 3 2 1 0 53. fill in the number 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 of rectangular blocks equal to your total score. 4 3 2 1 0 58. The gifts within the cluster will need to be further explored to determine which ones you have truly been blessed with. 21. work in the kitchen or put chairs away. Students have told me that I can take the most difficult idea or concept and make it understandable.” Notice how each gift within the cluster has the potential to compliment and support another. note that the longer the bar the stronger the corresponding gift. If you have more than one gift with a total of seven or more. 4 3 2 1 0 57. the numbers 2+4+3 total 9. I am generally asked for my opinion. When direction is needed at work or in the congregation. Others have told me they were moved by my playing a musical instrument. Identify your spiritual gift cluster. Once completed.suffering in mind. in the category of Administration. 4 3 2 1 0 59. When I turn out the lights. My written work has been helpful to others in understanding life’s truths. This inventory is designed to begin your journey toward spiritual gifts discovery. 41 . body or spirit. For example. 4 3 2 1 0 55. then all of these gifts can be referred to as your “gift cluster. 4 3 2 1 0 54. take tables down. I feel that I have served the Lord. I am grateful and humbled that my singing has provided inspiration and hope for others on their faith journey.

52 Music-vocal Questions 13. 51 Mercy Questions 12. 46 Giving Questions 7. 33. 28. 42 Discernment Questions 3. 53 Music-instrumental Questions 14. 43 Evangelism Questions 4. 50 Leadership Questions 11. 54 Pastoring . 22. 23. 34. 44 Exhortation Questions 5.Artistry Questions 2. 24. 47 Hospitality Questions 8. 48 Intercession Questions 9. 45 Faith Questions 6. 32. 26. 30. 31. 29. 27. 25. 49 Knowledge Questions 10.

Study: Become familiar with the scripture references. 35. 38. 36. and how each gift functions within the Body of Christ.Questions 15. 60 Spiritual Gift Cluster: Draw three circles. 59 Writing Questions 20. definitions. 57 Teaching Questions 18. select the gift you feel you have used effectively in the past. 55 Service Questions 16. ask yourself how you feel about the types of ministry activity identified for the gifts in your cluster. Which gifts have you truly been blessed with? Discovering the answer to that question requires the following: Prayer: Seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance while evaluating your gifts. identifying the gift that had the highest score. Begin with the center circle. You may expect to feel fulfilled through the use of your gifts. 40. Then fill in the other circles with a five of the remaining gifts. . Self-Examination: Explore your feelings about each of the spiritual gifts in your cluster. write one of the spiritual gifts that had a total score of seven or more. In each of the circles. This will provide you with a solid foundation from which to further evaluate your gifts. Examples of how each gift may be utilized in the church are provided below. This group of gifts is your gift cluster. 56 Skilled Craft Questions 17. In the event of a tie. 39. or the one you think you might be most effective in. 37. As you read these examples. 58 Wisdom Questions 19.

Hospital/Home/Institution Visitation. They will recognize and confirm your spiritual gifts. Use them as a starting point in exploring the possibilities for putting your gifts to use within your congregation and in your community. New Member Sponsor. Peer Counseling. Telecare Ministry. A person who is working within a ministry area they are gifted for. Community Visitation Exhortation: Mutual Ministry Team. Long Range Planning Team. our gifts make us better prepared and equipped to perform in some areas of ministry over others. However. What types of ministry will you be most effective in? A brief list of ministry examples follows. Crafts/Handicrafts.Track Your Results: As you use your spiritual gifts. Sunday School Superintendent. will be more effective in that ministry than one they not gifted for. These examples have been provided merely as thought starters and should not be considered an exhaustive list. Peer Counseling. Small Group Leader . You can expect to experience positive results from the use of your gifts. Business Manager Artistry: Banner Making. Set/Props Design Team Discernment: Congregation Council. through genuine expressions of approval and thankfulness for a job well done! Putting Your Gifts To Use: All Christians are to work together. supporting one another. Vacation Bible School Coordinator. pay close attention to the results produced through your efforts. Finance Staff. Decorating Team. Listen For Affirmation: As you use your spiritual gifts. Support Group Facilitator Evangelism: Prospective Member Visitation. Administration: Congregation Council. Advertising and Marketing. Film/Photography Work. Social Ministry Team. Drama Club/Clown Ministry/Puppetry. listen for affirmation from other Christians. Evangelism Team.

Social Ministry Team. Telecare Minister Music-Instrumental: Band Leader/Member. Vacation Bible School Coordinator. Visitor Welcome/ Information Center. Banquet Server. Substitute Organist. Committee Chairperson (all types). Teacher/ Bible study leader Giving: Capital Campaign Steering Team. Prayer Families/Prayer Circles Knowledge: Parish Resource-Library Coordinator. In-Home Bible Study Host. Vacation Bible School-Music Program Music-Vocal: Church Choir. Fellowship Hour Host/Server Intercession: Prayer Chain. Sunday School Song Leader. Special Event Music. Vacation Bible School Song Leader Pastoring (Shepherding): Adult In-Home Bible Study Leader. Congregation Council Leadership: Sunday School Superintendent. Young-Adult Counselor. Small Group Leader. Telecare Minister . Long Range Planning Team. Stewardship Team. Nominating Team. SpeakerSpecial Events Mercy: Home/Hospital/Institution Visitation. New Member Sponsor. Long Range Planning Team. Fellowship Activity Coordinator. Giving Personal Testimony Hospitality: Greeter/Usher. Stewardship Team. Congregational President. Volunteer Coordination. New Member Sponsor. Vocal Ensemble. Transportation to Worship/Bible Study. Support Group Leader.Faith: Congregational President. Choir Pianist. Prayer Partner.

Conference/Seminar Leader Wisdom: Long Range Planning Team. Teen Bible Class Teacher. Specific contexts have been provided as thought starters. Kitchen Cleaning Team. Audio/Visual Operator and Repair. Letter Writing . In the spaces below.Songwriting For Further Thought: Your Spiritual Gifts do not appear and disappear as you pass through the doors of your church! The special gifts God has given you are with you always. Tape Recording Worship Services. Newsletter Editor. Congregation Council. Child Care. Electrical/Masonry/Plumbing/Roofing. P. Vacation Bible School Teacher. (1)______________________________________________ (2)______________________________________________ (3)______________________________________________ (4)______________________________________________ (5)______________________________________________ . Sunday School Teacher.A. Newsletter Collation. Computer Maintenance.Service (Helps): Computer Programmer/Data Entry. WebPage Developer Teaching: Adult Bible Class Teacher. identify some of the ways your gifts may be used for these purposes./Sound System Technician. Peer Counselor. Mutual Ministry Team Writing: Newsletter Article Writer. They are meant to also be used in your daily life to bring glory to God and serve the needs of others. Building/Grounds Upkeep. Support Group Leader. Mechanical Repair/Maintenance. Public Relations/Publicity Committee. Providing Transportation Skilled Crafts: Building Maintenance/Upkeep.

(6)______________________________________________ At work. (1)______________________________________________ (2)______________________________________________ (3)______________________________________________ (4)______________________________________________ (5)______________________________________________ (6)______________________________________________ Within your community. (1)______________________________________________ (2)______________________________________________ (3)______________________________________________ (4)______________________________________________ (5)______________________________________________ (6)______________________________________________ Organizing Your Mind Let It Out • Idea 1 • Idea 2 . with colleagues.

• Project 1 • Project 2 Categorize • 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 Prioritize • 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 Focus on first project/idea • 1 Maintain a List 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Mission and Vision .

