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Social media in our modern

O Social media has become this significant

part of our modern civilization.

O It is a defining trait of how integrated our

social interactions have become.

O Facebook turned 10 this year.

It's harder to lose touch

Facebook and Google+ have made it almost

impossible to lose touch with people we've met in
our lives.

It has
the way
stories are
O It's not just that

you can access

traditional news
sources through
search, but you
can also find
out how the
average person
is reacting to it.

It's changed the face of media


'Facebook' can now be used as a verb, - 'I'll

Facebook you' - it's a clear sign that social media no
longer exists on the fringe of society, but that it is a
fundamental part of it.

It's exposed an uglier side

of humanity
O Unfortunately, for the positive changes social

media has offered, it's also made it easier for us

to be exposed to uglier side of humanity.
O Twitter

feeds hit with racism, YouTube

comments plagued with hate speech and

It could be attributing to
O The more someone uses Facebook, the sadder

they're likely to become

O If someone sees a friend or relative posting about

how great their life is on social media, it tends to

cause them to assess their own life, usually
resulting in them believing others have a
better life than they do.

The future of social media

O In just four years 2.44 billion of the world's

population will be on social networks.

O Portable future of social media