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Teacher Candidate

2040 River Reach Dr. Naples, Florida

Obtain a teaching career in which I will be able to showcase my
education and problem solving skills. I strive to seek out innovative
ways to improve instruction and connect learning with creativity,
and fun. I aim to inspire students to strive for their personal bests
in both education and moral excellence. Seeking to create a bond
with; students, parents, administration, and colleges. I strive to
collaborate with colleagues in order to share; plans, ideas,
techniques, and strategies I have obtained. I aim to add to the
schools atmosphere by bringing a positive attitude and uplifting
educational outlook to school daily. I am deeply committed to
influencing childrens lives through demonstrating my passion for
education and continuously leading by example. Determined,
driven, and dedicated to the improvement of student success.

Western Governors University
November, 2014
Bachelors Degree
Major: Education

Teacher Candidate

Minor: Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8)

Full Time 12week Internship | A v a l o n E l e m e n t a r y , C o l l i e r

August, 2014 November, 2014

Teacher in a fifth grade English Language Arts Classroom

Filled in as a substitute in fifth grade as needed

Part Time Internship | N a p l e s C h r i s t i a n A c a d e m y

January, 2014 May, 2014

Taught lessons in all subjects in a second grade classroom

Taught lessons in; Kindergarten, Fourth grade, Art, and Physical

Server | T h e C h a p e l G r i l l
August, 2012 December, 2013

Served customers who came into the restaurant for dinning

Teacher/Child Care Provider | S t e p - B y - S t e p

June, 2011 July, 2012

Taught preschool children lessons as well as conducted arts and


Teacher Candidate

crafts activities
Provided care for children of all ages in the child care facility
Provided supervision for children of all ages outside during play
Provided children of all ages with meals throughout the day
Administered first-aid, and assisted children with restroom
Provided other child care providers at the center with training on
lesson planning and lesson delivery techniques

Food and Beverage Manager & Key Holder | S & L R e e d

September, 2004 June, 2011

Supervised 6-10 employees throughout assigned shifts

Provided exceptional customer services to all guests, and
resolved issues with guest who were unhappy with their
Provided training for new employees, and conducted
performance reviews with current staff members
Completed managerial paperwork, balanced the cash register,
and delivered the nightly deposit to the bank
Completed all working managerial duties, and participated in


Teacher Candidate

overtime hours
Planning and Organizing
Compassion and Sensitivity
Detail Oriented
Problem Solving
Public Speaking
De-escalation of Emotional and Behavioral Issues
Improvising and Innovating
Relation to Children
Microsoft Word and Excel
Use of Technology Resources
Praise and Worship


Teacher Candidate