Mission Statement:

Vision Statement:

Business Plan • The existing Problem • The Solution • Business Model Description • Solve The Problem/Competitive Advantage • Marketing and Sales • Competition • Your Team • Projection and Milestones • Status and Timeline • Call To Action

Promo Kit Cover Letter Sample Bio Sample

Know Yourself

Self-confident people inspire confidence in others: their audience, their peers, their bosses, their customers, and their friends. And gaining the confidence of others is one of the key ways in which a self-confident person finds success.

Chapter Three

Loving The Creative Life

Procrastination. The simple word conjures up visions of frustrated agents looking for their star artist who is late again or their gig. Why do so many of us procrastinate? There are several reasons like fear of success, fear of failure or fear of the unknown. I have struggled with this my whole life. I even waited till the last minute to write this page! I attribute my problem to being a perfectionist. I want to make sure that I am doing my best and giving my best at all times. Sometimes I over think things and make them harder than they should be. It just goes to show that it does not matter who you are or what you do for a living: Everyone can procrastinate! If you want to be successful in your music ministry you will need to get control of this particular issue. You are not the only one who is affected by procrastination. Everyone who is depending on you for your skill and talent is affected. When you don’t practice your music or finish your work, it affects the other members of your team. When you don’t pay someone on time, it affects that business owner’s bottom line in the end. The consequences can be severe sometimes. Dragging your feet on your taxes can end up costing you a lot of money in penalties and interests. Waiting till the last minute to sign a form for your kid at school can cause them to miss out on a great opportunity or field trip. But don’t feel discouraged, there is hope. We want to encourage you to think about some things you can do as you start on this process of development. • Begin now and do not bite off too big a chunk! - whatever you are putting off start

With that said. but to put our trust in God. Self-confident people inspire confidence in others: their audience. That is why it is crucial that you talk daily with your heavenly Father on the subject of your calling. you can be confident in the purpose that God outlines for you.now and take it one step at a time. • You don’t have to be perfect to do your best! . their customers. to the charismatic confidence of an inspiring speaker. .Sometimes we procrastinate because we have too much on our plate and we need to say no to things that aren’t a priority. • Find others to help you . Self-confidence is important in almost every aspect of our lives. Sadly.Let others help you with a project. As a matter of fact God warns us not to trust in man. their peers. • Start The Project You Dread Most First! . The good news is that self-confidence really can be learned and built on. After all.By doing what you dread the most first you will find out that it wasn’t as bad as you thought and it will be the first to be finished. self-confident people have qualities that everyone admires. You can be confident that he will help you fulfill his plan for you. and well being. And. From the quietly confident doctor whose advice we rely on. and their friends. this can be a vicious circle: Christian people who lack self-confidence can find it difficult to build their ministry or find their purpose in life. faith. Don’t try to do it all. And gaining the confidence of others is one of the key ways in which a self-confident person finds success. fumbling and overly apologetic. As a follower of Christ I am always learning that God is truly our only trusted source of truth. Confidence Confidence is defined as trust or faith in a person or thing. their bosses.If you do your best that is all that matters. • Say no to things that fit outside your calling . most people are reluctant to back a project that’s being pitched by someone who was nervous. yet so many Christian people struggle to find it.

you are good at it. Your level of self-confidence can show in many ways: your behavior. and so on. Confidence and success are by-products of learning a skill and working hard. Self confidence comes when you set and achieve goals that compliment the purpose in your life. This inspires the kind of confidence that causes you to take on a challenge. 1John 5:14 “This is the confidence we have in approaching God.whether you’re working on your own self-confidence or building the confidence of people around you. Self esteem can come from the knowledge that you are doing what God has called you to do. life can be lived to the fullest and God’s purpose will manifest in your life. and if you set your mind to it. your body language. it’s well-worth the effort! Here is a scripture verse to encourage you on your journey. Here is a principle worth learning on your road to a more confident life.” Your first step in this amazing adventure is to talk with God and write down the ideas and thoughts that come to your mind during these times with him. what you say. . that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us. because you have learned the skills it will take to accomplish that challenge. Look at the following comparisons of common confident behavior with behavior associated with low self-confidence. you can complete your goals. Once you begin to see yourself the way God sees you. Which thoughts or actions do you recognize in yourself and people around you? • Are you doing what you think is right no matter what others say? Or are you missing out on your calling because you are afraid of what others will say when you tell them what you want to do. • Are you willing to take a risk. go the extra mile and step outside your comfort zone to achieve? Or are you afraid of failure so you avoid taking risks. how you speak. • Do you admit your mistakes or do you work hard to cover them up so no one will notice? • Do you wait for others to compliment you or do you rarely give anyone a chance to compliment you because you are too busy patting your own back? A lack of self-esteem and appropriate confidence can keep you from realizing your full potential in the kingdom of God..

• • • • • • • • Commit to the journey with Jesus Look at what you’ve achieved Think about your strengths Where do you want to go Incorporate positive self talk Build your knowledge base Set small goals Stay grounded in a support group Identify Your Talent Your talent is the thing that you are naturally gifted in. That is why it is crucial to identify your talent. talents. what do you love to do. I love to help people organize their gifts. I am a gifted pianist and for the greater part of my life I thought that is who I was. I also love to see artists and creative people become financially free. “What am I supposed to do with my life”. what do you see yourself doing? Are you in a band? Do you paint and sell your paintings? Do you won a studio? Are you traveling and speaking? Are you teaching and communicating vision that changes how people live and see themselves? If money were not an issue. that is not really what I love. However. what type of work would you be doing? What talents would you cultivate and nurture? Are You Aware That You Are Unique Understanding how each of us is unique is an essential part of questioning who . and effective in their purpose. and time. “The piano player”. While we have been talking about this. For instance. Imagine yourself waking up each morning excited about what the day holds because you’ve made it past the big question. How can you book yourself if you are unsure of what it is that you do? When you do identify and cultivate that talent you become passionate about it. So the question is what do you love to do? This is not just about what you are good at but more importantly. happy.

You are just one of the billions of expressions of life on this planet. Musicians and speakers don’t usually know what it is that makes them unique. but there is still only one unique you. and hear during your performance. But God has called you for this time and this moment. or share your writings? Will it inspire them to take action in their own lives? Do you have a story that though it is simple can bring hope to your audience that they too can have a transformation? Is your song. musicians. talents and potential to excel at the unique tasks which define your destiny and your life calling. and artists? We hear the advice to be different and unique. If you do not do it. You talents describe in detail who you are. A description should be a nutshell of the unique specifics. And this is the crux of this paradox – God has created you both truly unique and one of a countless multitude at the same time. Their description doesn’t always bring understanding about who they are and what they do. speak. it will go undone. Just as there is only on Beethoven. speech or performance lively and fun? Choose great words to illustrate what your audience will see. Your job is to describe why you are unique to your potential ministry partners. then only you have the gifts. For if you are a truly unique expression of life. but how do you craft a novel marketing message to attract notice when there are thousands out there doing the same thing? Just how memorable do you have to be? Sometimes you can be too unique for your own good. we offer a new way of looking at things. and there are no two individuals alike. Take a minute now to describe what is unique about you. Use imagery that is colorful and emotionally descriptive. One Michelangelo and one Mother Teresa. What will happen to the audience when they listen to you sing.we are and why we exist. there is only one you! You may have similarities with other creative artistic types. or done by someone else in a very different way. So…just how different can you be in a market that is full of other songwriters. No one else can fulfill the life calling you are uniquely qualified for. There are no two snowflakes alike. There’s a lot in sales and . To help you find an answer to this question. Along with this knowledge of uniqueness comes responsibility.

