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Gehman Mennonite Church Calendar

November 2014
Birthdays and Anniversaries
2-Caleb Horning
5-Brandon Horning
9-Bethany Horning
10-Phonsavan Panyanouvong
11-Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Gehman
12-Cheyanne Leid
15-Janae Sauder
16-Mary Martin

20-Emily Gockley
20-Lucy Hollinger
22-Calvin Good
25-Heidi Carvell
28-Anna Lynn Horning
29-Abby Horning
29-Jacob Musselman

Preaching Schedule
2-Peter and Christy Sensenig
9-Phil Horning
16-Glen Martin
23-Phil Horning
30-Bishop Carl Sensenig

Other Events and Dates
2-Fellowship Meal at GMC 11:30am
2-Bible Quiz Team Practice at GMC 12-1:30pm
3-Community Prayer 7-8pm
4-Worship practice at GMC 7-9pm
5-Cocalico Ministerium Meeting 8:30-11am
5-Released Time Bible Program at GMC 11am-1pm
5-Fall Bible Study Group at GMC 7-8:30pm
8-Coffee House for a Cause at GMC 5-10pm
10-Ministry Team Meeting at GMC 6-7pm
10-Board of Elders Meeting at GMC 7-9pm
11-Worship practice at GMC 7-9pm
12-Released Time Bible Program at GMC 11am-1pm
12-JGA, JBA, and Jr. Youth Activities at Bowmansville Mennonite Church 7-8:30pm
18-Worship practice at GMC 7-9pm
19-Sewing Circle at Bowmansville Mennonite Church 8:30am-3pm
19-Released Time Bible Program at GMC 11am-1pm
19-Youth Bible Study at GMC 7-9pm
25-Worship practice at GMC 7-9pm
26-Released Time Bible Program at GMC 11am-1pm
27-Jr. Youth Group Bible Study at GMC 7-8:30pm

Future Events
December 8&9- Old Fashioned Christmas Carol Singings at Alleghany Mennonite