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With all due respect to the proffesional coquetries of the day, modernity commences with a

meditiation on the Origin, that is to say with Rousseau. A few years ago, two prefered insults of the
professionals of the profession were: methaphysical! and subjectivism!. Today, -thanks to
among other things to the one who has fully rehabilitated the full dignity of the two words between
quatation marks, I named Alain Badiou- the insult becoming fashionable goes something like :
Zarma youre taped to the Origin!
And when you say to me, in a moment of relaxation, that the thought of Rousseau concerning the
Origin is a myth, you endorse the hugest and the most unbearable cliche that follows Rousseau for
the last two centuries. It was never a mythology, it is justly a thought. Its a thought to that degree,
that without this thought, no French revolution, no Saint- Just, no Robespierre, no Kant of the second
critique (Rousseau is the Newton of the moral law, must weigh good these words), and without
doubt also of the first (the transcedental, and the negativity in Hegel, are without doubt unthinkable
without the break in the Origin that Rousseau formalises, no Holderlin, no Schelling ( the first scetch
of a materialist philosophy, atheistic of Evil), no Hegel ( the negativity therefore, further the
dialectic of the Master and Slave), therefore no Marx. Darwin himself is also unthinkable without
Rousseau, and also later Levi- Strauss.