Look at other websites and blogs to see how others have marketed on their personal sites. Bring continuity to both of them by using similar background and pictures which brand you and who you are. Find blogs and related sites that cater to your market. Mastering and allocating your marketing budget within your specialty niche empowers you and increases results. Before you embark on your internet marketing strategy. who is your audience? The best way to develop your marketing skills is to start simply with a blog or free website. you may be attempting an experiment that many others in your field have already tried with no success.marketing that is tried and true. Before you embark on your marketing strategy consider these five reasons to define your niche market. Maximize your budget by knowing where to advertise. business. spirituality. You are a leader in your industry because you have developed the upper-hand through your niche. Instead of trying to be great at many things. Carving out your specialty niche helps make you become viable among all those who are representing themselves in your market. If you decide to forge a completely new trail. Have you thought about what market category you fall into whether it is music. The truth is you still have to identify your niche market and get them to come to you in order to have a level of financial success. If you are still struggling spend some time answering these questions: . You can then develop your site to guide your viewers and help them find solutions or products that are specific to your niche It will be easier to develop new ideas for new products or services in the future. consider this common misconception that if you build it they will come. You can optimize your online search engines to find you and your niche market because you have researched other blogs and related sites. art or songwriting? For instance are you marketing to a group of people who already exist and are looking for your kind of product? Where would your product be shelved if it were in a music store or a book store? What is your market category? Is it self help. mastering one special thing sets you apart from everyone else.

Sometimes I see that they need to grow in how they are expressing themselves. As I see or find these people I am able to approach them and let them know what we can do to help them better interpret themselves musically. I don’t really go out hunting for artists and songwriters. I may see a great artist who is doing all the wrong material. Once you’ve completed them it will be much easier to define your niche market. Quality control is not the same thing as moulding or shaping someone. Oikeo Music. Inc and Inspired Life Blue Prints will not be moulding or shaping anyone into anything. I might say something to them. I just listen and when something really catches my attention I approach it. If someone isn’t writing or working up to their potential it has to come forward. but we want to encourage every artist or songwriter to diligently seek God’s council for their life and their purpose. We feel it is important to be honest and open and tell them what we think. Just write out what comes to your mind as you ask the questions. Having a good set of ears helps listen. Quality control happens because we want to put out something for our artists and songwriters that is a wonderful reflection of them. We want them to be fully aware of who they are before they step out any further in the music scene. God may have already given it to you and we want to encourage it out into the open.• • • • What do my current clients have in common How can I set myself apart in the competition pool What differences do my products and services represent What is the extra mile that I bring to the market Don’t over analyze too much. We cannot create it for you. There are occasions when an artist doesn’t want constructive help and they need it. We are really just facilitators helping the artist or songwriter bring out as much of themselves as they can. Before A & R Representation . Development for us simply means we are going to give you some tools. I just always have my ears open for material. We want to help you look for your voice or that unique thing that you bring to the table. I am always looking for songwriters and artists.

but so will a lot of other people in the community and possibly the world. The music needs to be great. Artists that are already ambitious and trying to do something with their music are the people we are looking for. After a while people are coming because you are playing. We look for a combination of a few characteristics. We deal with all the things that happen up to that moment. Having success is about going into radio stations. We wouldn’t want to work with someone who thought they had talent. We give feedback on songwriting and live or recorded performances by the songwriter/artist. This is such a huge part of ministry after a CD has been created. To sit around hoping to make it happen will get you nowhere. We have to be convinced that not only we will like the music. You have to connect with your audience. artists and songwriters are more developed than they have been in the past. See if you can get a gig in a church or coffee shop and if it goes over well enough try to do it on a regular basis. Most companies don’t have time to be involved with artist/songwriter development so you actually have to learn to do many of these things on your own. These are the areas we want to train people for. Those things can spread very quickly on the internet. We are willing to listen to music in the raw understanding that we will be the guide in taking it to the better crafted level. We are a little bit like talent scouts. People who have computers with Pro Tools or Garage Band are making their own records and burning their own CDs. We may connect an artist with another songwriter to bring variety to their music. Great artists tend to be charismatic people in one way or another. however. It takes time to develop. designing their own artwork. but really did not. Other things are the willingness to travel and perform and the ability to talk to people in a way that creates a fan base. having a few people help you by watching you perform will be very beneficial to you. Building a Fan Base The key is to get people to want to come and see you sing/play.Although we are dealing with artist/songwriters and their repertoire we aren’t really an A&R company. Those who choose our development process may have many songs written or they may have only a few. Soon you will be asked to go and play somewhere else. . It has to be music that we can connect with and give a high value to. We can help bring focus to the artist as they sift through the songs pulling out those that have potential. We are honest because we don’t want people to spend money on something that isn’t going to go anywhere. These are things that help artists and songwriters have a better sense of who they are and what they want. doing live interviews and meeting with people. This is old fashioned but there really isn’t a better way. But. You have to build some kind of base of people who feel something for your ministry.

Facebook. The beauty is that this helps you find fans and they can find you so much easier even though they are thousands of miles away and may not have known you existed a year ago. For instance share your music endeavors on MySpace. marketing decisions. Things have changed drastically in the world of technology. PureVolume. They will love the opportunity to feel involved and important to your success. This is an ever changing part of life now full of new concepts and new systems. Key Members of and Artists Team • Volunteer Base – manage your social sites. When you allow your fans to participate in that process you are creating community and loyalty. If you want to produce your own online radio show or publish a journal the best sites are Wordpress. blogger. Since you are more than an artist/songwriter you are able to share all these things on your social sites. It is good to separate your social sites into categories like media outlets. Everyday something new is being discovered or created on the internet. This is a great way to share and test your new songs.icio. help with concerts and gigs. You Tube just started in 2005. and Twitter. these are terms we have become familiar with in 2009. If you need help with bookmarking social networks the best known are Digg. songs to use. This keeps you in touch with your fans in a much more intense level. com.us.com and YouTube. ReverbNation etc. Video and photo sharing sites are Flickr. Since there are limits to your time as an artist/songwriter you may want a team volunteer to help you manage some of your sites. how to put the CD out. . As an independent musician you have a new face compared to a decade ago. podcasting. That’s hard to believe. blogging. only four years ago. hand out posters • Personal Manager – oversees everyone on the team. These sites are a great way to keep track of information. What an incredible way to share your live music.com and Del. Slide. Take advantage of building a volunteer base that will help you keep up with all these things that are going on in the internet world. iSound.Social Networking MySpace. GarageBand. facebook.

How have you gained the confidence of others? Musicians and speakers don’t usually know what it is that makes them unique. protects • Agent – Live concerts and personal appearances • Business Manager – Keep track of money and take care of bills.• Lawyer – Negotiates the deal and makes sure the artist gets what they are trying to accomplish. their customers. Their description doesn’t always bring understanding about who they are and what they do. How do you inspire confidence in your audience? 3. their peers. What makes you unique? What are your social network sites? Who is on your team? Volunteers Other . taxes Work It Out: Self-confident people inspire confidence in others: their audience. Take a minute now to describe what is unique about you. 1. A description should be a nutshell of the unique specifics. and their friends. How do you inspire confidence in others? 2. And gaining the confidence of others is one of the key ways in which a self-confident person finds success. their bosses. 1.


