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Andre dreams about Crystal; a vampire. All his dreams about her end with him dying. As they meet in reality he puts all his trust in her, even though in the nightmares he is warned not to. Crystal turned him because of the powers he possesses. But when he falls in love, will those powers get in the way? Will is inhumanity stop him from loving her the way any teenager would? Will he have to settle for Crystal who betrayed him?
Andre dreams about Crystal; a vampire. All his dreams about her end with him dying. As they meet in reality he puts all his trust in her, even though in the nightmares he is warned not to. Crystal turned him because of the powers he possesses. But when he falls in love, will those powers get in the way? Will is inhumanity stop him from loving her the way any teenager would? Will he have to settle for Crystal who betrayed him?

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Published by: Cassandra-December Marcelle on Dec 28, 2009
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Chapter 1: Andre The beautiful stranger approached me as she did in all of my nightmares. I sat up in my bed awaiting her singing. She often hummed to me, calming down instantly. Her beautiful smile radiantly lit up my room. This was a dream because no living being could shine as much as she did. I ruffled my short black hair, unsure of what to do in her presence. She was like a goddess and her presence was never something I could get used to. "Hello Andre," She whispered kindly as she took a step closer to my bed. I blinked. This wasn't like the rest of my nightmares. She let her dark bun loose seductively. Her brown curly hair reached the top of her bottom. I watched in awe as she unpredictably climbed on the edge of my bed. She looked no older than eighteen. She climbed to me, never taking her sweet blue eyes off of mine. "I know what you can do", She breathed as her face was inches from mine. I didn't dare move. She was like a tigress; beautiful but ready to strike. Her cool fingertip brushed my lips as she bent her head closer to mine. "Who are you?" I managed to choke out. Her eyes saddened suddenly and she dropped her hand from my face. I felt like I had ruined the moment. "I'm sorry," I began to apologize but her lips were on mine. Her body was crushing against mine. I felt static enter my body. Her body was freezing. I could

almost feel the ice in my veins. She reached down to unbotton the front of her shirt. "You kept me waiting for a long time, Andre". She bit down on her lip. I sat there, trying hard not to breathe. This didn't feel like a dream. Her touch was so realistic. I could even feel her breath on my face. She kissed me deeply, blocking all thoughts from entering my head. I couldn't think at all. Not even about her. She pulled away giggling and gently pulling off her white blouse. She wore a white laced bra underneath. Her skin almost matched it except she seemed to be glowing. She put both hands behind her back, trying to undo her bra. I held my breath. It felt like I was losing my virginity all over again. I was so nervous and naive. She threw her bra onto the floor, smiling at me. Daring me to touch her perfect breasts. I couldn't. She picked up one of my hands, kissed each finger tip, and rubbed my hand on her breast. She sighed at my touched. After her invitation, I felt more comfortable to gently hold them in my hands. She reached for my shirt and softly pulled it over my head. Seductively, she began kissing me. Her kisses slowly retreated from my lips and to my neck. I felt like pushing her off of me. I wanted to tell her to leave. But it was too late. I felt her sharp razor teeth puncture my skin as it did many times. I woke up in a gasp and frantically searched my room for any sign of her. She wasn't there. I calmed down for a minute, collecting my thoughts. It was freezing in the room, yet it was summer time. I got up groggily from my bed and slumped over to the

window and slammed it shut. "Stupid window!" I muttered angrily. I passed by my mirror, glancing at the bags under my dark brown eyes. I held up my dark-skinned, latin, hand. I could never imagine myself being that pale. As I raised my eyes to my hand, and back at my face's reflection. Something caught my eye from the closet on the other side of my room. I shook my head. "I need some sleep". I crawled back in my bed and just as I closed my eyes, I some more chilling breezes. I frustratedly opened my eyes to notice an opened window. I was about to get up when she came out of my closet. "Hi, Andre". She whispered. I've never had a nightmare twice in a row. But this was different because this wasn't a nightmare. This was realer than reality itself. Her voice rang in the dead darkness, "Trust me". I nodded, trusting her with all of my heart. How could her beauty lie to me? She laid down on my bed, giggling as her baby blue eyes met mine. "Come," She motioned with her finger. I nervously followed her actions, not taking my eyes off of her deep blue eyes. "Are you nervous, Andre?" She spoke my name with a soft accent, sending a tingling sensation through my body. Her curly brown hair blew with the rhythm of the wind as she stood infront of the window. She stopped smiling then. Her eyes seemed to see right through me. Her eyes filled with tears and she jumped. I reached out to touch grab her but she was nowhere to be seen. I frantically looked around for her body, but I was unsuccessful. "Come," She whispered into the wind. I heard her voice but she was nowhere insight. I creeped downstairs, hoping she was alright.

Everyone was snoring in my house. I crept by my sisters' rooms, trying not to make any sound. One stair creaked, but I didn't bother stopping because the beautiful stranger needed me. I, barefoot, stepped outside into the warm air. It didn't bother me that my room was way colder than outside. It was odd, but I was in a trance I couldn't understand. "Where are you?" I whispered. She giggled at me from behind a tree, motioning her finger for me to follow her. I looked back at my house and then proceeded. I followed her quickly, trying to keep up with her, but she was too fast. I was always a few paces behind. "Wait up!" I shouted after her. She ignored me. I followed her deep into the forrest. The bright, white moon was lost now. The only light guiding our way was her. I didn't know what I was thinking when I followed her. It was like my mind was in her control. I could begin to see the moon as the trees cleared. A little up ahead, I could just make out a big flower-filled field. It was breath taking to me. Almost as breath taking as she was. She slowed her pace and as she stepped into the field she turned to face me. She sighed and shifted her eyes to the field. It felt like a safe moment to walk out into the field. She snapped her eyes up to mine, startling me. "Why do you trust me, Andre?" She questioned me, tears threatening to fall from her eyes at any moment. "Because I've dreamt of this before." I admitted nervously, trying not to say the wrong thing. "I know". She sighed. "But your dreams end in death. How do you trust me?" "I'm not dreaming, that's why". I smiled, squeezing her hand.

