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749th Railway Operating battalion
The New Haven Railroad goes to war!!!

These photos are from the New Haven Railroad's "Along the Line" Magazine,
"published by and for the employees of the New York, New Haven and
Hartford Railroad Co."

When I hired out on the railroad in 1980, there were still a lot of World War 2
Vets working throughout the system. Not surprisingly, very few of these brave
Men and Women spoke about their wartime experiences.

One thing is for sure, they were in fact the great railroad men and railroad
women of the greatest generation.

Years after he retired, we found out Boston Locomotive Engineer Eddie

"Cheesecake" Watson was a highly decorated B17 pilot, flying daring and
successful missions throughout WW2.

Conductor George Goss, seen below right (photo 21), was a Navy Seaman
stationed on merchant ships protecting their crews and cargo from enemy

And how about the New Haven Railroad's own railroad battalion? The 749th
Railway Operating Battalion.
The New Haven Railroad's 749th Operating Battalion. Lt. Col. Harry F. Donnelly in command. Lt. Col. Donnelly
received the Bronze Star Citation for meritorious achievement in Luzon, Philippines. "Donnelly and his Battalion of
railroaders worked tirelessly on surveys and planning in spite of washouts, enemy action, failure of antiquated equipment,
lack of signal systems, damaged track and lack of personnel."
New Haven Conductor George "Georgie" Goss, here at sea
New Haven Dining Car Steward Eddie Hale, in the
during the great war. George was a class act and a true
I bet he's thinking dealing with the enemy may be at times a
bit more pleasant than being hassled by New Haven dining
car crews and passengers.
Readville Shops Boiler Maker Helper and now T/5 George Private First Class and Boston Brakeman William "Billy"
W. Buckley in the Phillipines. Kirby.
A typical First Street Yard fella.

Broadcast from New Haven, Connecticut. September 21,

"VOX POP" radio show host Parks Johnson, wearing a New
Haven Conductor's hat, interviews New Haven Railroad
Locomotive Engineer Duke Savory.