Chapter Four . This is our ministry to the world. and on the street. Evangelism happens every day as you interact with people in your work place.Communication Evangelism is communicated through music as well as the spoken message of our pastors.

obedience. hymns and spiritual songs. but most of us have to practice over and over again to get it right. We have been entrusted with the transforming power of Christ and given a guide called the Bible. The Message Is the Ministry Our fellowship with God is indicated in our songs of praise or prayer. This is a great time to write songs about confession. Colossians 3:16 tells us to encourage one another through psalms. Evangelism is communicated through music as well as the spoken . Often your pastor will break out a series of teaching that brings practical understanding to the congregation. Communication is an amazing tool and when used properly it can transform a world. forgiveness. This is our ministry to the Lord. This is our ministry to the body of Christ. Sometimes there is the need to remember who God is and tell him that we remember who he is. thought life. sacrifice. suffering. joy and much more. perseverance. It is important to know that he wants to hear us repeat back to him our understanding of who he is in our lives.Loving The Creative Life Secrets of Effective Christian Songwriters What Christian Music REALLY Is Powerful Communication Some people might be naturally gifted in the area of communication.

and to the world. Six Tips That Will Help You Communicate Better Here are six characteristics shared by great communicators that can help you and I as songwriters to communicate our message in an impacting way. Be organized: Supplement your thoughts and ideas with great information that matches your theme and ideas. you must first connect! Be Natural: Make your style natural and conversational. and on the street.message of our pastors. to each other. Our songs are written to minister to the Lord. enlighten your listeners through new novel ideas and thoughts. . Their lyrics build rapport and involve the audience early on in the song. why should anyone else be passionate about it? Write from your heart so that you leave no question regarding where you stand when it comes to your ideas and thoughts. This is our ministry to the world. Be Engaging: Great writers do everything they can to engage the listener and each audience or congregation member. Also. Find books that discuss the thoughts and ideas you want to write about. Evangelism happens every day as you interact with people in your work place. Words influence others to take action in their lives. You Must Understand: Your church congregation is important. You need to know and understand their needs before presenting a new song to them. Use words that persuade the listener to be drawn to your lyrics. The more you know about them the easier it will be to connect and engage them. Make sure you line them up with the word of God first! Be Passionate: If you don’t look or sound passionate about your topic. Your music should be comfortable to sing and bring confidence to the singers. To get their respect.

You Must Practice: Improvement comes through practice. You cannot fearlessly convey your message if you are worrying about the score sheet or lead sheet. Say them over and over until you have a strong pattern going. Find a place to pull over and write it out or record it on a device such as your phone. I am giving you permission to make it important. Exceptional skill is second nature to those who practice. Here’s an idea…say the words out loud and find a rhythm to them. Write it down immediately. You cannot get your eyes off the page unless you practice. The likelihood that you will forget is much less if you work at the repetition of rhythm phrasing your thoughts. Try not to put a melody to it yet. That does not mean you shouldn’t worship until you are perfect. Maybe you will be a couple of minutes late to your meeting so be respectful of your job of course. I know from experience that is not how it works! When there’s no pen and paper So you are in a pickle without pen or paper! Maybe it is one of those things that just couldn’t be helped. just a beat. It just means that practice makes it easier and far more effective in the long run. You cannot fearlessly worship if these worries are a stumbling block to you. Many of us drive quite a distance to our workplace and in our car is when creative thinking happens. Capturing the Moment When it happens while you are driving Take it seriously when a great thought occurs and you are driving down the highway. Don’t allow yourself to fall back asleep thinking you will remember in the morning. Capturing the Thought The Nutshell Idea . Keep a pen and paper handy in your vehicle. Don’t miss out because you weren’t prepared for that creative thought! When it happens in the middle of the night So you wake up in the middle of the night because you had the most incredible thought or dream.

Capturing the Lyric Fleshing out your thoughts The idea below is obviously not a worship song. Here is another example: I want to write a song about a caterpillar who thinks it is ugly. I’d like to tell you a story About a caterpillar in a tree Who always inched along Getting nowhere An impossible situation it seemed to be . Can you think of a better subject for Christians than that? I just “nut-shelled” her song into an idea that would help me remember what I want to write about.. This gives a little more food for thought and causes the ideas to begin to churn. It is an example of how you can process your thoughts into something that makes sense.or I want to write a song about dying to my selfishness so that the life of God can live in me……or I want to write a song about how walking through a wilderness in my life brings beauty in areas I thought were too ugly for God to use. He goes to sleep in a cocoon and when he awakens he is delighted to discover his life has changed. He wants that freedom but he has no wings. It is slow going for the little guy as he watches beautiful butterflies twirling around the trees with so much freedom.Remember the song “The Rose” by Bet Middler? Her song is about a seed that has to die in order to live again and bring beauty to the world. The Nutshell Paragraph Now take that idea and begin to nutshell it into a bigger picture. but after coming out of it’s shell finds beauty in it’s wings…. I want to write a song about a caterpillar that couldn’t seem to get anywhere in life.

Let’s say you are working it out in the key of C. C. Keys C foundation chords are – C. F.Until one morning he woke up Wrapped in a soft shell And some changes he could see Where the wings came from he didn’t know They were the colors of a bright rainbow Now a butterfly was he. A. There are many other interesting chords in the key of C. G D foundation chords are – D. Start with these three and then after you have built some kind of structure add other accent chords. Bb E foundation chords are – E. It would be a great idea to find a good chord resource book. Capturing Chords and Keys Chords Find the simple chord pattern of any key you want to play your song in. and G. F. The three most important chords in C are C. This is definitely not a comprehensive list of chords. Elements in Emotionally Powerful Music . A Eb foundation chords are – Eb. but these three are foundational. Bb. C G foundation chords are – G. D These are just a few of the popular keys we play and sing in as worship leaders. B F foundation chords are – F. Ab. G.

Many extant expla- . continuity and coherence. or a combination of these things. Evangelical. or line. cadence. Innovative. Tone. Melodies may also be described by their melodic motion or the pitches or the intervals between pitches pitch range. tension and release. 6. Contemporary. Vibe 4. etc. Ambience Atmosphere. and shape. the “big picture”. Style High Church. so to speak. 5. Aura. If a section returns. voice. a feeling: the emotions of joy. is a linear succession of musical tones which is perceived as a single entity. Feeling. Broad Church. Message Why are you writing: To inform the listener. Setting. its letter is repeated: for instance. hate. reverence. It is conventional to give alphabetic labels to the sections of a composition: A. 2. Tune A melody also tune. sorrow. B. “A-B-C” is a familiar layout in worship music. Quality. C. Impression. Charismatic. Melodies often consist of one or more musical phrases or motifs. to persuade the listener. and are usually repeated throughout a song or piece in various forms. Mood. Popular 3. Surrounding. while more figuratively the term has occasionally been extended to include successions of other musical elements such as tone color. and love. This is called the form of the music. to call the listener to action.1. Flavor. Emotion A mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes. In its most literal sense a melody is a sequence of pitches and durations. Character. to entertain the listener. Form Every piece of music has an overall plan or structure.

the soul grasps a living truth! At moments we are all artists. and where previously the brain held a dead fact.” . 8. 7. transient insight which serves in this matter for experience. especially a worship ensemble. Voicing The tonal quality or blend of an instrument in an ensemble. and they are too exclusive. Reading the Bible Taking a walk Driving for fun Exercise Art Listening Quiet Top Ten Tips Find Your Secret Place Pray .” .Robert Browning “To the artist is sometimes granted a sudden.nations confine us to specific stylistic models. Rhythm The pattern of musical movement through time such as the bass and drums supplying the rhythm in a band. A flash. gives man understanding.” Here are some activities that will stimulate and inspire you. or of the ensemble as a whole. Mystery of Inspiration “Stung by the splendor of a sudden thought.Arnold Bennett “The inspiration of the Almighty.

