Why I'm leasing my album for only $7

This Album is to promote my sound to the world.I'm leasing 22 tracks of instrumentals for 2 reasons. I wanted to make an album so good that artist from around the world will want to use it. Also, I went back and forth about what to charge for the license to the album. I went with my intuition , and used my personal Numerology (Psi = 22 / 7) = 11. I counted the tracks after I finished mixing and mastering the album. There just happened to be 11 R & B instumentals,and 11 Hip Hop instrumental I figured with infinite vibrations = infinite possibilities.I use the labels , Hip Hop instrumentals ,and R & B instrumentals.However , these tracks are interchangeable.I listen to most types of music . Likewise it comes out in the uniqueness of my music.