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Q1. Are you a policy holder of Reliance General Insurance?
a. Yes

b. No

Q2. Q2. Are you aware of Reliance General Insurance?
a. Yes

b. No

Q3. If Yes, How do you come to know about Reliance General Insurance?
a. TV

b. Newspaper

c. Agent

Q4. Why which mode of buying insurance policy?
a. Company approach

b. others

Q5. Which factor is important in your eye for purchasing General insurance policy?
a. Company

b. Premium

c. Services

Q6. Q6. Are you Satisfied with the your general insurance policy?
a. Satisfied

b. Not Satisfied

c. Cant Say

Q7. From whose suggestion you have the respondents taken a policy?
a. Company Approach

b. Influence of advertisement c. Friends & Family

Q8. Q8. Which sector customer chose public or private?


b. Private