He was willing to do the hard work of participating. Connecting with one of them who has been there each year and come up through the ranks is a great way to mentor your own music. I consider him to be a mature artist/songwriter. and he is collaborating with me on a song. These kinds of opportunities open up to you when you are willing to grow as a songwriter. He collaborates with other great people in the industry now. We have stayed connected and Michael has written for our magazine. In the area of worship music you would want to be more accessible with your lyrics so that the congregation can sing along without looking at the screen with a frown between their brows. growing and listening to what he was being told. People aren’t always going to get your songs. These artist/songwriters write all kinds of music. What is your belief about God and his power? How has Chris Tomlin and others worded their lyrics in such a way as to make you rediscover God? Ultimately you know what you like and need to not doubt that. you will find many songwriters and worship leaders to connect with. artist/ songwriter by the name of Michael Bahn there the first year we went to the conference. But aside from that each time you write a new song you are moving forward and making progress. This year he will be traveling with our group to Italy where we will hold a worship conference together. If you are willing to go to conferences like the one we attend called Christian Musician Summit out of Redmond Washington. learning. There are multiple ways a songwriter can write music and become inspired to .De-clutter your mind Simplicity Edit and Re-edit Collaborate Support Team Consistent Writing Variety in Musical Taste Attend Conferences and Bootcamps What kind of music makes you think? Thinking deeper than what is obvious helps the listener discover new ideas and rethink his or her philosophy. come out with his own CD. I met a worship leader.

An engaging melody. I’ll get my phone out and text it to myself. finding a quiet place and allowing your mind to focus on a single idea is a great way to get inspired.write. start one. It is valuable for your growth as a songwriter. In this busy day we live in it is difficult to find alone time. supported by a chord progression and lyric is really what makes a song. The simple fact that I am a musician means that I am playing most of the time and I’ll just land on a certain sound. Make sure you turn your phone off again though! Going other places can inspire you to write. Wrapping myself in a cozy blanket with a good book can be inspirational. However. . there is a certain amount of crafting that must always come after that in order to best represent what I believe God wants me to do and say in my music. Since I’m not really a singer I just kind of mouth the sounds because there aren’t any words yet. I know every time I go to a conference or take a trip somewhere I find myself becoming inspired. They are wonderful. but don’t get stuck on them. As I play it and listen to the pastor’s prayer I get ideas for the song and what I feel God might be trying to say for that moment. Getting alone with God. If you don’t have a group like that around you. catchy hook. Maybe you have some words floating around in your head. Sometimes because I am a keyboard player. Just allow the song time to breathe and develop. Find a place that you can regularly go to for quiet time just you and God. I definitely believe in well thought out lyrics and progressions. There is not a formula that guarantees a successful song. Looking at the graceful beauty of nature in a park or on a lake is inspirational. I feel like I’ve written a good song when it comes readily and almost completed. We’ll come franchise our group wherever you are. Do that. Someone in our songwriter’s guild might say they like it and suddenly they are bringing their amazing ideas to the table. I have to say I am working with a great group of friends and comrades that are very talented musically and have a ton of ideas. Sometimes I play and I sing a melody because I already have it circling around in my brain. In Christian music hopefully the lyrics say something meaningful. For me occasionally it comes together during a worship service at my church when the pastor is praying and that certain progression begins to roll around in my head. I’ll have an entire pattern of a couple progressions that I just play over and over. I get rather nervous when I meet someone who says God downloaded a finished song to them last night in a dream and they feel it is ready for the church. Being in the word of God will bring inspiration. Generally there is a hook and melody that come together rather well. If I am at church and I hear the pastor say something in his sermon that I really like.

Often when you are pitching your music you may be talking to non musical people and you may need to work hard to read between the lines of what they are asking of your music especially if you are pitching for commercials. Come up with the idea and allow your partner to work out the kinks. Pitching If you are knocking on doors with your songs and find rejection. I love some of the old steady rocking style of keyboard. Usually if you are pitching for commercials or branding of a company they are going to be pretty picky about what they end up with because it’s their company image at stake. These are usually 50/50 partnerships. You really narrow down your world by not allowing yourself to grow in this area. You need to write where you come from. Maybe you are a global view personality and you know a songwriter who is very detailed. Finding our voice as a songwriter means that we have that uniqueness that is identifiable. You might be able to come up with a song based on a groove they create. Collaboration You may not like to collaborate because you don’t want to share the end results. . Just because one turns it down doesn’t mean another will. I have learned to just add a smattering of jazz or rock pattern without overkill in the area of worship songwriting. You will be amazed at what can open up to you when you open your hands and let go of that tight grip you have on your music. collaborate with another songwriter who is good with technology. be willing to continue pitching it to other venues or projects. how that doesn’t always work out in the worship team setting. To try to be something different is noticeable and won’t necessarily be your best work.The songwriting process is influenced by the music we listen to. I like new Jazz and Classic Rock. Whatever the case. Funny. If you have a weakness in the area of technology. you should always have a plan B in mind if plan A doesn’t work out! If you are asked to go back to the drawing board and work out the bugs don’t take it personal.


PRO’s You can have a song without a recording. but you cannot have a recording without a song. The record business actually needs the publishing business. Chapter Five .

For many years professional people took advantage of the artist/songwriter by taking publishing fees from all their hard earned labor. You don’t need a record label or an expensive recording studio. Why Publishing Ok I am willing to admit it might not be as exciting as recording or touring. controlling and exploiting copyrights. No more does that have to be the case. You have control from the beginning. The record business actually needs the publishing business. but publishing is exciting. This is important for every artist/songwriter to understand. All the old barriers between the music creators and their audience have been removed. Here is an example of what I mean. If you will make publishing a priority you will create a foundation for the rest of your career in music. but the older I get the better reading royalty statements. Music publishing. So who needs publishing? You can have a song without a recording. A person could spend a few hours writing a song just for fun and recording .Loving The Creative Life Publishing This might sound crazy. extends down to the low end of the music business and there is plenty of money to be made there. but you cannot have a recording without a song. you don’t even need a record store! Because we now have so much creative control almost all the money made can go directly into the pocket of the creative artist/songwriter. and licensing deals look to me.

Watch and learn how to exploit your own music. games and ringtones. If you can begin to see them as the same thing it will help your understanding. Publishers are beginning to learn how to track their sales on the internet. Someone might pick it up and use it for a big project. The illusive and confusing business of publishing isn’t as confusing as it would seem. In order for that to be legitimate you must sign up with a PRO of course. Think about where we are now with television and radio. You are the publisher of your song unless you assign it to someone else. You record it into a boom box and it is copyrighted. Publishers have felt the impact of illegal downloading. networks etc. Internet and Publishing The internet has a huge effect on the music business. that person could send it to their contacts. I want to give you a general sense of what it is. There are hundreds of stations needing music for their shows. Much of the work has to be done by you as the songwriter. These people look at the future and they see other countries becoming aware of copyright law and embracing this part of the American culture. This is a little bit difficult in the Christian music industry but not impossible. When an original song is fixed in a tan- . The biggest misconception songwriters have is that they feel song writing and publishing are separate somehow. Just for a few hours of work you could do very well. You record and write a song that is original. There are people doing this that you’ve never heard of but they are making money in their sleep because they understand the principles of publishing. You have a lot of exclusive rights that go along with that copyright. This is one reason venture capitalists are interested in publishing. Satellite radio is still growing and you here songs in advertising. Mechanical royalties from record sales are declining. Online sheet music is also a fast growing business. Classic songs grow in value. studios.it as a demo. Publishers profit when the song is being used. What Does A Publisher Do The main thing you want to do as an artist/songwriter is try to generate some income. Then. Learning how to get your music to film and tv yourself is key. You would license it even at a reasonable price and make a large sum of money depending on the use of it.