She snatched it away from under my hand and held it to her chest defensively. It was as if I had hurt her. "I'm sorry," I told her earnestly. She shook her head softly, "No, I am". She touched my face with her hand. Her cool touch sent shivers through my body. This beautiful stranger haunted my dreams, and still, I felt like I knew her. "I've seen the future, Andre". She whispered as she slid her hand down my face and onto my chest. She held her hand there for a moment, feeling my heart's every pounding beat. I stared at her beautiful face in awe as she continued. Her hand remained on my heart. You don't even know my name, Andre". She sighed. "And you already trust me?" "What's your name?" My voice sounded foreign to me. I was the guy that had many friends and many failed classes. I didn't care about trust or respect. I degraded women. But she..she was different. "My name is Crystal". Her name suited her crystal-like voice. "It's beautiful!" I exclaimed. She smiled for a flash of a second and then her smile faded. In my mind, I had no idea what was going on. It was like I was in a hypnotic state. I would do anything for this girl and I just met her. Somehow I knew she had a great importance in my life. "You have a gift, Andre". She said proudly as she gazed into my eyes. I coughed uncomfortably. "I'll tell you about it later," She sighed as she removed her hand from my chest. She placed her icy hand onto mine and brought it to her chest. If this were one of my dreams, I would have moved my hand down to her breast, but I kept it there. It took me a few seconds before I realized nothing was

there. I pressed harder for a little thump but there was nothing. I moved my hand around her chest frantically searching for a heartbeat. I looked up into her eyes, searching for an answer. She stared back at me with tears in her eyes. "What's going on?" I asked as the tears from her eyes appeared to be blood. I softly put both of my hands on either side of her face to examine the blood coming from her eyes. "I'm sorry, Andre". She sobbed. Panick began to rise in me, but not quite. Her head slowly, bent down to mine. I closed my eyes, ready to kiss my beautiful stranger. I felt her lips meet mine for an instant, then they disappeared. I slowly began to open my eyes when I felt her lips at my neck. I couldn't even comprehend what was going on. I felt so numb. I couldn't think properly. I knew I should have reacted but I couldn't. I felt her teeth graze my neck. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Then her teeth sunk into me. I immediately, tried to push back. But what appeared to be a fragile stranger, was actually too strong for me. My body started to freeze. I was convulsing and I couldn't even scream for help. I could feel ice-cold run through me as if I were frost-bitten all over my body. All through my body. I pushed at her weakly. I could feel my energy leaving me quickly. The freezing cold seeped through my veins like poison. My whole body felt numb. I couldn't feel her there anymore. I couldn't see. My reality was becoming a nightmare. Then it hit me. I've dreamt of this happening. Why did I trust her when I knew this would happen? She even warned me, but I was too stupid to listen to this beautiful creature I hated so much.

I knew I would die. And even if I didn't, I knew I wouldn't trust again. I woke up in the field with Crystal hovered over me. I could feel every particle of the hot summer air. "You'll get used to it", she promised. She bent down to kiss me but I pushed her off of me. "I'm sorry, Andre. But I couldn't let your gift go to waste." She sounded serious and sincere. I glared at her. "What am I?!" I demanded. "You're a vampire..like me.." She said wearily. "Why me!" I yelled, punching a deep hole into the ground. It shuddered the earth. The sun was beginning to rise. I could see the dark blue turn to a lighter violet shade. Her silky white blouse, reflected the violet that was forming in the sky. I fell to the floor in frustration. "Help me, God", I pleaded as blood of my own fell from my eyes. Nightmares I've had about this demon played in my mind. Why didn't I listen to them? Why was I so naive? I clenched my fists into the grass, easily breaking through the hard soil underneath. And I screamed in frustration. The ground suddenly quivered and my vision went a bloody red. The sudden amount of anger startled me and I loosened my tensity. Suddenly several loud crashes echoed from behind me. Many of the trees at the end of the forrest were crashing to the floor, sounding like thunder. My nostrils flared at the energy that had suddenly drained from my body. Had I just done that? "What did I do?" I asked more to myself but Crystal answered. "You can control things, Andre, we need you", She begged. She bent down to my level and rested her pale hand on my

shoulders. I wanted so bad to go home and pretend that this was just another nightmare, but I knew it wasn't and I couldn't. The burning in my throat could never pass for imagination. It's hard to explain. It was like I desparately needed water and the sun was evaporating all the water I had left in my system. But my thirst was a different kind of thirst and for the rest of my existance it would remain that way. "Hurry Andre, before the sun rises" She spoke softly as the violet became more prominant in the sky. I watched as she tied her brown hair up into the same bun she wore before she took my life in my nightmare. I stood up, frantically glancing at my old home one more time before I disappeared into the shadows forever. "I'm going to see them again" I threatened her, although my eyes were on the house. She sighed sadly as blood spilled from my eyes. I wiped my face, and with one last glance at my old home, I took off running into the forrest.

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