SESAC. It is important to affiliate with one of these PRO’s . One is for the recording of the artist that actually sings on the record and the other is for the songwriter. Performance Paid by the Performance Rights Organizations (ASCAP. The artist gets a royalty from the record company. Publishing is concerned with the registration. This is based on the wholesale price that the retailer has paid. BMI. 3. a copyright is generated. SOUND EXCHANGE) to the writer of the song when the writers song is broadcast over public airwaves (radio/tv) Radio stations pay a blanket fee to these PRO’s who then monitor the songs being played on the airwaves and pay out to the affiliated members. Mechanicals Paid by the label to the songwriter for the right to “mechanically reproduce” the writers song on CD or download. United States and Canada pay on a per song basis which is currently 9. When a record is sold there are two distinct sets of rights that have to be taken care of. Though they haven’t been produced this way for over 60 years the name is still the same. This occurs whether or not the writer is the performer of the song. Royalties are paid to 1. Songwriters receive the following royalties: 1. exploitation. and collection of this copyright. 2. Synchronization Paid by the producer of a movie/tv show/ad to the writer of the song for the right to “synchronize” the writers music to the producers moving images.gible medium meaning recorded or written down. The word mechanical comes from the 1909 copyright act where songs used to be mechanically produced and reproduces. the artist or performer. There are different types of royalty streams. We are most concerned right now with the songwriter and how he or she is collecting his or her royalties. Every time your record is sold you should receive a royalty as a songwriter. The songwriter(s) get something called a mechanical royalty. the songwriter and 2.1cents for each song.

com www.soundexchange. If your songs are used in a song book or guitar player magazine.com Copyright: www. Perhaps you are a songwriter who needs to register your copyrights. Maybe you are an entrepreneur who wants to begin exploiting the talents of other songwriters. The Process Registration Library of Congress With affiliated PRO Exploitation CD. Performance Rights Organizations: (PRO’S) www. Whatever the case.sesac. The next steps are determining where you are in the publishing process. Ringtones.Special Use This is when your song gets used in a karaoke or video game and you need to get paid.bmi. Video Games Collection Even though the music business is changing Publishing is still at the center.gov . Download. begin to learn the business of publishing and what it will mean to you.com www.com www.copyright. It is important that you understand publishing.ascap. you get paid.


and songwriters need to stop thinking of themselves as bad business minds and begin to understand they have great instincts and need to develop the same disciplines in marketing as they have in their music.Entrepreneurs Artists. Chapter Six .

The same creative instincts that drive you to improvise as a songwriter or artist are the elements that can help you market your music. Many artists and songwriters aren’t aware that they can be very good entrepreneurs. Most songwriters and artists need to believe that their ideas are valid. Sometimes you have to give something away in order to make money somewhere else. Once you have a working system all the other pieces fall into place. That is certainly the inspiration that has driven me to start Oikeo Music. We are able to come up with innovative ways to create change through our music. They understand that is how it is marketed to a wider audience. Now it is time to come up with innovative ideas to change the business model for this time and day that we are living in. Since . That is why you are either writing songs or singing them or both. People who have this mindset don’t really care if their music is shared. but all of us can experience creativity to some extent. Sometimes instead of farming out all your merchandising to others you might want to consider creating your own merchandising niche. That may be true to some extent. If your musical ideas are valid then maybe other ideas outside of music could be valid too. and songwriters need to stop thinking of themselves as bad business minds and begin to understand they have great instincts and need to develop the same disciplines in marketing as they have in their music.Loving The Creative Life Creativity You have been given a creative instinct. I believe that creativity comes first from God. Artists. Inc and Inspired Life Blue Prints. Some people believe that creativity is a gift you are born with. we will find ourselves inspired. When we open ourselves up to spend time asking him questions about what our life should look like.

Without knowledge we are unable to pull from our mind the necessary pieces it will take connect ideas and materials. There’s no punishment in just thinking it through. It is OK to dream. For some reason we often ignore the things we really love and end up doing things we actually despise. . 1. Finding relevance in the process is the key. A great trick is to start from the finish and work backwards. 2. Visualizing the dream in your head allows you to try on many scenarios without the consequences until you finally decide on what you will do. we are making something new from something that already exists. It is obviously important to continue growing in the craft you have chosen to fulfill your life vision and dreams. life concepts. It’s that one idea or thought that keeps coming back and nagging at you that is usually worth looking at. It’s an exciting thought. He creates from nothing. God however. Allow yourself the opportunity to think about the things you love to do and what it might look like if you were able to do them. Our knowledge. Sit back and think of as many different ways that could look.we are human. and perspectives can shape the nature and extent of our creativity. That means you have to have a distributor and a book publisher. Maybe you want to be a touring artist. It is like trying on clothes or shoes. Things you naturally love make you feel energized. you never will. Think Backward Wrapping our brains around the whole thing gets a little overwhelming. You are traveling from bookstore to bookstore signing for your best seller. In other words. spoke and the world came into being. A deeper understanding of our particular craft as well as the willingness to refine our skills will expand our creativity. You cannot envision a beautiful song from beginning to end without some musical knowledge and skill. You need to have written a book and spent some money having it published and promoted. Visualize the Outcome If you cannot imagine yourself being a successful artist. Picture yourself with your book in hand as you sign it for your fans. Creativity is not necessarily so mysterious as many would think. If we are involved in our favorite endeavor we can become very original when finding inspiration from spending time with God.

So being aware and action oriented. Successful entrepreneurs leverage technology in order to help them accomplish their goals more quickly. It is a great time to start up some new innovative way to solve music business and ministry or career problems. not passive. However. Find Someone Who’s Done It The best place to get great advice and council regarding the creative arts and music career or ministry choice is at a conference. Entrepreneurs are active. Every year I go to a conference in Redmond Washington where hundreds of creative minds gather for a weekend of networking and learning opportunities. It is the creative pursuit of the less than obvious opportunity that attracts. The success of an entrepreneur depends on the strategy. Most of us resist being boxed into a category. and how the endeavor is implemented. entrepreneurs aren’t necessarily going off of dreams. Entrepreneurs have some shared characteristics. Before we get there I am thinking of questions I will ask certain people who I really want to connect with.3. entrepreneurs have these similar traits: • • • • • • • • • • • Desire responsibility Confident in their ability to succeed Desire immediate feedback Have high energy levels Think into the future Ability to organize Value achievement over money Commitment Flexibility Tolerate ambiguity Tenacious Even though you may not have all the traits mentioned above you probably have a healthy amount of them. Be Entrepreneur What is an entrepreneur? Simply stated it is someone who identifies a need or problem and has the ability to discover solutions. execution. They do not .

Your relationship with God and with your family must be a priority. Concert tickets are a part of who they are in the intellectual branding scheme of things. If you desire to be an entrepreneur with your music you will have to get up to speed with technology. or program your video player. The more an artist and songwriter is able to overcome their intimidation of this and get really good at it. Do your research and look at other artists and how they are doing business. But. It is crucial that indie artist/songwriters think like entrepreneurs in today’s music world. other songwriters and artists. Technology is crucial in every area of our lives. but I do not believe it is in how much money you make. you have a spouse who shares your values. We are eternal beings and the only thing we leave this world with are our relationships. You can see in your mind what you want to create. This allows the consumer to have access to you. You work backwards from the dream in your mind that you have as a vision and work on all the things that it will take to accomplish that dream. Lots of people give up if they aren’t successful overnight. There is no such thing as not knowing how to run your e-mail. They sell intellectual property in the form of CDs or singles. Each artist/songwriter is actually a brand. That will fluctuate. Find good examples and fresh material to model your business after. If you understand technology you will be able to communicate with producers. and times you will do poorly. it is your relationship with God and others that matter. One way you can grow is to make your intellectual property available everywhere. The point of all of this is problem solving and communication. You need to understand that you probably won’t . The great thing about your imagination is that it is yours. There will be times in your career as an indie artist/songwriter that you will do well. It is important for artist/songwriters to understand their fan in order to understand how to make this work. the better they will be able to take an active role in reaching the best possible audience. at the end of the day. Hopefully. You need to set goals a few years in advance and give yourself time to develop.bury their head in the sand. they can sell many different forms of merchandise like T-shirts etc. You also need to know that it takes time to build a relationship with your audience and fan base. Anybody coming in as an indie artist/songwriter needs to study behavioral marketing and how to monetize that. and anyone who you are working with toward the common goal of making music and putting it into some kind of recorded format. I don’t know how you measure success.

Sometimes my first instinct is to say “Don’t do it!” However. . Bruce and Matt. Your passion can pay the bills at the end of the day if you are willing to be practical along with your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Figure out what part of the market you want to address first and work on the challenges and how you will address them. your intuition and following your gut is important. It is important that your love of music doesn’t over shadow the realities of what you need to do to stay viable. but when your gut is strong you have to go with it. It may be very difficult to think of yourself as an entrepreneur and to run your artist/songwriter company as viable. You won’t be able to come up with a fool proof plan.com. How much money do you have and how much is coming in? These are questions you need to ask yourself before you start. Work on creating relationships with labels even if you aren’t at a place you need to be yet. Also. Create relationships with other likeminded people. if you have the passion and commitment it takes then by all means go for it. or the guys who run Christian Musician Summit. Having faith in God’s plan for you. You are a problem solver as an entrepreneur and all kinds of new ideas will come to your mind about how to solve those problems. Some of your ideas might look a little odd. They will watch you as you mature. You may be the only one stepping out to do something different. Developing friendships with people like Indieheaven. will give you insight from their point of view. At some point you just have to do it. You have to have a lot of passion to do the hard work and sometimes your gut will tell you to do things that everyone around you may be ignoring.com and Keith Mohr the founder. be willing to put together a solid business plan. Being methodical.make profit for the first four or five years in your business. organized and having the ability to maintain will create a stable foundation for your company as an indie artist/songwriter.

Inc has earned a rock-solid reputation since 2003 as a trusted voice in the indie music and industry scene. Chapter Seven .Merchant Oikeo Music. Our website traffic has been building in a reliable and consistent pattern for years now.

For a flat fee we are able to send out email generated ads that go to our approved data base addresses. Publicity is about getting your image and your message out to the public usually in the media through print. We are selective about who we take . We have learned that it takes multiple marketing techniques to help the consumer find their way to our artists/ songwriters. Inc. To write an article for our magazine is worth a lot in terms of the credibility of an artist/songwriter. An ad doesn’t have the credibility that an article has. ads and commercials. magazine and radio. Publicity and Promotion – This is about gaining exposure for your music or your ministry or both.Loving The Creative Life Marketing When a new artist/songwriter comes to us with a CD or EP. and the internet. Getting us on the phone is critical to getting your foot in the door with Oikeo Music. Sometimes we can place them on the cover. Inc. we give it a listen and decide if it is something we would like to promote and publish. Inc they don’t cost too much for the exposure you get. Promotion is really more about radio play of your music. Oikeo Music. There are two areas of publicity and promotion through Oikeo Music. we are able to place them in our magazine as a featured artist. Inc is on the map and people know who we are now. When a new artist/songwriter is developed enough in their music and they have an online website available for interested customers. We are looking for a story and a background that is compelling enough that we will want to cover it. Publicity and promotion are a part of marketing and in terms of Oikeo Music. We are also able to enter their music into our radio programming schedule giving the public an opportunity to listen to their music online from our radio station. Time is money so it will cost something.

Inc: Oikeo Music. England. You will build brand name recognition as well as . We have to be able to keep our credibility too. Becoming your own promoter is going to put you in touch with all the right people. We aren’t sure how many people receive our PDF magazine because it is passed around freely. a “reputation” matters in online marketing. But web traffic and clicks are not the full measure of an online ad campaign. and industry professionals. Inc to artist/songwriters. We won’t place your ad next to undesirable links or questionable content. Advertising Print ads may not be for everyone. Our magazine goes out to songwriters. If you are looking to get into national publications you’ll be paying at least $1000 for a 4/c insertion. Musicians. worship leaders. Why You Should Advertise at Oikeo Music. mainstream artists and songwriters. and music industry professionals visit every page of our PDF magazine Front Yard Worship. Jamaica. It is really in your blood and it becomes your life. We don’t just take anyone because they have the money. Our distribution goes out to over 25 states. Mexico. It isn’t a 9 to 5 job. It is a wonderful journey and experience. Italy. Ireland. Most of our writers and radio membership are based on referrals and word of mouth. Inc has earned a rock-solid reputation since 2003 as a trusted voice in the indie music and industry scene. Inc. $100 for half page ad. You have to build a name for yourself and your music ministry. It’s usually too expensive. and we are proud of our Company’s outstanding record in this area. indie artists. You have to like people. If you aren’t already well known your ad will be swallowed up and lost on the reader. When you advertise here. Israel. Canada. and $25 for anything smaller. You have to learn to balance your life and have a very strong sense of who you are so that you will not be swayed by the opinions of others.on through Oikeo Music. We charge $200 for a full page ad. Our website traffic has been building in a reliable and consistent pattern for years now. Increasingly. and Peru. and they will see your ad. music fans. Australia. I don’t really go out there and overtly try to sell Oikeo Music. you are not just another anonymous click on a giant impersonal network. We pay for it through ads and memberships. $50 for a quarter page. We just stay connected with the people we believe in. Promoters deal with artist/songwriters and their staff if the artist has one.

There is NO shame in homemade product as well. Use images that make sense with your content. If you don’t have a site we can help you find a good host and domain. Their room is their private space and therefore posters are still a great thing to have available at your concerts. Since the life of an artist/songwriter isn’t that financially stable in the beginning it is crucial to optimize as many revenue streams as possible. We care about each of our clients and work hard to maximize hard-earned advertising dollars! Design and Messaging Your design should be clean and light. So what do you make? What sells? Well if you have a CD sell that.com and www. We help you create your line of clothing and sell it for you on our site. They don’t have to buy into the entire system. A great place to start out creating your own designs and store is through www. Ring tones are a great way to brand. The generation we live in has ownership of entertainment and products in general. A big mistake you can make is to have a great concert or event and have nothing to sell after it is over. Your message should be clear. We are bi-monthly and you don’t want to send a Christmas ad in December because our holiday issue comes out in November.com The product is a bit expensive but you have control over how much you buy and how creative you get with it.com . Now people are buying things like ringtones and screen savers to commemorate their favorite group.diskfaktory.inspiredlifeblueprints.drive customers directly to your website.com Both of these outlets allow for limited print funs as low as 100 copies and are reasonably priced. Merchandise is an interesting area because it moves towards customized or vintage. So instead of buying a T-shirt at a concert you might customize and old one or create your own version. Merchandise Merchandise is an essential element to successful marketing. superdubs. Customizing a room with posters etc is still something young people like to do. These are things that are in your control.inspiredlifeblueprints. In terms of CD duplication consider www. Make sure your timing is right with our magazine. What is your call to action and what do you want people to know or do? Remember that most people just skim over an ad so write it with that in mind. www. small runs of inexpensive posters and T-shirts. This generation usually just needs access.

intelligence. true and honest about your music and what you want to do.Endurance The qualities you want to have as an artist/songwriter even in an undeveloped form are passion. Chapter Eight . hard working.

you probably won’t sell it anywhere else. Within your geography you can learn all about the industry of music. I started out writing songs myself and I still do that although I am more inclined now to help others in our local guild through the process of writing and recording. distributing and sales.Loving The Creative Life The Process There is something so intriguing about the process of taking an original song through the recording process and on to see it sold or used in some meaningful way. In the last five years we have seen that artist/songwriters now have the ability to reach their audience and find gigs in a whole new way. I believe in understanding everything from recording. First of all. It is important to know how all of it works and interacts. I am sure you’ve heard this before and there is a reason. Artist/songwriters can now distribute information and music to their fan base and are no longer confined to waiting to be . If you do the hands on work you invest yourself in a way that will require you to push your music and you will be more motivated to make it succeed. If you make a CD or EP without understanding this you are putting yourself at the mercy of others. They have the ability to let that audience know when they will be somewhere in real time. try to use your music in your church or be actively playing it in your town. If you can’t sell it in your home town. mastering. you need to know how difficult it is to sell all those CD’s so carefully plan your process by learning from others around you who have done this. For anyone who is entertaining the idea of recording your music. There is a constant contact with fans that is a historical paradigm shift. For me there’s nothing quite like watching that unfold for anyone in my sphere of influence. manufacturing.

tab to transient function. hard working. but connecting with your local fans needs to happen first. copying. facebook. Home Recording Pro Tools is a great editing tool that many people use. just be true to it yourself. Features that pro tools has are main counter. duplicating and repeating. You cannot be worried about whether people like your music so much. There is still no better way to get your message across than live. If you are enjoying the road why rush? Now in 2009 the process is still connecting with people. Recording projects can get out of hand pretty quickly so know the basics of what you need and stick to that when you begin. It isn’t even work when you love it. the pen tool for eliminating pops and clicks. Figure out how much you want to spend before you start. file structuring protocol. Pro Tools is intuitive and user friendly. How talented and intelligent are you? You need both to sustain yourself. pasting. true and honest about your music and what you want to do. I am sold on Pro Tools because just about anyone can afford it and with great listening and technical engineering skills you can produce a great sound. crucial fade features. A big problem now is that there is such a rush to get things done or to get somewhere fast. It is great for file sharing because so many people use it. You will need to weave your way through many decisions. You will build an audience in person and online through you tube. You have to enjoy playing live and need to be strong more than ever in this way. Pro tools is a great place to start when it comes to home recording through your computer. website presence etc. This of course is assuming you are really a great artist/ songwriter/musicians in the first place! I like people who don’t have to be told what to do all the time. bounce to disk.introduced to someone who is going to help them find someone to get a record deal. intelligence. You want to keep the cost down but get the best possible sound out of your home recording set up. expanded transport. People who are already working on their own behalf are much better to work with because they are already thinking for themselves. Pro Tools is made by a com- . Other people will allow you to do your thing when they see that you respect who you are. If you love what you are doing just do it. and more in depth editing. master faders and aux tracks. edit and mix groups. The qualities you want to have as an artist/songwriter even in an undeveloped form are passion.

Great for demos and very protable.000 dollors. Pro Tools HD and Pro Tools LE.com. The M-box 2 Pro works off firewire instead of USB so you have more band for information to flow through. For people like most of us Digi Design has come up with the affordable version LE or Light Edition. These cards take the load off the computer and they do the processing. That is one of the reasons Pro Tools is so stable to use. foot switch in and out. It has digital in and out. This makes the hardware and software work together much better in the studio. Here are some examples of choice through Pro Tools Digi Design: The first interface is the M-box 2. The Digi 002 and Digi 002 rack mount are exactly the same except one is built like . The thing about HD that makes it different from other programs is that Pro Tools HD has dedicated cards that you put in your computer and they do the processing on those cards. It works off USB it has two mic inputs and two out puts. A new M-box 2 mini is a even smaller version with only one mic input.pany called Digi Design and there is a lot of information on their website which is www. digidesign. You can cross sessions using LE on the HD. It is a real basic unit. word clock. The first thing to understand is that when you buy an interface you get the software. Pro Tools comes in two main versions. This can work flawlessly for most home recording studios and works with Pro Tools LE. separate monitor out. That means you do not have to have a super powerful computer in order to run this program. That isn’t true of any other program or company. Just to get started you are looking at about 10. LE is definitely a more affordable option. A standard setup for a studio would be the HD 3 system. Each one of those 3 cards is like a 900 mega hz processor. There are interfaces for every budget in Pro Tools LE. four line outs. HD stands for High Definition and that is of course the full featured Pro Tools that you may have seen in large recording studios. additional aux in. There are two mic inputs. As computers have gotten more and more powerful the LE program is just about as professional as the HD. and midi.

and comes with Pro Tools LE software. How fair is that? If you buy equipment so that you can produce your own music. The extras on this are four preamps. and then it was cool.a sound board for easier use if you are uncomfortable using your mouse to mix on your computer. Remember when it wasn’t cool to be a Christian. then spend the time to read your manual and learn how to run the equipment on your own. *************** I want to end this short book by speaking from my heart. Eight total line inputs. we are going back into an age where being a Christian will not be cool. midi in with two midi outputs. well. Truly. but you want them to teach you how to use the equipment you’ve bought. It can also function as a stand alone mixer. you need to have some guidance from above. optical in and out. There is an entire world out there seeking that kind of emptiness. Sometimes our producers help out because they don’t want to mess up those friendships. you’ll have to be a true believer and follower of Christ. Often manufacturers make all this great equipment. Consulting costs money in the real world. Allow God’s word to mould and shape your lyrics if you want to make an impact. There is a great separation coming to the Kingdom of God vs the World. This unit is solid and easily portable. You are really putting them in a difficult position because you are in essence saying that you don’t want them to produce your music so you have gone out and bought your own equipment. If you desire to impact the world through your songs and lyrics. on the other hand when they have 10 or 15 friends calling asking them to dig through this stuff the producer has to figure out just how many calls he can afford a day. Please don’t settle for less! . but it is so complicated to use that you really need to know how to read the manual. separate monitor out and main out. none of this matters if you aren’t seeking God’s plan for your life. If you want to have impact as a Christian. It isn’t fair to use your producer buddies to ask these questions because in fact you are asking them for consultation. If you just want to have a hit or become famous there is really no point at all. The most impacting words that ever rang true are from the word of God. The trial and error that you go through is a part of the valuable learning experience.


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